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  1. Judge has harsh words for Mom before sentencing her for spanking her kid
  2. Deeper

    Obama first president to ...

    Technically Muslims encourage lying for gain so if Obama is a Muslim and is hiding it for a reason then that could be considered just.
  3. Link It's about time we put an end to this expensive illegal war.
  4. Yeah but the dumb part is we're still allowing funding of the mission. It makes no logical sense at all. "We don't authorize the war but we're financially supporting it."
  5. Deeper

    Obama first president to ...

    I don't think you're a fool The question itself implied that Obama took out American flags and replaced it with Muslim garb. The best part about this is that Snopes is one source AND they are most certainly not the I Ching of truth.
  6. That and there's also Black pride groups AND Black History month. Everyone knows that if there is White Pride Group or White History month every single news commentator would be up in arms and Rev Jesse Jackson would be the first one to dam|n all white people. It's just new racism. EDIT: Haha the asterisks make it look like i cussed!
  7. Are you kidding me? I primarily wear white T-shirts. LoL at the smart Asian guy. Apparently they didn't notice he was Asian. Kind of defeats the purpose of white supremacy.
  8. I read that too. I reasoned the scientist that survived was probably the target of the assassination. These scientists that were killed in this crash worked at Bushehr which was hit by Stuxnet virus. It's amazing how absent simple logic is from the general populous. This reeks of murder.
  9. Deeper

    Japanese extreme body modification

    Where do you find stuff like this?
  10. Deeper

    Mirage Cities In China

    The thing that we need now is photos of what the area looks like. It's difficult to tell but I don't think that anyone is capable of pulling off a mirage like this I just thought it was interesting.
  11. Let's hope and pray that nothing happens here. The point the commentator makes about how the Japanese and US governments downplayed the severity of the Fukushima crisis when 3 of its 6 reactors were in full meltdown with in hours of the quake and tsunami should at least indicate to us that we won't hear the full truth about Ft. Calhoun. Only time will tell.
  12. Deeper

    Journey 4 Justice: Riding against Westboro

    I don't think this is going to do anything.
  13. NATO hits house of historic leadership in Libya, killing at least 13: gov't spokesman
  14. Deeper

    School Makes Girls Clean Urinals Barehanded

    First thoughts: This could only happen in a foreign country.
  15. This is why you check your sources.
  16. W.H. flags Drudge-mocked transcript I saw read the entire first half of the transcript when it was on Drudge and it said "laughter" after the statement. Oh but lets blame the transcript writer. The best part is that Obama's statement doesn't seem believable which is probably why the crowed laughed. I would have.
  17. Radiation Network has the level of radiation for Fort Calhoun, NE at 44. Doesn't seem to have any issues as of now. They did impose a no-fly zone over the area. I guess we'll see what becomes of this. I really hope nothing serious happens.
  18. Deeper

    Obama first president to ...

    First of all that's just one picture. Secondly how do you know the flags aren't further off to the side of that picture?
  19. Deeper


    This debate is taking an interesting turn. As I look into this more I'm starting to find conversations about gravitation redshift (and blueshift) which seem to define time or make up what we know of time and the age of the universe. However there seems to be disagreement about gravitational redshift and its accuracy. We seem to use this theory to determine the age of the universe but what happens if wavelengths from other stars and light sources interfere with our measurements? Can we really say are measurements are accurate? Can we even say we know the age of the universe? Those are more rhetorical questions, but the conversations out there on this subject are nowhere close to unified.
  20. Deeper

    NATO to Privatize Libyan Resources

    Wow that was a pretty big mistake haha.
  21. Deeper

    NATO to Privatize Libyan Resources

    The video doesn't mention anything about privatization.
  22. Deeper


    Yeah i think I mentioned how two planets were theorized to exist. Yeah that's precisely what I mean when I say the measurement of time is based on the gravitational pull thus being relative to where one is in relation to the sun. I'm not that bright when it comes to physics haha.
  23. Obama's non-war is really doing a service to the Lybian people. Because we all know that dropping bombs doesn't constitute war. The best part is that they blame the deaths on a "weapons systems failure." what a joke.
  24. Deeper


    The questions were sparked because two suns were found to be at the center of a solar system causing abnormal orbital rates in two large planets. There's a greater gravitational pull as a result of the two suns and two large planets that take 16 and 5 years to orbit both suns which affects the measurement of time. I guess i'm just wondering if Time is relative or objective and how is it affected by gravity.