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    God, switchfoot, music, friends.
  1. "The only thing worse than beating a dead horse is betting on One" thats by Relient k
  2. :dj: :CrazyGuns: :kewlpics: :kid: :walkman: :velho: :usaflag: :tomcat: :tank: :sport: :rockon: :pizza: :oops: :notworthy: :kenshin2: my fav out of these r definetly the head-bobber 1, and the star wars 1.
  3. hey guys, anyone here from WA? or anyone here from puyallup WA? cause i am!!! please answer even if u aren't.
  4. i get breakaway!! hey supergirl, u told me about this site, at the kteam!!! well u weren't exactly meaning me personally, but thanks anyway!!!
  5. hey guys, do u like long hair and pink? i Love pink, and have semi-long hair. (trying 2 grow it out) at the most, i want it shoulder length, so i can do some head-bobbin in my band (The boatless pirates of the left coast) what do u think of the name that my friend made up?
  6. Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. i live in WA. countries USA, and maybe in September, south africa.
  7. what about, 4him?
  8. here's me with myself
  9. i have braces, i've had them on for almost 2 years. :yucky: i don't really like them though. but mine don't really hurt at all (except for when i got them on), and any other time they hurt is when he tightens them. Rock on y'all
  10. my name is Gabe, which means man of god, middle name is josiah, don't know what that means though
  11. hey guys, what famous person would u like to meet? i think it would be cool to meet, jon foreman of switchfoot, or matt T of relient k cause those r my 2 fav bands who would u guys like 2 meet?
  12. how angels were alive before the earth was.
  13. favorite person- JC (Jesus Christ) favorite band- Switchfoot favorite song- don't know favorite scripture-1 of them is john 3:16 i mean who can not like that 1, or any of them. favorite sport-baseball/football favorite food-PIZZA!! favorite thing in the world- GOD!!!! favorite movie-spider-man 2 favorite thing to do-rock out on my electric guitar!!!
  14. hey, um probably supergirl, cause shes on another site like this that i'm on, and she told me about this sight