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  1. cheeseisthenewpurple

    Iranian Ninja Women

    This is pretty sweet stuff.
  2. cheeseisthenewpurple

    Christian views on Paganism and the Religio

    A lot of the Wiccans I know about are great people, I respect them a lot. They seem to do a lot of research and study things more than the average christian does. Plus a lot of them actually practice what they preach.
  3. cheeseisthenewpurple

    Yet another short lived relationship...

    Sometimes it doesn't hurt to not look for a boyfriend, and just focus on making yourself a better person for your future boyfriend. I used to be so worried about finding someone to date, until I realized worrying about it doesn't do any good. If you give things some time and date only close friends, you probably won't have to look to hard to find the right man.
  4. cheeseisthenewpurple

    Can Music be christian?

    That sounds like the strangest combination I've ever heard.
  5. cheeseisthenewpurple

    Me made a dubstep song =O

    I made the song in Sonar X1. I believe a few of the percussion loops I pulled from the Sonar X1 library, I might have sampled some things from Music Radar. The voice was taken from the anime High School of the Dead. And by midi processors, I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I do use a 49 key midi keyboard.
  6. cheeseisthenewpurple

    How do you pronounce "crayon"?

    I didn't even know people pronounced it in any other way other than cray-on. o_O
  7. cheeseisthenewpurple

    Joyce Meyer false prophet??

    I've always been taught that the passage stating that women should be submissive in churches was only meant to be a word for that particular church Paul was writing to, because the women there were known to speak out of turn and say things out of ignorance.
  8. cheeseisthenewpurple

    Who wants new emoticons? *raises hand* Check these out!

    I've seen this one rather often actually, and it kind of grosses me out too.
  9. Yus! I'll PM you my skype name.

  10. ...Kin I adds you on Skype? :3