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  1. Deeper

    A Question for Christian...

    The question itself is irrational (not that the question isn't legitimate). It assumes that I understand my state, that I will spend an eternity away from God, and still acknowledge Him as God and worship him accordingly with that knowledge. The obvious answer to the question is that man isn't knowingly unsaved or conscious of his non-salvation yet has the ability to worship God. In Acts 17 Paul paints the perfect picture of pagans worshiping a God whom they were ignorant of; that is what they called "the unknown God". They didn't know who this God was and had no knowledge of His saving grace let alone heaven or hell in the Biblical context to which Paul says "Therefore, the One whom you worship without knowing, Him I proclaim to you". So, short answer, I don't think it's possible.
  2. Deeper

    Human slaughterhouse discovered in Tripoli

    I'm glad this isn't going on in China...or North Korea....or Syria..wait, we're already bombing Syria. Honestly this kind of thing is terrible in any case. I mean, it's so bad that Iran is actually sending "humanitarian" aid to the rebels. Who knew that, in the words of Tina Fey, "Terror loving terrorists" would help fight another terrorist alongside the US?
  3. Deeper

    Media Blackout on Ron Paul?

    I guess you'll have to list them. Whether that candidate is or is not a 6-day Creationist shouldn't be a primary factor in prohibiting you from voting for a candidate. I'm sure you were more or less joking. Ron Paul is quite honestly the only candidate with a strong consistent voting record. His views and policies are solid as well.
  4. Oh no, sorry I was saying that there is a penalty for both murder and manslaughter but one is taken more serious and deserves the death penalty where the other may only get jail time. If it's an accident I do not believe death should be the penalty.
  5. The justice system takes into account the actions, setting and scenario of the crime or incident to determine the penalty. A murder get's the death penalty because he willfully takes the life of another where a man who accidentally takes a life may get a lesser penalty. In either case, there is usually some form of repercussion and if it is death it is usually deserved.
  6. Deeper

    NATO war crimes in Zliten

    The problem is not that countries should or should not "aid" or "help" a group of people in a civil war, the problem is that the US under UN direction without congressional approval with NATO lead a war on another nation without first leading an offensive against us. This is a major problem. You don't go into multiple wars policing the world especially when you do not go through the proper channels. We learned that Bush used 911 to take us into a decade long war under false pretenses which Obama is doing himself; leading us into a war with another nation under the guise of humanitarian aid when it's not humanitarian at all. Secondly, look at it from this perspective. The US is in a civil war. Government versus radicals. The radicals ask Russia to help dismantle the US Government because of it's unconstitutional actions. Russia gets a group of world powers who see how they can take advantage of the local radicals to help combat a nation they've wanted to destroy so that they can gain from their economic wealth. Russia brings in China and Germany. They start bombing the United States. What would the US government say? Probably the same thing as Gadafi, get out of our country. They're line of reasoning would be "well it's humanitarian. Sure you didn't murder people in the streets, but the radicals are asking for our help." And are you saying that Libya is a member nation or ally? The only authority that NATO claims to have as a rite of passage is United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973. I don't appreciate your insinuation but I'll address it as best I can. I do not believe that it is just for a nation to wage war on it's citizens murdering innocents. It needs to stop. The problem I have is that you assume that the death of Libyan civilians is the reason we're there. It's not. This war was planned years ago (see the link below) and In 2009 Gadafi suggested that he would nationalize his oil which he said to, get this, students at Georgetown University in Washington over videophone. I mean, Gadafi is a terrorist and of all places he's welcomed to speak in Washington. Weird. He said he wouldn't follow OPEC's rules which I believed caused quite a stir with the powers that be. If you look at where we've fought, it's been at every major oil port. So no I don't think it's right under any circumstances to murder innocent civilians, but this isn't our war and we certainly didn't go over there because of this.
  7. Deeper

    NATO war crimes in Zliten

    Darfur (Annan) has asked the US for help. Secondly I don't doubt that information can be misconstrued by the Libyan government, however the rebels themselves were very angry with NATO, specifically the US, continually bombing and killing innocent lives. In addition, this was never declared a war, but rather humanitarian aid. Humanitarian aid does not include the killings of civilians via bombing. If this were declared war, the bombings would still not be justified. Lastly, the people, specifically in this video, that have died have been those inside buildings, such as the university that was bombed by NATO. They were doing normal everyday things when NATO moved in and bombed them.
  8. Deeper

    NATO war crimes in Zliten

    There is absolutely no excuse for NATO's involvement in the civil war of a sovereign nation let alone the US, specifically, for getting involved in a war without congressional approval. You cannot justify war just because you call it "humanitarian." No matter how right the president thinks he is, fabricating his claims, he cannot enter a war with another nation without congressional approval. Period. That being said, this is not humanitarian. There are many many nations going through extreme civil wars and have been for decades. Look at Darfur. Why is NATO not in Darfur bombing the living daylights out of the government? The answer is that they have nothing we want and Libya does. This is not about humanitarian aid it's about oil and money.
  9. Perry has been hit with many scandals that are just now starting to be brought up because of his run. It is a shame that this isn't always the case. Look at abortionists. They murder innocent lives every day.
  10. I think we should offer humanitarian aid and bomb the living daylights out of Congo.