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    10 years laterz

    Hey hey! I was creepin' and didn't think I'd see any familiar faces..."faces."
  2. Psalm139

    Fall Semester 2013

    Oooo ethical controversies, that sounds fun. I'm in a class about the historical Jesus, Social Research Methods, Biological Psychology, Intermediate Hellenistic Greek, and Statistics. I really love all of my classes except for Statistics...
  3. Psalm139


    I've been absent for a long time from CTF so I have no idea what happened to the chatroom; however, back in the day when CTF was my primary residence, the chatroom was my absolute favorite spot and I loved that it was a safe place I could come and talk for hours on end with really awesome people at any hour. I completely loathed that odd chat box gidget you installed sometime ago (and thankfully no longer seems to exist) because it was difficult to effectively communicate with people the way you could with flashchat. This is the primary reason I quit coming to CTF even periodically. My suggestion, therefore, is obviously to get some sort of chatroom. Personally I prefer flashchat because it's sleek and simple buuuuuut anything is better than nothing.
  4. What is causing 21st century youth to be so apathetic? This is a broad question, I realize, but I hope to get some thoughtful responses. I'm gathering data and would like some input from you all. To me there seems to be a very clear lack of passion among my peers and I'd like to know why you all think that is.
  5. Psalm139

    Maybe a New Layout

    A new layout would be stupendous. On top of my busyness, when I left CTF it was partially due to the painful layout (which is actually a lot better now than it was).
  6. Psalm139

    Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts????

    Starbucks anything wins against DD every time hands down.
  7. Psalm139

    Apathy in youth

    Deductive reasoning. =] I think there is a clear lack of passion or motivation toward the betterment of general social well-being, to get a tiny bit more specific. @sly - I like your Kierkegaard point; hadn't thought of that. @Yves - yes.
  8. Psalm139

    Oldies sound off!

    This thread makes me SO HAPPY! I am Sarah and I am a recovering CTF Addict.... really CTF was my entire LIFE in high school as a lame home schooler and I was also a moderator for awhile. I dropped off the face of it when I started college and am so outrageously busy that I still really don't have time but to pop my head in every now and again. =]
  9. I felt like I had time traveled when I saw you and anya were on when I ventured back yesterday. =] Oohhh I've just been busy growing up and stuff "/ how have you been?

  10. Psalm139

    friends who are not christians

    Start by loving them for who they are where they're at. They're not gonna want to listen to you if you don't first listen to them. I think evangelism like that takes time and you have to build up that relationship and a sense of trust. Once they recognize they can trust you they'll be more willing to listen to your religious/spiritual beliefs as well.
  11. Psalm139


    When one is ready.... I've seen people ready at 19, and know thirty-somethings still not. Age isn't the issue; maturity and wisdom are.
  12. paint-splattered skinny jeans, black high top converse a tight black cotton dress with an over-sized purple tanktop on top of it and a long black sweater over them
  13. Psalm139

    To all College peoples

    Campus life is one of the most unique experiences in life and I highly recommend it if you have the option, especially because so many people don't. I go to a very small private liberal arts college and I wouldn't trade it for anything. This is the only time in life you'll have the chance to spend day after day studying, sleeping, eating, and living with this many people at once and it is truly a learning experience, and a wonderful one at that. You'll make friends that feel more like family than your family ever has and you'll spend four years making a lifetime of memories to tell. As far as a majors go, don't worry about it until you're at least a semester in. I started college with five possible majors because I really had no idea what direction I wanted to go in. By the time I took a few general education courses I had a much better idea and stuck with that. It's really hard to know what you want to study until you get into some classes; you can think you'll love studying art the rest of your life and be totally turned off to it after one class. Just keep an open mind. If you end up majoring in Christian Studies I would suggest a Psychology minor. I might be biased...but Psychology is so useful. It will help you understanding why people do what they do and how to counsel them - both very important things for ministers of all types.
  14. Psalm139

    I'd like some advice...

