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    Fairly close to Timbuktu... no seriously :)
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    I love sports, rugby!!!, netball, volleyball etc pretty much everything...<br />Um i love dancing, I would love to do ballroom dancing someday... just got to convince someone to do it with me! <br />I love reading and music - i play the flute and used to play piano... I really want to learn to play the drums and learn how to surf :) <br />I love languages! Im doing french at school and am learning Hausa (an African language) and Im going to FRANCE next year for 6 months... SOOO excited!!!!! When im older i want to be either a forensic scientist, a teacher or an interpreter (english/french) - i know similar hay?! <br />Im a New Zealander but am currently living in Niger(not Nigeria), West Africa with my family doing mission work...
  1. KimberleyN

    An Examination of Islam

    I currently live in a muslim country (Niger - west africa) and so know many many muslims, most of whom are incredibly nice. But being here, we are able to see that islam is like all other religions as there are the 'practicing muslims' who live their life by the Koran and then the ones who call themselves muslims but really just go with the flow and follow everyone else. There is definitely a violence issue, we are warned time and time again not to go in certain parts of the cities, when everyone is coming out of the mosques after the prayers, as they have just had it drummed into them whatever the Koran says - killing, murder and all, and many a time riots are started and christians or others who do not say they are muslims are often beaten or killed. Our guard's daughter came home a few weeks ago, having been beaten badly at school with a stick and belt by a muslim because she wouldn't deny being a Christian and turn to Islam. Sure not all Muslims live under Sharia law, but it also says this is the Koran. and no sorry i couldn't say exactly where right now... When a family member leaves Islam here, they are disowned by the family and often are murdered, because of this. Many many times the Koran goes against what it says earlier and later, it is completely full of holes and openly talks about killing those who leave the faith, and non believers.
  2. KimberleyN


    I went with french, because I am in France learning it at the moment... almost on my way home though but I plan on someday learning Spanish, and then Italian, and Russian and well, every other language there is! I love languages!!
  3. KimberleyN

    How Long Have You Ever Stayed Up?

    43 hours was at a Christian music festival, and by the end of that my friend and I just couldn't keep our eyes open...
  4. KimberleyN

    How Many Kids Do You Want To Have?

    5... I haven't yet decided whether I would like 3 girls and 2 boys or the other way around... oh and the first has to be a boy unless of course this happens to be twins... in which case one of each!
  5. KimberleyN

    Speaking in Tongues

    Yes, i believe it is real and still 'used' today, both of my parents have the gift.
  6. KimberleyN

    The Bible

    I went with 'the word of God, written by God' and 'Everything in the bible happened or is true, word for word.' I think, that it is God's word and sure, the followers of Christianity wrote it (literally) but it is written exactly as God said it was to be written, word for word.
  7. KimberleyN

    Who Knew This Before I Said This...

    yes, and I use it when I type...
  8. KimberleyN

    Rock music and such

    I voted 'as long as its christian' and then decided that I dont really fully agree with that, I think christian rock music is great, I love it, but I have nothing against other rock music that has good lyrics, it's when the lyrics are evil that as christians we shouldn't be listening to it.
  9. KimberleyN

    New Zealand :)

    Awwww.... those pictures make me miss home so bad!!! I come back to NZ in December!!! so excited (oh... my family left for Three years to africa doing missions...) but i cannot wait to come back to my gorgeous country!! gotta love the sheep
  10. I am still laughing that is almost the exact thing some of my friends would say!! For my engagement ring I would like white gold band with at LEAST one or two or... three diamonds and the wedding ring, a plain white gold band that goes with the engagement ring... Also though, I am one of those girls (some may call picky) that would like to euh... help/give advice on which rings I would like, or for that matter... I could just come along and choose!!!
  11. KimberleyN

    John 13:22-24

    yeah that was from the NIV i guess i just found that a little odd, like Jesus is God, and God loves everyone the same amount, does anyone know of other references where it talks about how he loves this particular disciple?
  12. KimberleyN

    Future Kids' Names

    Chloe Megan Elise Renée Sara Leigh Sophie Anna/or Lauren Chloe Elise... yeah i wouldnt have this plus the other two! but i like the two together Clayton James Luke Bradley Ethan Alec Josiah Levi yeah just a few
  13. KimberleyN

    What Shoes Are You Wearing

    jandals. and since there is i believe only one country that uses this word, most of you will probably need to look that up... but really you all know what they are
  14. KimberleyN

    John 13:22-24

    hey everyone, I havent been on here in forever, until the other day when I remembered that this forum existed I'm not entirely sure where to put this but here goes, I was reading through John 13 this morning and thought verse 23 was a little strange, I would like to know your thoughts, 22His disciples stared at one another, at a loss to know which of them he meant. 23One of them, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was reclining next to him. 24Simon Peter motioned to this disciple and said, "Ask him which one he means." why do you think it specifically says THE disciple whom Jesus loved?
  15. KimberleyN

    How many children?

    I would like 5 kids.... I think it would be so much fun either 2 girls and three boys or the other way around not sure yet... and I would like to adopt another couple I'm 10 years older than my brother and we get along great...