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  1. dogs


    maybe you should have finished BEFORE now lol
  2. dogs


    me too i been board with TH down
  3. dogs

    Christmas Traditions

    Christmas eve is usual day until evening we go to mother mother's house eat exchange gifts. go home sleep wake up Christmas morning see what we have eat breakfast with mother's paremys. hang around the house do whatever play with toys computer and such until about 2-4 PM when we go to FATHER'S side of the family do about the same there and then it's over. we live close to all our family.
  4. I don't have a job AWFUL at balancing school and work and then there's summer camp lol for the second part I LOVE fun summers. but my older cousin he just finished school to be a parmedtic he's worked in various parts of that job since before he gruated high school. He is off tomorrow (I think) but must work Christmas and their shifts are 12 and 24 hours long too.
  5. dogs


    How can one thread grow so fast?
  6. dogs


    lol 1000 words?
  7. dogs


    yeah I think that maybe just maybe we can get another in.
  8. dogs

    My Own Forum

    i run a forum with another friend of mine from the secular forum I'm on WAY too much. I added like 4 new forums and two sub-forums yesterday they show up fine in the admin CP,but not on the user index what's wrong?
  9. dogs

    Please Pray For Me And My Family

    I'm sorry I will pray
  10. dogs

    Salvation Exceptions?

    ok so if someone doesn't know Christ never had the CHANCE to learn they go to Hell? the thing doesn't say not beleive there's something out there if that was the case babies would go to Hell.
  11. I think that if they lived a life that was right like lived as best they knew how like not burn their first borns ect they will go to Heaven.
  12. dogs

    Eating Disorders

    I have TRIED to purge didnt work
  13. dogs

    A Friend :(

    Well Isaiah sometimes i feel obccesstive over pms with you so yeah i can relate somewhat
  14. dogs

    My Aunt And Uncle

    i will be prying and good for them