    Lowly freshman? You've got the most time left - don't underestimate yourself. I'm part of a program called Kairos on my campus, though it's Baptist affiliated (because we're a Baptist college). Go on websites of other colleges and see what programs they have listed and contact them personally. I also highly recommend talking to faculty, professors, dean of students, even the president of your college about what you want to do - let them know you're serious and stick to it. You'd be surprised how many of them shoot you down, but also how many of them are just as passionate about it as you. On that same note, start talking to students. Chances are you're not the only one who feels that way. Don't be afraid to put your foot in the door and make a difference, even if it takes a lot of work on your part.
  15. Psalm139

    Are there any homeschooled teens?

    I'm no longer a teen, and am currently a junior in college...but I was home schooled from 3rd grade on!
  16. Every Young Woman's Battle, Shannon Ethridge This Momentary Marriage, John Piper
  17. Psalm139

    how do you know if you ADHD

    I was diagnosed with ADHD last year. It's hard to pay attention to things, but people with ADHD also have a tendency to hyper-focus; that is, focus on something to the exclusion of everything else to an extreme extent. Those with ADHD are constantly moving: bouncing knees, playing with hands, etc. Multitasking also tends to be difficult, and we have trouble finishing things. Also, it worsens under stress - as does anything, really. Self diagnosis isn't the most reliable, but then again I really don't trust professionals' diagnoses either. If you can't focus on things to the point it's having a negative impact on your life I would suggest getting tested, otherwise just find ways to cope with it. Some ways I deal with mine is meditation, prayer, and adequate sleep (keeping stress to a minimum), making lists and writing things down (to focus and finish things), and maintaining a healthy diet (which does wonders.)
  18. Psalm139

    Can I still go to church?

    What is church? Can you define it? Because it isn't a building, it's not weekly services, and it's not something you just go to. The CHURCH is the body of Christ; something you really can't attend. The church should ENCOURAGE questioning and doubting, and it doesn't - or you wouldn't be asking this, right? I grew up being taught that if I questioned religion I was sinning and needed to repent. If I doubted my faith? Dang. I had something wrong with me. But don't have that mentality. Doubt, question. Test everything and find that which is good; don't just blindly follow the things you're told, figure it out for yourself. And keep going to church because honestly, they need more people questioning. Present the pastor and deacons and mature Christ followers your questions, talk about them, research them, search for truth.
  19. Between the ages of 12-14 I prayed constantly for just one good friend to love me for me. I was so lonely and desperate because I was home-schooled and the only people I ever really saw were my two older brothers. No one knew me so no one could understand me. God gave me an absolute best friend who I loved dearly for years. He got me through some really hard times in my life, helped me grow in ways I'm still realizing, and loved me for who I was. If it's something you truly want with a pure heart, be patient and God will grant it. It may not be today, tomorrow, or even a year from now - but God is faithful.
  20. Psalm139

    Boundaries with Guy Friends

    My boyfriend and me have set our boundaries to small kisses, innocent cuddling, and holding of hands. We pray about purity a lot and are constantly reevaluating our "physical boundaries." When it comes to guys other than my boyfriend, I don't spend time alone with them, no physical contact besides maybe the occasional hug, and I tend not to talk to them much about deep stuff and definitely not about my relationship. If I do have any such conversations I'll tell my boyfriend.
  21. Psalm139

    They think we are complicated

    QFT I also want to add, however, that on my less philosophical days I tend to find women much more complicated than men. Men are like puppies that want to be loved, and women are insane hormonal beings trying to figure everything out.
  22. Psalm139

    Starting college next semester...

    I had four possible majors when I started college. Once you start taking your gen ed classes you'll get a feel for what you really want to do. You don't have to decide right now.
  23. I'm currently sitting out the calm before the storm. However, I've got to memorize three songs for my piano presentation, write a five-page essay (not bad at all), along with two psychology finals, a lit final, a paper for Old Testament and it's final. This semester has been a relatively easy one for me thankfully. lol
  24. Psalm139

    Lucid Dreaming

    I've only done it once. For whatever reason I thought it would be really awesome to be incredibly strong and be able to fight off these huge thug-looking guys. As I was beating them up I noticed myself starting to lose control and thus began to run like crazy because I didn't want to die... It's a pretty interesting experience. Haha. My ex used to do it all the time; he'd fly over mountains and stuff.