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  1. Deeper

    The weirdest thing has happened. I find myself agreeing with you more.

  2. Since when did we start agreeing? Answer me, darn it! xD

  3. Alyssa sounds right, Rave.

  4. Your name totally escapes me and somehow you knew mine.

  5. Yes I am here :)

  6. haha. Except for the fact that she's dressed terribly, that was funny.

  7. Haha, I did leave, but every once and a while I check back to see if there's anything new (like notifications) I'm sure you'll figure out eventually what your life means :)

  8. Hey, it's going great, thanks for asking! What about you, how's life?

  9. What a gangster

  10. I've been great! Very buys with work and freelance design. What about you?

  11. Good deal! I'm glad it went good

  12. Good deal Colton! I hope it went well :)

  13. Hey Colton,

    Everything is great! Thanks for asking, how's life for you? How's your walk with God? I'm glad you loved the post and I pray you read the book one day as it is truly helpful.

  14. I've heard of it but never read it. I will now avidly seek to find this book. Thanks!