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  1. ladybuelah

    Getting Married

    Speaking as an engaged woman, I think there are a lot of factors that come into play when thinking about when you may be ready for marriage, but the biggest one, at-least for me is can you serve God more with your S/O then you can on your own? Together stronger? To explain a little of what I'm saying I will share a tiny bit of my story. I am a writer and Mr is an artist. One of the ways we can compliment each other to use our art to share our faith. Then you have to consider the biblical boundaries. I had to ask myself questions like will my S/O provide for me? What is his work ethic like? Does he respect me? Does he treat me like a lady? What is his walk with God like? Am I happy to fulfill my role as a homemaker, which all woman are called to regardless of season of life? How would I play my part in the covenant and partnership of marriage? Are we on the same page about the big things and some of the little things that help stay sane too? Overall is this relationship helpful or distracting me from my walk and purposes in God? It's not a decision that can be taken lightly, especially if you intend to stick with in the boundaries of God's word. I kept a list of 5 core qualities of strength of character, Mr. hits all 5 and they range from loyalty, to fun, to able to correct me when he sees I'm getting off track, I personally did not want to be with a yes man. I want to honer God and so being with someone who will encourage me in that was really important to me. Romance and looks fade, so character is extremely important on both parties behalves. Pray about it and God will show you as you lean on Him in this. Hope this helps
  2. Wow I am amazed I logged in after all this time. Hello again everyone! :thumbup:

  3. ladybuelah

    Toxic Friends

    Thank you everyone. I did what I had to do and I'm not apart of the same group as these people anymore. It hurts but in time I will be ok. Thanks again! xx
  4. Ok so my so called best friend is really driving me crazy! We have been friends for years now but recently God has done alot of work in me and the things I use to be ok with, I am no longer. For example my friend and I use to get a few drinks and head to the park on a lazy day, we would listen to music that now I find offencive simply because its all about drugs and how cool it is and just basicily with this friend. We have both just lived the rock n roll life style. I have been such a rebel and got in to so much bad stuff and now I have repented, God has forgiven me from all that but my friend has no intention of changing. Not only this she gets all the goods from the relationship. I'm always the one to pay for stuff as she never has any money cos she spends it all on nights with the list of random guys she has doing I don't really want to know what. She won't work and is insainly lazy, which has always caused problems because if I do something to better myself, she doesn't like it. Thing is my friend is a Christian even with this life style, she keeps betraying me and leaving me in really stupid situations and well to be honest I don't see how this is doing me any good. I love the girl to bits and we have some great times, but I can't think of a single time that didn't involve some form of sin. I have tried talking to her but she has made it clear she doesn't want to change. I want to go on with God but it feels like I keep getting pulled back, not just by this girl but also by the others in our group. One of the guys is my ex and that makes things really hard too because I'm all about purity now, having come back to God and he doesn't want to know or even respect that. They all seam set on "getting me back to my old self" I don't like who I was and I don't wanna go there again. I do have other friends and they don't like my closest friends because of the influence they have on me. I'm afraid of loosing them in all honesty. I don't know what to do? Any suggestions anyone? Or encouragment? Thank you - Ladybuelah
  5. ladybuelah

    My Friend's selvation

    Hey guys could really use some prayer. A really good friend of mine asked me about my faith a few months back and at the time my relationship with God wasn't great. Nevertheless I told him about my faith and that he needed God but completly LEFT OUT the part about the cross and Jesus. No one can come to the father accept though the Son. This has recently come to mind alot recently and I feel really bad because my friend is now confused and we hardly get chance to meet up. Please pray that God will show him the truth and that I will stop beating myself up over it. I feel terrible this guy doesn't like talking about things like this with anyone, so when he asked me, I was off guard and so messed it up! So yeah pray please!
  6. ladybuelah

    Gifts From God

    Hey yes I know what you mean exactly. It is a gift from God. Although that may sound strange as it feels a little bit useless when you don't rememeber till its happend, but believe me it is a gift from God. It is the early stages of prophetic gifting. you see God won't give you more then you can handle and sometimes He chooses this way to show you that He is there, and that He has given you a gifting and a calling which may come later but when you get gifts from God they are useless unless you use them. Don't be afraid of it, its not as bad a thing as you may think, although I know its weird. If you have any more questions about this feel free to pm me if your worried about what people will think. Hope this helps! Take care!!
  7. ladybuelah

