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    God most of all, Family, Church, Friends, and art!<br />Singing (christian only), drawing, and hanging out with my friends. :)<br /><br />
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  1. this seemed like forever ago :(

  2. Learning2Breathe223

    hey bad news

    this site got blocked at my school so no more getting on just saying bye
  3. Learning2Breathe223


    Great Scriptures! keep on going!
  4. Learning2Breathe223


    This is a purity thread and I want everyone to give a scripture about it and also some input or examples. THnk u and God Bless 1 Timothy 4:12 (New International Version) 12Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
  5. Learning2Breathe223

    Hannah's story

    oh wow hannah! i never knew! this is amazing and an awesome testimony! i knew u were awesome
  6. Learning2Breathe223

    What's your favorite thing about fall?

    The Colors and the freshness lol the weather and mm Thanksgiving! i love it. i also love fall fashion!! muah! orange, burnt orange, brown, boots and scarfs with cute overjackets. GOSh fall fashion rocks
  7. Learning2Breathe223


    Just letting you guyz know. i am good now thanks for your prayers and support. i just need to keep up praying and doing what i have to do. Again THank u and God BleSs
  8. Learning2Breathe223

    Sex before Marriage

    ok in the bible it says that God personally joined adam and eve together, in other words they were married, by GOd. and now thats when we get married we are joined together since we are not as personal as adam and eve were with God at that time.
  9. Learning2Breathe223

    My Battle with Fear

    this story is so awesome and so true. gives me hope, i am going through a trial at this moment. this is awesome
  10. Learning2Breathe223

    Leaving CTF

    Hey guys, Just letting u all know i will be leaving CTF. I have stuff i have to do and i wont be getting on, if at all it will be once and a while. just to stop and say hi. I just cant be here anymore. Thank u to those who supported me and God BLess Love ya mim and papa bye
  11. Learning2Breathe223

    Leaving CTF

    Hey guys, Just letting u all know i will be leaving CTF. I have stuff i have to do and i wont be getting on, if at all it will be once and a while. just to stop and say hi. I just cant be here anymore. Thank u to those who supported me and God BLess Love ya mim and papa bye
  12. Learning2Breathe223

    I've messed up

    I have done messed up. I realized what God was trying to teach me. Patience, and to wait on God and not "jump the gun." He didn't want me to break up with him... he wanted me to take a break. Now I realized there is a BIG difference. I"m so mad at myself but I know that's not going to get me anywhere. I know what I have to do, if it doesn't turn out the way I want then I won't get mad. It's my fault. I just want God to fix what I have messed up. I'm so ugh... I am mad because I caused him so much pain. I tried to do it myself and look what happened it fell apart. I know I need a lot of work in God. I learned this time.. I learned the hard way. Its going to take time, but I know I have to forgive myself. Please pray that I won't be confused, lazy, or angry. If my Love forgives me, I promise never to hurt him like this again...Please pray please..
  13. Learning2Breathe223


    I cant stand it. I miss him so much. i love him. idk wat to do anymore. I.. want to be a better person, and i want to get right with God. I just need prayer, i'm wavering. I cry everyday, now in class i feel tears surfacing my eyes. I cant cry in school. i want to get back with him, but God says not yet. i remember that night, like it was last night, i remember the look on his face. wen i was heading back to the car i felt like i was killing myself. but it has to be for a reason. it has to, God told me. so there has to be a point for this. as soon as i got in the car i burst out crying, felt like my heart was being ripped apart. God wants us broken and to come to him to be healed so he can use us. i hate this... i cant stand it, but until i let go is when i can move forward but i cant... somethings holding me and i cant. i hate that this hurts him. i just have so much its bottling up...
  14. Learning2Breathe223

    Please God

    I finally talked to him! I know now for sure it’s going to be ok. I am still hurting, but now I won’t cry as much. He is hurting too so please pray for him. I am comforted because he understands. I am going to work on myself, get stronger. And God willing in the future we will be together and it will me way better than now, I have to work now. It’s going to be ok...it’s going to be ok... it’s going to be ok. Praise God I won’t be on as much. But I will stop in now and then. God is going to take care of me
  15. Learning2Breathe223

    I sitll love him

    Ok. Recently, I broke up with my boyfriend. I still love him, I cried all day yesterday. I did this because I really do love him. God had been telling me that I need to focus on him and work on my character. He was a great boyfriend, and I can’t think of loving any other guy like I love him. I just wish I knew how he was doing... I miss him. I have to get my relationship with God stronger before I can (hopefully God willing) go back to my love. I pray that God blesses him. I have so much more to say, but I can’t finish. It’s too much; I am on the edge of tears. And I am at school. I’m leaving early today, my eyes are red and puffy, and I’m so tired. I wish he would talk to me, but I know when he is ready to talk to me, I’ll listen. I’ll be a better friend than I was a girlfriend. If God and my love give me a 2nd chance, I’m going to do it better and this time, with God as the main focus. I just want him to know I still love him and he wasn’t the problem, never was. Well that’s it for now, bye, God Bless. Please pray for me, I need to get myself right.