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  1. Hey friends![h=5] I have entered a contest with a once in a lifetime opportunity - the winning entry gets an ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP AROUND THE WORLD. If I win, I get to visit over 25 locations of my choosing and every part will be vlogged (that's short for video-blogged) and uploaded to the internet. I created this thread in hopes that you would consider voting for me. [/h] Here is the link! And since this a thread about traveling, why not tell me a story? What was your most memorable traveling experience? [i sincerely hope I'm not breaking a rule here, someone please close this if it is]
  2. Hello nice to meet you how are you doing SSHHHH don't tell anyone but I am CRAZY SHHHHH

  3. Steph.

    Can I still go to church?

    My only reservation would be in partaking of communion, I highly suggest that you not partake until you have figured out what you believe.
  4. Steph.

    How many kids would you prefer in your lifetime?

    hahaha past me said 7. gross. I think it really depends after I have the first one, but I think 3-4 is a good number.
  5. Hey Steph, long time no speak. Hope life is treating you well! :)

  6. Steph.

    Non-Christians Going To Hell

    My thoughts reading this thread - at what point is one saved? Is it when they raise their hand in a church service? When they're baptised? When they can fully articulate the gospel in a memorable three point sermon? No. Jesus is the one who does the saving, and he is the one who determines who goes where in the afterlife. I believe everyone is given an opportunity to accept or reject Jesus. Now how far of a knowledge they may have of him will vary, you can't expect a child in South Sudan to have read the entire Bible. But with common grace and general revelation, everyone has the opportunity to know of God.
  7. Steph.

    Is premarital sex sinful?

    It sounds like you're just looking for justification on a thought process you have already established.
  8. I've had the problem where I wasn't sure if God was speaking to me or if it was just my inner monologue. The best way I've found to discern is to try to line it up with Scripture. If you feel like the Spirit is telling you to talk to someone, that could be "love thy neighbor". If you feel like God is telling you to go eat some cheeseburgers - that's probably just you.
  9. Steph.

    Living in utah. What do I do about Mormans.

    Hi! Welcome to the forums! I see this is your first post You bring up a valid question. It may feel overwhelming when you are in a context that has differing beliefs and values than you do. An important thing to remember is that Mormons* feel just as strongly about their faith as you feel about yours. Look for similarities and things you can bond about. Just because they are a Mormon football player doesn't mean that you can't play football with them. Ask them about their beliefs, I'm sure they'd love to share with you. Then share what you believe. Respect the differences and maybe you'll gain a friend. *Pro-tip: many people of this faith prefer not to be referred to as "Mormons". They will refer to themselves as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or just "LDS" for short. They read the book of Mormon, which is where the nickname comes from, but (something you may respect) they like to place the emphasis on Jesus Christ.
  10. Steph.

    Theistic Evolution and Genesis

    1. Man was created. 2. Immediately. 3. As in, a talking snake and all that? Maybe. Did Satan literally tempt Eve? Yes. 4. There's a lot that happened prior that is not recorded in Scriptures (Satan's backstory, etc). Adam was the first created human, innocent until they ate the fruit, now there's no more innocence. 5. I think the flood itself was literal, as in it did actually happen. Was it really "world-wide"? Doubtful. 6. Midway through Genesis 3.
  11. Steph.

    are you a Introvert or extrovert ??

    I would argue that I used to be an extrovert, but due to recent life events have become more introverted.
  12. Steph.

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons
  13. Steph.


    I think this verse is accurate in describing my feelings about this matter.
  14. Yay you're posting! :P

  15. Just popping in - hope you're doing well love :)