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  1. Yus! I'll PM you my skype name.

  2. =D that is an awesome show, I agree! Have you seen the second season at all?

  3. I just saw your signature, and wow, that is the coolest thing ever! Where did you get that from?

  4. I just wanted to stop by and say welcome to the forums! And your avatar of Fuko is awesome! =D

  5. 8D This will be awesome.

  6. Thanks Evan! Still have no idea how to do sigs though. xD

  7. Haha, thanks. It's an awesome show.

  8. I know, it's such an awesome series! I think I've only seen three episodes but I'm totally hooked. xD

  9. Mabs! You're on! Just stopping by and saying hi. =]

  10. Woah. You're a mod? Duuuuude that's awesome like a possum! Welcome to the team!

  11. You went to wikipedia to get that emoticon under your name, didn't you? =P

  12. I have no idea where your avatar is from, but it's awesome! You like anime?

  13. Yeah I am, thanks for asking. =]

  14. Thanks for the welcome Jordan!