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  1. I don't celebrate or pay attention to Halloween. I don't think it's morally wrong though, it's just not something I have any interest in. What I object to is when people, especially kids, doorknock on strangers houses late at night and request candy/chocolate ("trick or treat"). If I had a child I would not allow them to do this.
  2. Yoda


    Welcome Jasmine!
  3. So... what web browser do you use? I use Google Chrome.
  4. Yoda

    ban the person above me

    Banned because your picture is a bit blurry.
  5. Yoda

    Guess the person to post next

    Wrong! Silently95?
  6. Yoda

    In the Last 24 Hours

    Err... no In the last 24 hours have you played chess?
  7. Yoda

    Guess who's back

    Welcome back Delores!
  8. Yoda

    Get to know you better

    Classical music What country would you most like to live in?
  9. Yoda

    Guess the person to post next

    Wrong! Boogles?
  10. Yoda

    In the Last 24 Hours

    Yes In the last 24 hours have you been on CTF (prior to this session)
  11. Yoda

    ban the person above me

    Banned because I can apparently still ban you.
  12. Yoda

    PS4 or XBox One?

    I don't have either system, but between the PS4 and X-box 1 I would choose the X-box 1. I don't see much of a difference in features and graphics but the X-box 1 at least offers partial/significant backwards compatibility. So I could pick up a lot of cheap X-box 360 games.
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    Hey Everybody!

    Hi Vincent; welcome to CTF!
  14. Yoda

    Can you be gay and believe in god?

    Yes to the first question. You can't choose your sexual orientation and I'm sure there are a lot of firm believers who are homosexual. As for the second question, this depends on the what is happening in the LGBTQ+ community. The bottom line is that homosexual relationships/'marriage' are a sin according to scripture. If you're in that situation then you should be celibate. For the third question, God loves everyone regardless of who they're are and what they're doing.
  15. Yoda

    ban the person above me

    Banned because it's been over 6 months since anyone posted in this thread.
  16. Yoda

    Dude, you haven't logged on since January - 

    1. Zabby


      Huh? What? I forget this place even exists.

    2. 31BravoArmyMP
    3. Yoda


      You should try it now, the site has had some changes. 

  17. Avengers Infinity War - I liked it, non-stop action.
  18. Yoda

    Getting Married

    I think people should be at least 25 and have known each other for at least a few years. I'm single though.
  19. Happy birthday!!!! 

  20. Ready Player One - fun movie although without much substance.
  21. Yoda

    Is this place dead?

    Yeah it's unfortunate The forum is on life support.
  22. Yoda

    Hey. Name's Corey.

    Hi Corey Welcome to CTF Unbelievers are welcome to join our forum provided they respect the rules (same as Christian members)
  23. Yoda

    Hi I'm Terry

    Hi Terry!
  24. Yoda

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Hi Calwa0lor! Ok, that was a few weeks ago but ok. Happy Australia Day for yesterday!