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  1. No one has been coerced into buying Organic. You're getting lost in your own sarcasm you didn't have time to understand what the whole of the problem is. The problem isn't losing sales the problem is contamination. Maybe you aren't aware, but Monsanto has a history of going to Organic farms and, without warrant, searching their fields and finding their patented Soybeans growing, little to the farmers knowledge. Their trucks drive by and seed falls out from their trucks. Now they can "legally" sue the farmer and destroy entire generations of organic farms and families. They are ruthless. The problem, Yves, is that genetically modified alfalfa can potentially spread like wildfire. If an organic farmer gets that mixed in with his organic crops and feed, not only will the potential pollution of all his livestock and farmland be at stake but he'll lose his organic license, and once that's lost it's nearly impossible to regain AND Monsanto, who owns this alfalfa because of their patent, can sue the farmer thus causing him to close his farm. There are a myriad of other problems that can occur as a result of this. Alfalfa is one of the most if not the most used crop in livestock feed. It could destroy the organic industry. Many choose organic because they're sick of the corporation making money off of unhealthy foods sold to robot consumers who only buy it because a pink unicorn on the front of the box claims to give your kids goodies if you by their product.
  2. I've been fighting this alongside many others who see the destructive nature of deregulating alfalfa. Is it just me or is there a pattern that's seriously helping to destroy our planet? GMOs, illegal wars, political corruption, moral decline, etc.
  3. Deeper

    Get Ron Paul Out!!!

    Texas GOP Wants Quick Action on Congressional Map So they'll redesign the districts of Texas and add 300,000 new voters to Ron Paul's District 14 which would help him lose any further runs for that district. It's amazing how Ron Paul scares the living daylights out of immature establishment Republicans (and liberals).
  4. Deeper

    How far would you go physically before marriage?

    Stop assuming that because I don't see sex outside of marriage the same way you do I'm some how more of a robot than yourself. You don't even realize that the media, the movies, the music you love so much is one of the biggest factors to your moral world view than even your family life. You're in more chains than you realize they're just masked by the idea of being "individual" and "open-minded." Secondly it's not opinions that are being moderated, it's opinions that lack any credible reasons to believe in them that should be moderated especially those that oppose the Word of God. Keep in mind, this is still technically a Christian forum.
  5. Deeper

    Obama first president to ...

    Is there any evidence for this? EDIT: ^ I just saw that you asked the same thing. I guess this is what happens when you only read the first post.
  6. You can't just blame the public servants. Although it's their job, there were 75 people present.
  7. Muslim, Buddhist, it doesn't matter. Look at how the entire case was handled. A citizen who makes up part of the public attends a public school and wants to publicly pray but is banned from praying and banned from using certain words and phrases. This isn't backed by the law in any regard. Secondly, your example is terrible. If a Muslim got up and prayed the US government would never think to ban the use of the words "Allah" "Allahu Akbar" "Mohammed." What I don't understand is how you can't just look at the simplicity of the law that governs this nation and say "legally, this judge has no grounds to do what he's doing."
  8. 6.4 magnitude quake shakes Chile So what's the big deal? No deaths, no immediate reports of destruction and devastation. Well the best part about this is yesterday I watched a Youtube video of this guy who reads solar patterns and alignments. He predicted that a major earthquake (or multiple) would happen between June 1 and 5 in about 3 regions, one of them, Chile. It's not an exact science, but it also isn't prophetic hocus-pocus. If ever you come across a video of someone talking nonsense with nothing to back up his claims, don't watch it. This guy actually backs all his claims with solid info.
  9. Bingo. Not sure though.
  10. Why is Justin Bieber more important than this?
  11. Link I'm sick of CNN reporters. "The home contained a large number of weapons" who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!! My whole family are gun/knife-totin' American citizens and my dad has a whole safe full of guns. Why, because we grew up with them, because it's legal and like most sane humans we use them for sport and recreation. This Iraq veteran father of two and husband never fired a shot but was riddled with 22 bullets and for what reason, owning guns, doing drugs, being human?
  12. LinketyLink "Would you sign our petition to ban conservative websites like Drudge and Breitbart?" "Um, like, I don't, like go there very often but, like, I'll sign it." "So then what do you think about the 1st amendment?" "Like, we should uphold it, but like, some people take it too far." OH LOOK!!! Liberals actually signing a petition to ban sites like Drudge, not because they actually know the content, because they don't, but because they're bias. This is called mindless voting which is how politics works now. Vote by association, don't actually study the content.
  13. Rolling in the Deep is a great song actually and the fact that it's clean too is one of the first things I noticed.
  14. The question is, why is it secret and where is it at?
  15. Deeper

    Petition: Ban Conservative Websites

    Of course it goes both ways. Just because I didn't say that doesn't mean this thread is without merit. It proves the point that not even college age kids with the understanding of the first amendment would uphold it.
  16. Deeper

    Justin Bieber Shows Hebrew Tat....

    Disagree. Again. =) His lyrics make no sense with his age, but he can sing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7frp140YHo&feature=related
  17. Deeper

    U.S. to propose mandatory vehicle 'black boxes'

    With Bush's, I'm sorry, Obama's new Patriot Act this should be no problem. After all congress is incompetent and will seem to pass almost anything when lobbied. When will liberals and republicans wake up and realize that Obama is Bush and will most likely approve this stupid idea of putting black boxes in cars?
  18. Deeper

    The Last Nail

  19. Deeper

    Couple Refuses to Reveal Baby's Gender

    You may be able to alter the outside of your body but you can't change your genes Thus my point.
  20. Deeper

    Francis Chan on Hell

    Now please say this out loud 20x
  21. Deeper

    Justin Bieber Shows Hebrew Tat....

    ^ I'm actually getting that tattooed on my right thigh. O_o