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  1. I think the way the ending played out was all right. You would have to have something like that happen in order to stop light the way he was going. I just didn't like Near. They could have had the exact same sequence of events happen with L instead of Near and it would have been awesome.
  2. I know this is stretching the rules a bit but Down-to-Earth
  3. Here is how it works. Someone posts a popular character that most people on are likely to know, and they post the name of some sort of folk type song that we all learned as children. You have to make up a song about that character to the tune of that song. Here is an example. Character: Captain Jack Sparrow. Song: It aint going to rain no more. Jack sparrows got a spot on his hand Hes got the black spot on his hand It's because Davey Jones really wants his soul And he'll even use Krack-en. Ok, so next person has to do that with whatever I chose. How about this? Character: Frodo Baggens Song: Three blind mice. Edit: It probably goes without saying, but you also want to post the character and song for the next person to use as well. Also, if it is not a character from a supper well known movie like the ones I used in my examples, you might want to include the name of the movie or show they are from.
  4. Wow! that kitten looks almost perfectly identical to a young version of a cat I have. So much so that I am almost tempted to find the person who filmed this video as we found the cat abandoned. (almost)
  5. ^ The cause behind canker sores is something entirely different from cold sores. They are actually caused by a bacteria. This bacteria is one of those that are in your mouth all the time. If you somehow manage to injure your mouth by way of accidentally biting or anything else that will cause an open wound inside your mouth, then the bacteria get in to the wound, it causes a canker sore. BTW: L-Lysine also helps with canker sores. And also, whoever mentioned ulcers in the mouth. Those are also possible, although I am not too familiar with the means by witch they occur. I know that they happen in the stomach when excessive stress causes your stomach acid to become agitated, and burns through the stomach lining quicker than it can regenerate. The means by witch they occur in the mouth would have to be completely different as there is no stomach acid to cause them.
  6. Have any of you ever heard of the people who were not saved and had near death experiences? It is a dramatically different story than the more famous version told by those who were saved. There is no light, they never even see the gates of heaven. It often stars out with them just standing in the area in witch they died (often a hospital room, as that is often part of the reason they were able to come back and tell there story.) At some point, a quick moving robed figure calls to them and insists that the person has to come with them. As the person complies with the robed figure, more eventually join at some point. If pressed on where they are going, the robed figures just continue to insist that the person needs to come, and they are not too pleasant about it. There are some versions of the story where the person reaches the destination (hell), and some where the person eventually puts there foot down and refuses to continue with the creatures. However it goes, the result is always the same. The creatures tern on the person and begin to actually rip pieces of flesh off of the person. Keep in mind that everyone who has told this story has come back from near death to tell about it, so there is no way to say if this next thing happens for all those who die and are unsaved. But as the daemons are ripping and biting the person's flesh off, they here a quiet voice in there head telling them to pray. All those who come back from this experience say that they prayed to God desperately and whole heatedly at this point. Once they start to do so, the daemons who are attacking them shriek and flee. And although the person had just been viciously attacked and there flesh torn to pieces, they are made whole again. An angelic figure appears to them telling them they are now saved by God's grace, and that they have been given a second chance. They should take this chance to tell the world of what they have seen. Then of course they wake up surrounded by concerned doctors. I have heard 2 separate accounts of this occurring. They were off of 2 separate TV programs based either on heaven in general, or on near death experiences specifically. You can take that however you wan to, depending on how you feel about such programs.
  7. Here is the basic plot breakdown (for anyone who is familiar with these classic movies) Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni = Groundhog's day + The Andromeda Strain You could probably argue that there is a little bit of sliders mixed in as well, but making that statement will really confuse the younger generation anime fans. BTW: how backwards is it that I just compared an anime to 2 non animated movies and 1 non animated TV series? No matter, I think that being able to do so just shows how awesome Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni really is.
