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  1. Shadow Child

    Let's Get Random!

    Pizza hut. Eat and Laugh and Share. weird. I WORK AT EHT STUPID STORE!!!!!!! AKA: super store :bangin:
  2. Shadow Child


    Tim. I do not beleive Gumby died of cancer. so heres my question for anyone coming into the bored thread. Wheres Gumby? Why did he die? How did he die? Whyd he die off? Whyd he die out? ok so I lied its actually 5 questionms. but pick something if you k now it!
  3. Shadow Child

    I Think It's "Fooby"...

    Gumby, dear people, is fooby
  4. Shadow Child

    Anyone on right NOW?

    gumby. I thought of thta for some reason. Havent thought of him in yeasrs though. And yes. currently at 9:57 my time PM. I am on
  5. Shadow Child

    Snap Cup

    *snaps for Ana* cause shes got a nifty display picture dan as in Bananamandan?
  6. Shadow Child

    Snap Cup

    *snaps for Ana* because Im snapping and.....aha! shes changed her avater and banner since last time.... hihi
  7. Shadow Child


    *walks on* dum de dum dum dum.......... hi guys strolls around..........looks both ways and crosses a road. pokes a pen....... Have I missed much? SC
  8. Shadow Child

    I Think It's "Fooby"...

    I think that its rather fooby taht teh thread barely moved in 3 weeks. ( taht wasnt a good foby) lol. having fun? Im out of the fooby competition. Hey Demon Slayer! I said taht too! "Fooby is as Fooby does"
  9. Shadow Child

    Snap Cup

    *snaps for PT* cause she said I "seem" bwa ha ha. more or lesser its just a mega overdose of caffeine in my system. a ha ha ha ha ha.....
  10. Shadow Child


    na na na na. its te morning. and im ored. and home. na na na. popping pringles/nanananananan
  11. Shadow Child

    Snap Cup

    *snaps for the snappers cause they got like 10 pages in 3 weeks* Way to go guys!
  12. Shadow Child


    I'm going to camp for 3 weeks. Ill talk to you all after that! BYE GUYS! Shadow Child
  13. Shadow Child

    Removal of the tonsils

    thanks nbfan!
  14. Shadow Child

    Would you rather...?

    unwashed Little Person. cause they can athe adn be nice and everything. WYR: go to a camp y uou hate for 3 weeks, or not see your frinds all summer holidays long?
  15. Shadow Child

    Picture Post

    are you in teh army? Cool shades pictures PT! TF, UI live tgeh chinchilla!