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    ivy is my name.
    i’m a 17 year old girl - Australian born Chinese.. living in Australia.
    yes indeedily i am a Christian and proud to be. Jesus is my saviour and by His love, grace and mercy I am saved.
    lover of music & film. special mention goes out to my lovely piano and guitar.
    football (soccer) fanatic - arsenal is and always will be my team <3 through the ups and downs, i am a gunner.
    i play quite a bit myself too. LOVE it well i did up until the moment i tore my knee meniscus last year. still awaiting surgery:(

    i went to africa (kenya and uganda) early 2010 for a mission trip, which has completely transformed my perspective of the world, strengthened me spiritually and encouraged my faith. it was such an incredible experience. the people there are so Christ-centered and loving; it will always inspire me.

    come visit my blog :P http://ohsplendidlife.tumblr.com
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    Sydney, Australia
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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Hey! good to hear from you!! How ya been!! :D

  3. IVYEH. Happy birthday hun <3

  4. ivysaur

    What was the last movie you watched?

    love and other drugs
  5. ivysaur


    i started watching dexter last week. i finished season 3 last night WOOO for post high school holidays ! i've heard the trinity killer plot in season 4 is BRILLIANT. can't wait to dig in
  6. ivysaur

    Awesome Movie/T.V show recommender

    COMMUNITY > all other comedies on atm just sayin'
  7. ivysaur

    What's your fav. Tv Show?

    community 30 rock the walking dead dexter friends one tree hill modern family parks and recreation the office
  8. ivysaur

    Which Jim Carrey film is your favorite?

    eternal sunshine, hands down. sure, comedy's more his field, but he did a fantastic job in eternal sunshine. aaaaand i just plain love that movie <3
  9. ivysaur

    What was the last movie you watched?

    dear john. a very meh movie...first third or so was good but the rest wasn't done very welll....
  10. ivysaur

    What was the last movie you watched?

    scott pilgrim vs the world!
  11. ivysaur

    The Walking Dead

    after i finished watching the last episode i SOOOO wanted to know what happens next. so i read all the comics in a few days lol well up to the newest one anyway. WOW. it. is. amazing. and the tv show actually strays a bit from the comic but i think in terms of tone, characters and ambience, they've done it very very well! i know which main character that will get killed off soon...kinda um looking forward to see how they do it as bad as that sounds o_o. i'm also excited to see maybe there should be a thread just on the comic
  12. ivysaur

    The Walking Dead

    i LOOOVE this show! beautifully directed, intriguing storyline (well, as intriguing as a zombie show can possible get! ), interesting characters. if you can handle the guts and "scary" part of the premise, it's really a magnificent work. frank darabont is WIN! i also play left 4 dead so it's like a double zombie whammy haha it's a shame they don't show it on tv here in australia. but hey the internet works very well too
  13. ivysaur

    What was the last movie you watched?

    scott pilgrim vs the world