  8. Yes, it is the same thing. The two are equivalent terms.
  9. L-Lysine really helps for when you already have a cold sore or when you just feel one coming on. For prevenitive measures though, you want to try and reduce the ammount of stress in your life. There are several forms of the herpes virus, a lot more than just the STD and the type that causes cold sores. Herpes is a classification of virus that for layman's purposes have 2 things in common. One is that they cause lesions (open sores), or other forms of blemishes to form on a certain part of the body. Chicken pox is also caused by a form of the herpes virus that causes these things to occur on the whole body. The other thing they have in common is they have the ability to hide in your nervous system. The reason this is a problem is that your immune system is unable to enter your nervous system. As such, you can never get rid of the herpes virus. The thing is, the virus will go dormant for a while when it is in your nervous system. However, a lot of stress in your life can wake it up witch will cause it to manifest itself again.
  10. Here is my 1st answer to all situations like this as it is about the most common cause. If this dose not apply to you, then say so and I will give other suggestions based on some of the secondary likely causes for being over weight. You have heard of beer belly correct? Well by this reasoning, you can also get shuger(sp) belly from high fructose corn syrup.
  11. On this subject, we need to be a little bit careful and set upper limits. There is such thing as water poisoning, although it is generally the really ridiculous cases that lead to it. The extreme upper limit I would say is about a gallon in a single day. And even that is getting in to the ridiculous area. We are talking double the daily recommended amount with that. Yes, the RDA for water is 1/2 gallon, or rather, 2 quarts per day. And yes, drinking the appropriate amount of water each day is very good for you.
  12. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes. Exactly what we need to hear. Also, you should limit your intake of high fructose corn syrup. Fructose is actually a poison in the body that is naturally denatured when you eat it with a lot of fiber like you find in most fruits. (duh. The lord made it like that for a reason people. Don't mess with it.) Actually, fructose and ethyl alcohol are the exact same thing in your body as far as the liver is concerned. The only difference in how the two act in your body is that fructose dose not effect your brain. It dose have the rest of the bad effects though. (Is this a surprise? Alcohol is made by fermenting substances containing fructose.) It is the biggest misconception on the planet that you can only get protein from meats. Most vegetarians (non vegan) get a nearly perfect amount of protein. You can get protein from all kinds of things. Legumes are a big one. Soy beans, most nuts, peas. All are high in protein. Broccoli and kale are also good sources of protein. There has even been suggestions that Broccoli may even be one of the perfect protein sources, and kale has the right balance of the correct proteins and minnerals to speed healing from injuries such as sprains and broken bones. There really is a lot more to protein than can be found in meat.
  13. There is actually a rather effective abdominal workout that you can do just sitting in front of your computer (or in class.) First off, get some terminology down. Most of us know about the obliques and what is generally referred to as your six pack in layman's terms. But there is one set of your abdominal muscles that not so many of us know about. It is called the transverse abdominus, and about the only people who know about it are people in the medical profession, people who have had a lot of physical therapy work done, or those who are your really big workout fanatics. The transverse abdominus is the muscle you are using when you "suck in" your gut. There are two variations on this workout. One is to suck in your gut and keep it sucked in just about all the time. The only problem with this version is that it makes the more efficient belly breathing just about impossible. If this dose not matter to you, then go ahead and use this method. The method that is more recommended however is to suck in your stomach with each breath out, and relax when you breath in. If your issue with your stomach is flab, then additional fat burning exercises like running will still be necessary. This will just be one more thing you can add to your routine. However, some people have a pouchy stomach that is not because of fat at all. It could be that this is just the shape your gut wants to be in. If this is the issue, then the exercise I just gave you is the only way to fix it. And it will fix it really fast and really dramatically. I am speaking from experience here.
  14. I totally knew that was coming (in part due to the fact that I read some of the comments first). I have seen a few clips that are like this and know the tricks. Despite all that, I still jumped. This is most likely the best video of its type. Oh, and I got the youtube version for you. I actually still jumped on this one even though I knew exactly when it was coming.
  15. OK, I knew guerrillas in the wild ate there poop. But I had no idea any primate (not counting some rather disturbed humans) drank there pee.