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    it is completely normal for you to feel like that....i will pray for you....but remember that God has a plan for your life....and who knows maybe God's plan for your life is to help others whos parents and loved ones died too. your mother dying may help others in the future.... Stay strong, Deeper
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    CTF Official Homosexuality Debate

    you are misunderstanding what i am saying.....of course satan has hit almost everyplace on earth....and yes i agree with what your saying but maybe i am just stateing what i am saying from a view point of "im in cali.".......basically what i was saying in the very biggining of this entire blog is that Same sex marriage is wrong and to even get a cilvil union for such a blasphamouse thing is wrong....and as a follower of God and his Morals i will do everything in my power to stop anything that is as backsliden as that..... D.
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    struggling not to struggle.

    you should probly just pray to God.....but i see what your saying....maybe that other blogger was right....maybe God is testing you with the little things that way when you are found faithful he will open a door and bless you with a car... just my opinion... Skylar
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    Hey everyone!

    hey Ryan glad to have you on.........my sisters and my bro and i lead worship at our church to.... Skylar,(Deeper)
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    CTF Official Homosexuality Debate

    i don't need to explain my self to you....the Bible says...."the time is near" and as teenagers....weather or not you agree with me......need to start changing our behavior. i am also sorry to let you know that....no....not just new orleans, that was just an example but so is new York, Las Vegas....you know it is bery disturding when someone nitpicks examples.... so once again i am sorry if i affended you....but hey.....the bible is affensive to people who don't want to here the truth....and to people who are confronted with it... so sorry, S. oh and don't misrepresent what i said..... you only came to prove that Christians are hypocrits when they break into throws of self-righteousness. i said...."so why then are people calling them selves christians but they look just like the world and they think that it is ok. they are not fearing God and they are basically saying "God we don't need you".....so before you go judging my motives maybe you should ask God your self......" so please don't misrepresent what i said.....i did not say "christians" i said some christians and you know very well that, that is true.....look in your youth churh.... any ways.....nice time debating..... Deeper
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    well put Fervor....i agree Deeper
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    CTF Official Homosexuality Debate

    ok first of all i don't excuse the fact that North K. is about to bomb us all of those things that you just mentioned are compltely different topics that can be disscused later.....i a m not calling christ a liar at all.....i do not know when he is coming but based on what God's word says i will say that you may need to read revilations and see for your self.........i also never said california was "good" (if that is what you are saying) california is a place where satan is trying to get a hold of....i live here...and each day i have to walk outside my house go down the street and nomatter where i am at their is sensuality and evil allarouind....did you know that california is home to the worlds largest satanist church....california is in for a rude awakaning..... tell me what happened to Sodomm and Gamora? they were destroyed....what happened to new Orleans? New Orleans has mardigraw wich i thick God totally dissagrees with. itwas destroyed (pretty much) it clearly says that God despises blasphemers and hypacrits.....so why then are people calling them selves christians but they look just like the world and they think that it is ok. they are not fearing God and they are basically saying "God we don't need you".....so before you go judging my motives maybe you should ask God your self...... "God....what do you think about gay marriage.....what do you think about North K.......? God what do you think about California and other places that are not serving you.....?" sorry if you don't believe me...or what ever else you think...this is what i belive so take it or not....but i do not want to make you feel "bad" in a way because of what i belive but the word of God is affensive to people plain and simple..., Deeper
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    hi NChrist, i was not sure if you still did not understand but i believe that paul is talking about humbling himself....when he says that he did not come from mans wisdome but that he would no nothing different than the cross and God's power....he is preaching God's word from "God's perspective" i guess you could say not man's faultering wisdome....remember the verse.....a man is wise in his own eyes.....so he did not want to bring false teaching from his own wisdome and knowledge but rather inquire and pray to God for the power to preach his word... Hope that helps, Deeper
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    why people critize the catholic faith

    Good point Josh 1:9...i agree
  10. Deeper

    CTF Official Homosexuality Debate

    i totaly see what you are saying but i am pushing for nothing....i would rather God take us up right now before gay marriage is legalized and before their are any civil unions amongst gay marriages in Cali. but i know that God is control so i just need to put my trust in God....not man(judges, attorneys,...ect)
  11. Deeper

    CTF Official Homosexuality Debate

    Maybe i did not make myself clear.....sorry my fault... Civil unions are what the homosexuals are pushing for. civil unions in man/wife marriages is already here...that's not the problem....the problem is that we don't want civil unionis for same sex marriages....so do you see what i am saying now....if we allow civil unions in same sex marriage then we get rid of the "i now pronounce you man and wife....ONLY" but now it has been perverted.... if you read 1Co 6:9 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders." so maybe if you really new what a "civil union" was when it came to same sex marriage you would understand where i am coming from..... oh....yea....and you live in California just like i do, so you already know that this state is the most sensual and illicit...satan is trying to take this state down but if we pray and stand fast and tell the enemy that he has no power here (and obviously God is bigger than anything) then we can win this spiritual battle and satan wouldn't even know what hit him... so i hope we understand each other....... Go Deeper, S.
  12. Deeper

    pre-marriatal sex

    i totaly agree with you....people take scripture out of context so much these days....it truly is refreshing to see scripture interpreted (however you spell that) in the right maner and not taken out of context.....oh and i agree with everyone who said they agree with abstanince until marriage......i look forward to saving my self for my wife.....
  13. Deeper

    The Bible Itself

    Dear SWGA, like i said before, if you are questiong your faith and God, pray about it and seek God with all your heart...i fear for your life and wish and hope and pray that you find God and know that he has a plan for your life...i hope you find God in a Deeper way. may you find God, Deeper. oh...yea....and well put NChrist....i totaly agree with what you said.
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    CTF Official Homosexuality Debate

    wow.....you think this subject is "LUDICRIOUS?" i am sorry (not really) but i think this is one of the biggest problems in america today....."civil unions" are ridiculouse. the household and marriages should be for a man and a women..... What is this world coming to.....most people don't realize that we are in the end times and it says in Revelations that "men" (women as well) will "love themselves and turn towards eachother.
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    The Bible Itself

    WOW i have been reading your guys' blog (NChrist and SeastSWGA) and i think that, NChrist, you did a great job of explaing your self to SeastSWGA. all i can say SWGA is that we as human beings are only in the physical world, we don't have all the answers. but if you start to pray and seek the Lord with all your heart and soul, then he will give you answers. Don't doubt God. He can change your life around..... P.S: remember that God loves you and that What we have with Christ is a relationship. christianity in its core should be based upon our relationship with christ, not a "religous" one. God Bless
  16. Deeper

    The Bible Itself

    yea i totaly see what you are saying but what is your view point on what i said...(exactly..?...!!...?) what do you "guys" think about immorality, sensualitty, and the lack of the God's Holy Spirit in the church today, especially in the youth groups. (that even includes rebellion)..........?
  17. Deeper

    The Bible Itself

    what do you "guys" think about immorality, sensualitty, and the lack of the God's Holy Spirit in the church today, especially in the youth groups. (that even includes rebellion)..........? :cowboy: