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  1. topspin

    i am not coming back this time

    I like how people don't even know me are trying to say I'll come back... Lol and if course fuzz and Ben course!!!!!!!! I never said I didn't like yall, it just isn't home!!! Bubi!!!!
  2. topspin

    i am not coming back this time

    Ryone thinks this is about a debate !!! But it's not it's about me not feeling comfortable here anymore... Doesn't feel like home anymore
  3. topspin

    i am not coming back this time

    I already decided to leave and I am going to leave. This is not negotiable. I am goingto leave, I may regret it but it is bound to happen.
  4. topspin

    Gay banned from FCA?

    i just see things differently then you all. Which is why im leaving... anyways, either way, if he was kicked off, why weren't the others?
  5. topspin

    Gay banned from FCA?

    im going to be honest and say, i have no clue to what you have just said.
  6. i am leaving. For the last time. and i shall not return. I have changed, my views on Christianity have changed, while i am christian, i am so different from the rest of you guys... I see things completely different then you all. Tomorrow after midnight, july 22 the begining of july 23, I shall return no more
  7. topspin

    Gay banned from FCA?

    so now you are judging me? For the way i see things?
  8. topspin

    Gay banned from FCA?

    God, didn't write the bible. Jesus, didn't write the bible. I choose to live my life by doing what i believe is right. What is the most moral thing to do.
  9. topspin

    Gay banned from FCA?

    i have not, and do not read the bible
  10. topspin

    "Bare Essentials" of flight safety

  11. topspin

    Gay banned from FCA?

    So if we disagree on homosexuality a sin or not a sin.... So the question is, was it right for him to be kicked out of FCA, if the others weren't? We know ... WE KNOW!!!!! Others in that FCA have sinned, in similar ways, but did they get kicked out no? So its just prejudice? It goes against the bible, says you (cause i dont agree with the bible.. im sorry, but its true) but so does, Masturbation, Hurting oneself (alcohol, drugs) and sex in general, and if you all deny people in FCA, dont participate in such activities, you all are not in the real world...
  12. topspin

    major life/choice event

    I actually could see this working...( im pro choice of course) With the economy in the state it is (well other places in the country) people are stretching every dollar! Abortions do cost money, and to some people, they are important, and to some people aren't able to afford them! Dare i say it, these paid-for abortions may even help people who can barely afford to keep themselves afloat, who wouldn't be able to support a child finacially...So in conclusion, it could help those in the lowest of lows, get out of the lows I promise i tried to make that seem as least evil as possible....
  13. topspin

    "Bare Essentials" of flight safety

    How does nudity offend people? Nudity, is natural, it is how God made us isn't it It isnt really a public company is it? It isn't run by citiczens taxes... its run by stock holders, right? (well from what i know..) And if you are offended by the *nudity*, which is barely any, fly Qantas ...
  14. topspin


    So do you all remember when in all the "homosexuality Debate" alot of people were like, Marriage is between a man and a woman? I take it those are both singular? I'm am most def. not a bible thumper, so i have no versus' to give you.. I dont think marriage has to betweeen a man and a woman, but it should be between 2 people who do love eachother
  15. topspin

    The Song Title Game

    where is the love - black eyed peas