    Trusting God's voice

    Hey there, from the point of view of someone has been there done that when it comes to looking for God's direction when it comes to career and things such as, I'd like to pass on some tips I have learnt via experience. Don't ask too many people what they think you should do, it can be helpfull to ask a few people who really know you but if you ask to many people this then that will confuse you which right now is the last thing you want. I'm sure your already confused as it is! don't worry its not wrong to feel that way. Psalm 46 v 10 says Be still and Know I am God. When confusion sets in then the best thing you can do is pray about it but then leave it with God. What ever you do don't worry about it! God has got your back, if you have faith in Him and His perfect will for your life then you really don't need to get worried about it (although I know its tempting) because God has got your best intrest at heart and He will show you His plan as you study the word and spend time talking to Him in prayer. One more thing, sometimes the thing that God leads you to do seams really crazy and you could think that's not God its too radical. If your unsure then the best thing to do is go with your peace. If you have peace about it do it if you don't have peace about it, if something just isn't right then don't feel bad for not taking an opportunity just because its there. If you do decide to try something and it fails, then look it as it failed, but that doesn't mean your are! sometimes God lets us try different career choices, just to get them out of our system in order to get you ready for what He has planed. On the other hand you may be one of the few who get it right first time round, either way if you need to talk then feel free to pm me. Will be praying for you! - Ladybuelah
  8. ladybuelah


    Praying and hang in there! I know Job hunting can be hard to deal with but just hang in there. God will see you through!
  9. Ok so last year I got involved with a good friend, we both ended it because of exams and agreed to get back together a few months later, but when a few months later came we decided to stay friends because we didn't want to ruin our friendship. Since then we have had countless chances to get together and havn't always for the same reason. Thing is staying friends with this guy is killing me inside and now I am worried cos it's got to the point where my faith is impacted by all this. I am still a strong Christian, but I am struggling with the pain of this, and the fact that the temptation to start old habbits again is there doesn't help. I don't for a second think that is the answer but the fact I am tempted is really concerning me. I don't know what to do because I know that telling him the truth would put our amazing friendship at risk and the fact I am the one who has encoraged him to move on,(only because I love him and want what is best for him) well it will be confusing. I feel trapped because I don't think I would deal well with loosing him as a friend or him moving on but im not happy now anyway with this. I do want Gods will in all of this and I have no idea what that is, accept that I need to sort this out now because that is the right thing to do. One other thing I should mention, as much as I care about him, we do not share the same morals. He would never force me in to anything but I don't want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't share my morals because I don't think it would work out. We were great together, accept for the morals thing. Now I feel lost, if anyone can tell me what to do that would be great, Im just looking for ways around this if there are any. Thanks in advance.
  10. ladybuelah

    Hmm...what to do.

    There are two aspects to look at here. 1 Why do you both want the relationship, fact is you could be risking alot so you need to examine why you both want this. 2 Where do you both want the relationship to lead? If it is only a short passing thing then it's far less worth it then if you feel that this could be a longer arrangement. I would highly suggest that if you do decide to go for it, that you meet her parents and expain your motives to her dad maybe, show her parents that their little girl is safe with you. Pm me if you want to talk.
  11. ladybuelah

    Please pry for my bulimic friend

    Hey there, yes will be praying...I had bulima myself...its horrible! It can be beaten though!! If you want some advice to help your friend pm me God bless x
  12. ladybuelah

    Need prayer and Guidance

    Hey, firstly its awesome that you want to get closer to God! Secondly I know how you feel, I think they call in spiritual burn out! The trick well not trick but anyway, the way to avoid that happening is by pacing yourself, Don't give God a slot in your day, submit each new day to God, and then include him in the normal everyday stuff..yeah its cool to have time with God and if you can that's great! However its a good idea to make sure that you do little and oftan, thats the key. Regarding your lust problem, dude I hear ya!! The media really doesn't help does it! I know I'm a girl and you're a guy but this is something I can help you with from experience, if you want we can talk via Pm but what I will say is don't be so hard on yourself, in our own strength we will allways fail, so yea a relationship with Jesus is the best and only way to really come to the father, theres a scripture about that. The music, right well, one thing you can do is change your non christian hip hop for Godly hip hop, it is out there!! By doing this, you should find that you won't miss the music and the lyrics your listening to will be edifying for you rather then egging you on to be lustfull. Will deffo be prayin for ya and as I said if youu want to talk , feel free to pm me!
  13. My boyfriend just lost his best friend please keep us both in prayer and the family aswell.. I am really worried because my boyfriend, and the family are not yet saved. I am the only Christian in the whole group so I'm very worried about how they will all handle it. thanks guys!
  14. ladybuelah

    Tooth Ache!

    Does anyone know of any natural remedies for tooth ake? Or to be more specific tooth ake caused via eating disorders such as bulimia? Ive got well over a month till I can see the dentist and I need a quick fix because the pain is too much!
  15. ladybuelah

    Name for new Charity