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    My interests include playing on the computer, Starcraft, procrastination from studying, worrying about the future, and other things.

    Most of my procrastination consists of playing video games or watching videos on Youtube.

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  1. Welcome back... you're not able to reset your password/email is inactive?
  2. You would need to ask Cary but he hasn't signed in for a few months. :/
  3. I got the same error message.
  4. Welcome Bella!
  5. BC

    Welcome Lori!
  6. There are denominations who believe that, but Charismatics are a lot more fervent (I think).
  7. I would say William Lane Craig
  8. So... what web browser do you use? I use Google Chrome.
  9. Welcome back Psalm139 and Irish!
  10. Banned for posting
  11. Banned for being inactive on CTF.
  12. But now you have nothing, you could post something else as your avatar? Like a Jedi?
  13. Baby Driver Don't believe the Rotten Tomatoes score, this film is not worth it.
  14. Thread necro! In one sense I think bikinis are too revealing because it's effectively the same as going out in your underwear (same as speedos). However they can wear them if they want to though.