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  1. A few of my cases are going to court soon. He wants me to come in, write a progress report for each and discuss the cases with him. Normally I would have no issue with this. But I gave them a month's notice that I was leaving, checked in with my boss almost daily asking "what else do I need to do to wrap things up?" and none of my bosses there did or said anything. The only reason any of my cases got reassigned was because I went to each therapist individually and asked about their openings. Some of my guys couldn't be reassigned because they have a reputation and the therapists refused. So I'm angry. He had a month to discuss this stuff with me. Leave me alone. But he's holding my final paycheck hostage until I meet with him. So I think he wins.
  2. My old boss sent me a Facebook message. I'm not pleased with this.
  3. Stop calling me. I don't work for you anymore. Perhaps, if you had shown this interest in my work and my clients when I still worked for you, I'd still be your employee.
  4. Not as often as I'd like. Normally 3 short ones each year, but last year I only did 1. Where is your favorite vacation spot?
  5. Ooh pretty. Always need a nice, classic, pin-up red.
  6. That was very sweet. im intrigued by the lip colors mentioned. I like to rock a bold lip, but never go beyond a deep berry or purple color.
  7. Oh yes. The person below me enjoys Star Trek?
  8. I love going to the movies solo. Less distraction that way.
  9. Aww... I'm so sorry Yoda. Well be sure to see it. I giggled quite a bit over it.
  10. That is awesome little sis. I want more details. In other news, the Lego Batman Movie is adorable and highly recommended.
  11. That's really sweet of you. I'm sure your clients will really enjoy that. You are going to do just fine in this field, that particular placement might not be quite right though. The good news is that hospice is rapidly growing, and you shouldn't have any issues finding an organization thats a better fit for you. Nothing broken. Everything seems to be working alright now that the swelling went down, it's all just very stiff and sore. My sister, an orthopedic nurse, strongly suspects that I've got some soft tissue damage in my right hand. But time will heal that just fine.
  12. Afraid not. The person below me has never broken a bone.
  13. Banned because now I'm curious. Let's hear it (well read it technically).
  14. So today I totally embarrassed myself. I was taking my puppy on a long morning walk (it's gorgeous here in PA today) and I managed to trip over absolutely nothing. I fell, and I fell hard. I instinctively put my hands out to break my fall, meaning that I let go of the leash. My right hand took the most of the force in my fall, I laid their stunned for a bit trying to move all my fingers (some of which didnt cooperate at all) as I watch my puppy continue running along the walking path, turning a corner and disappearing. I hobbled the rest of the way home, my right leg being somewhat torn up, worried about my little girl, and there she was, sitting on the front porch, looking irritated that it took so long for me to get there and let her in. I'm kind of proud of her. Yet slightly annoyed.