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    Ormeau on the Gold coast Qld Aus
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    heyb im lisey my real names Elise, but everyone calls me lisey for short i love god and every things sweet on the goldy right now Jesus is a live in me so nothing else matters. I'm 16 hungry for life and also love playing the drums tennis softball all that kind of stuff
  1. liseyathighway

    where were you guys born

    born in Victoria and then moved to Qld when i was six still liven there and its awesome
  2. liseyathighway

    Have you ever eaten at Mc Donalds?

    yeah in Aus Mcdonalds is huge too, every city town there is a Maccas its crazy, i dony like it that much beu when your on a road trip and your hungry maccas is the way to go
  3. liseyathighway

    How's School been for you?

    Ha Ha, I ve only got 2 more days left until the holidays and boy am i syked for the holidays. ive had a pretty full on term so the break for two weeks is a really good welcome well you guys have a good exciting new term at school
  4. liseyathighway

    wordsworth90's testimony

    hey wordsworth, i love u so much, i love your confidence and your fire for god and that you know the purpose that he has for your life, i know that you've been through some tough times but know you have tonnes of loving and praying friends around you, and i would really want to be involved with you and frog in starting and building the grades cell up. hey wordsworth thanks for being an awesome friend and know that i love you so much and also know that God has an awesome purpose for your life and that he loves you more than anything else in the world. love lisey (elise)
  5. liseyathighway

    Tennis Anyone?

    ive been playing tennis for a while and im alright at it and i love it
  6. liseyathighway

    Aussie Rules Footy

    i love aussie rules its the best game ever i go for the saints cant remember if the got into the finals its either saints or collingwood, i hope they win he premiership and all you guys from america are missing out its the best game in the world
  7. liseyathighway

    Whats your favorite sport?

    hey guys im from Ausland and my favorite sport is AFL, you guys probably dont know what it is but its the best sport ever my favorite team is St kilda there awesome but they didn't get into the finals this year :msn-cry: but cant wait for next years season
  8. liseyathighway

    What sports do you play?

    i play tennis and softball at my splay tennis outside of school But i also play tennis outside of school thats lots of fun, but ill give my hand at any sport really
  9. liseyathighway

    Bad Dreams...

    well a couple of months ago i had this really really freaky dream, it scared the begebus out of me, it went like this i woke up in the dream to find my self in a war zone looked like An afrivan village to me i looked around there was burning buildings, and also dead people around and they were also smouldering and the thing that really shook me up was i saw adead baby lieing right infront of me and then the dream ended thank God!!! that i havent had one like it since. well i woke up and prayed about and u know what a wonderful awesome peace came over me and then i just went back to sleep like God was comforting me and then i had a great sleep so i don't know if it was a dream from God or Satan but it was so vivid that ill never forget it anywaygods always there to comfort us so happy dreaming and God Bless :gossip: