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    Kingdom Hearts

    I'm trying beat the big Heartless (I think its a Heartless) in the rabbits house does that tell you anything? I hope I"m being specific enough fo you because I'm really stuck.
  2. Fireheart123407


    WOW! Cool!
  3. Fireheart123407

    Kingdom Hearts

    Y'all are going to think I"m stupid but I've just started playing and I'm stuck in Alice in Wonderland. I need HELP!
  4. Fireheart123407

    Warriors:Into the Wild

    These are some of my favorite books and I was wondering if anyone else liked them too. My favorite characters are Fireheart and Squirrepaw(flight).
  5. Fireheart123407


    Hey I'm not that fast as Olympic swimmers go either. I still have to work on my backstroke.
  6. Fireheart123407


    No uniforms at my school but if people don't abide by the dresscode we may have to go to uniforms.That would make me mad because the people who stay in dresscode get punished too.I'm not against uniforms I would not mind a stricter dresscode though.
  7. Fireheart123407

    Brio anybody?

    I get it, but I think that some of it can be boring. I'm not saying it's boring but some articles are.
  8. Fireheart123407

    manga comics

    I've read this manga I liked it.
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    You are very committed I have once a day practices for one hour and forty-five minutes.
  10. Fireheart123407


    Cool that all i have to say
  11. Fireheart123407

    Harry Potter

    I used to be really into Harry Potter you can still ask me a trivia question and I know the answer. The thing is the books aren't evil if you believe them then you have a problem.
  12. Fireheart123407


    I didn't see a topic for swimming so I thought I might as start one.
  13. Fireheart123407

    A Poll About Makeup

    I wear lipgoss and then i forget to wear it oneday and don't wear it for like a month because I've forgotten to put it on that one day. I hardly wear any other makeup because it take to much time to put it on
  14. Fireheart123407

    What are you reading?

    I'm reading Artemis Fowl:The Opal Deception
  15. Fireheart123407

    Prince Caspian

    I say that the first book that was written was the best then they just get not as good.I noticed this when I read them in order