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    Couple Refuses to Reveal Baby's Gender

    This doesn't make any logical sense to me. One can only be born a male or a female. You can't decide which you want to be.
  2. Deeper

    Justin Bieber Shows Hebrew Tat....

    Interesting. You know it's odd because Lady Gaga is a Christian too. She's all kinds of crazy, so I won't even compare Biebs to Gagme. Looks legit, I just hope it's not a joke.
  3. Deeper

    How far would you go physically before marriage?

    No it is not, but I wouldn't take that job even if it came gold-plated.
  4. Deeper

    Francis Chan on Hell

    Being tolerant of one belief that is unbiblical and calling it equal with that of a Biblical stance on hell doesn't make sense.
  5. Deeper

    How far would you go physically before marriage?

    Who the smiff even moderates this section?
  6. Deeper

    SEAL Team 6's Next Target: Mickey Mouse?

    This is class-A Hollywood marketing for you.
  7. Deeper

    Is the Creationist God a Deceiver?

    And in addition, there was and is water under the crust of the earth. The Bible actually tells us this. You know, back before modern science "discovered" this.
  8. Deeper

    Doomsday - Rebecca Black

    "God Hates Friday" XD
  9. Deeper

    Justin beiber??

    Bieber actually has a good voice.
  10. In other news, the US spent money on "developing" super soldiers who could become invisible and walk through walls. This is what the US spends it's money on. Major General Albert Stubblebine III was head of this program, Project Center Lane (Later Project Stargate), which is where we get the movie "The Men Who Stare At Goats" from, because the US decided they would spend money on trying to explode a goats heart with ones mind and were supposedly successful. Military intelligence or complete lunatics?
  11. Amen and amen. The link is also not working. The best part about this is that they're worth $76 million but they couldn't afford a better website? http://bit.ly/lLVAf2
  12. Deeper


    My family and I cut out a ton of meat and dairy due to health issues with my mom. We went mostly organic as well. You can't keep me away from Steak though.
  13. Rev. Jesse Jackson: "RACISTS!!! We are minorities and this type of stuff keeps coming out the white community. We don't deserve this treatment! They must stop this racism at once! Black men must stand together (i.e. segregate themselves) and fight against racist comments like these!" Obama: "This kind of blatant racism must be stopped at once" Rev. Jesse Jackson: "Wait the guy's black!?" Link
  14. "It's ending, ending the world as we know it is end-i-ing. Everybody's lookin' forward totheraptuuure raptuuure. It's ending ending every body knows it's end-i-ing everybody's looking forward to the rap turee. Partyyyin Partyyyin YEAH!" I'm covering Friday but rapture style. http://www.reverbnation.com/meplusyou
  15. Did anyone realize that it's may 21st for like half of the world? so where's Jesus?
  16. Deeper

    Francis Chan on Hell

    Definitely agreed. I look forward to his book which comes out in July.
  17. If that's the case, then her daughter and her family must have been lying too.
  18. The TSA conduct a bomb drill...and don't tell police about it. And the other unfortunate thing is that nothing like this has every happened in real life. See the TSA have to play pretend because, well, there really aren't any known threats at the moment and since 911 the only threat, unknown mind you, was a man flying with a loaded gun who didn't even know he had it on him. Luckily for us the TSA were doing their job and caught the guy. Oh wait, no they didn't. This is just another example of why the TSA, excuse, Janet Napolitano should resign or be fired because honestly, the TSA are out of hand.
  19. Deeper


    Yes that could be the case, but what researcher would type the words in quotes, "Child Pornography?"
  20. Yeah the whole thing is very good. I think he might have been talking about God after Christ, but I can't be certain. The last 20ish minutes is probably the best.
  21. I will start by saying I am reformed because I believe the doctrines of the reformation are true. However what this preacher addresses in moderation is the legalism that can occur from within the reformed church particularly regarding how the unsaved are viewed. As a whole, however, is the greater body of Christ filled with former prostitutes or women wearing bonnets? Is our conversation starter with the girl who just walked off the streets wearing fishnet lace and an open top which new homeschool curriculum she's using or "please pull your top up, this is a church"? I've been particularly blind and guilty to the complete lunacy that this type of Christianity is, or rather the Christianity that it isn't. This is one of the most convicting messages I've heard because it doesn't just deal with the wrong approach to the unsaved but it deals with the worth of the unsaved.
  22. I once had an entire two hour office conversation with like 4 guys about how we'd survive the zombie apocalypse. We also discussed zombie wartime profiteering and how we can cash in on people's gullible paranoia.
  23. Link But not even the title nor the signatures and testimony from professors will sway the trusting public into thinking that being shot with radiation isn't safe. After all, it kills cancer, right? Wrong. But i guess to each his own. (NaturalNews) It can now be revealed by NaturalNews that the TSA faked its safety data on its X-ray airport scanners in order to deceive the public about the safety of such devices.
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ3j7s84znw&sns=fb
  25. Link Remember the good ol' days when Americans weren't afraid to exercise their right to own and carry a gun? Or the right to not be physically molested by some random TSA agent or shot with harmful amounts of radiation which rendered a nude photo of your person because "you might be a terrorist?" Or the time when taking photos in public wasn't a crime and being muslim didn't make you a terrorist? Or the time when the DHS didn't try to convince you that you need their help to be safe? Or the time when officers of the law actually knew the law?