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  1. This morning, I went with my mom, siblings, and grandmother to a church I haven't been to since I was little, and what I saw disappointed me. There were only about 15-30 people there, no sunday school...I don't know. They have lost so many members...I want to turn this around for them. Here are my plans so far: -fundraising -Sunday school -visitor cards -church bulletins -update member register My question is, does anyone have any ideas or a good site for Sunday school lessons? And does anyone have good fundraising ideas, or ideas to get the church up and going? Thanks so much!
  2. The way I understand it, once you have accepted Jesus into your heart, you are going to Heaven. As long as you believe in Jesus and try to live a life for him, then nothing can change that. You can fall out with God, but just committing a sin doesn't send you to Hell as long as you believe, trust, and accept Jesus. So the religious figure would go to Heaven, event though what he did was wrong. The woman however, would not, because she was around Jesus but never accepted Him.
  3. I love Tycoon games...I have school tycoon, roller coaster tycoon, mall tycoon, railroad tycoon...lol Of course, I hardly ever play them, but they are so addictive!
  4. I like post count too. And right now, the points can't do much for you. We'll have to wait until the points win us free cars or something. lol
  5. I don't understand what is wrong with being gay. I mean, besides that it is in the Bible. I know that's the prime reason. I'm Christian, but you don't know what it's like. What if the Bible said you must love your own sex and be with them? Could you do it? Because, it could be the other way around. My best friend is gay. He is in love with a guy. That's just how he is. I don't understand how I could ever try to take that away from him. I wouldn't want to be a lesbian just like he wouldn't want to be straight. It's just not fair to me. That's where I stand. I try to stay out of the whole homosexuality thing.
  6. It's the one day of the week that, as a teenager, you are supposed to dress up. It's out of respect. Sunday is God's day. You are in His house. It's just a nice thing to dress up.
  7. I used to read them in middle school...I liked the Teenage ones the best. I had the journal and everything. <3
  8. It justs depends on the crush as to if I tell or not... There are some crushes I can be open with, but then there are some crushes that I have had to keep to myself, because if anyone found out it would be bad. Right now, my crush is my boyfriend though. <3 1 year, 7 months on Wednesday
  9. Could cause people to make stupid spamming posts though. I don't know. It's pretty much another post countish thing, but allows you to change your title.
  10. That's what I was thinking when I read that post.... I lean more towards democrats. I've taken the quizzes and everything. That's just how I am, though I can't really say I like the Democrats running this time around.
  11. God is a very confusing concept. It's hard to believe in something you can't physically see. It's hard to follow someone when other people are leading their own lives. You just have to stay strong, and this site will help you do that.
  12. Welcome to CTF! This is the place for you to fellowship with other Christians! It's a great site full of good people! If you need anyone to talk to or ask a question, feel free to ask me!
  13. What should I take? I'm trying to skip literature and math....so should I take like, science, history, political science...? What would be a good mix? I register for classes on the 8th of March.
  14. It's not goody-two-shoes work. It shows character. 10-20 hours of community service in four years will NOT hurt you. I promise. Exactly. It's sad that people in this world are too selfish to devote some of their life to others. I love making people happy. It makes me happy.
  15. First kiss. Fifth grade...swimming party...behind the house or something. Just a cute peck. <3 First kiss with my love now: In the parking lot after work. He asked: "Will you do me a favor?" I smiled and asked what. He asked: "Will you kiss me right here?" and pointed at his lips. Man I love him. <3