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  1. Yikes. It's been a long time. Why aren't we Facebook friends anymore?

  2. Matthew

    Which Eye do you wink with?

    I wink with both eyes. It's called a double wink, or a "blink" for short.
  3. Matthew

    Dark night of the soul

    The Dark Night of the Soul is a very personal and deeply mystical phenomenon. It is the kind of abandonment that ascetic Monks, Saints, Biblical heroes, and Christ himself felt at the cross. To compare it to the average Christian's struggle to maintain their faith is to grossly misunderstand the experience. We all go through "tough times", when it feels like God isn't answering prayers or we're doubting, and as serious and trying as those times are, they are not comparable to the experience described by St. John of the Cross or other Mystics.
  4. You know what would be hilarious...is if he was actually right the next time. lol But nobody believed him cause of the "cry wolf" mentality. XD
  5. Matthew

    Melchiz'edek the priest.

    Hey that's what multiple word origin sources said. I briefly read something about a city being renamed, but it wasn't a reliable source so I skimmed over it. It might also just be a moder substitute. Like I said, not really a concern of mine. lol Might merit some digging to somebody who actually cares. XD
  6. Matthew

    Melchiz'edek the priest.

    I'm not terribly interested in the topic, nor do I hold any particular view, but back in my radical evangelical days, I did hear about this and it was intriguing, so after reading a few posts something caught my attention, namely what JAG said. King of Salem? Salem is roughly translated as "Peace", related to the word "Shalom", also used interchangeably as the name for the city of Jerusalem. That's a pretty striking parallel. Just throwing that into the maw. Have fun.
  7. Countdown till the end of the the world... You'd think a person would double check an equation like that...
  8. Matthew

    Dawkins says no to debate!

    Well, in my opinion the two subjects are mutually exclusive. One believes God made the world and everything in it "as is" and the other believes it all arose from the coalescence of matter and a long evolutionary cycle. Where exactly would a conversation like that begin? They've have to agree to disagree at the beginning of time, and then there's nothing to discuss.
  9. The group was never about discussing homosexuality, although the possibility is there, so your point is null. But for that matter, as Zabby said, when you post in the main boards, you're attacked by the mass of members. Watch me try to post something honest about my sexuality on the board for other LGBT members to see, and watch what happens... I guarantee someone like Jarrax or Isaiah will come railing in about how perverted I am, and an argument will ensue. Quite frankly, the group was safeĀ®. Although I hardly see the groups as being about discussion, personally, but more like "badges" that let people know things about you, by what groups you belong to, especially since, if I recall, they show up on our profiles. Similar in manner to the way in which one likes Facebook pages. I can see there's no point arguing though. Good day.
  10. It is an absurd decision on all fronts, especially since you aren't going to give existing groups a chance to make their case. Now groups are being reduced to useless prattle like on Facebook. "I love chocolate! Who loves Chocolate!? We all love chocolate! Woo!" If I could still find the "roles eyes" smiley, they'd be rolling till they bleed. I can understand that groups should have restrictions. If someone wanted to make a group about sexual positions, or masturbation techniques, or "porn watchers united", yeah that's obviously sexual AND explicit. But why do I get the feeling this ruling is going to be incorrectly used to eliminate the LGBT group, when it's purpose was made abundantly clear--clearly nonsexual--by it's creator, yours truly, in the thread asking for it's demise? I assure you, removing it will have the same effect as I mentioned in said thread, regardless of what 'fair' CTF political stunt you try to smooth it over with. And I'm an advocate for the other groups too. Since when can you not have a group for say, Catholics, to discuss Catholic things? Tensions only flair in mixed groups. Moderation cannot possibly be that great of a concern. Groups represent groups of people. As long as those groups don't offend against the base rules of the website, I can't imagine why they'd be banned. A Christian group of all things...
  11. What "hoopla"? I haven't actually said anything. Nor will I say anything, so just let it go. Besides, you always greet me with great disrespect, when I show you nothing but calm attentiveness. Even if I was inclined to give it, you don't deserve my explanation. Cheers.
  12. Matthew

    Creepy Picture Taken In Louisiana

    I love that image! It's so creepy! For the record now...Louisiana does have vast uncharted swamplands. This image aside, I wouldn't be surprised to find something creepy lurking in the marshes.
  13. I merely spoke to it's implications. But for the record, centuries of philosophical thought that already prove its implications don't really care what you refuse to believe. Cheers.
  14. I know Christians want to jump on this and raise banners like they've won a battle against scientific-minded realists, but the implications of this Mystic view are not only affirming, but challenging. Don't take the notion that we're all connected so lightly, much less it's reduce implications of morality as nothing more than an affirmation of "love thy neighbor". It's so much more than that. A Mystic view such as this affirms many of my personal beliefs. And for those on the board that know me...well...you can't possible like that. lol G'day mates.