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    Ask me.
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    I love to read. And write. I hope that one day I'll be a professional writer...but I think I'll use a pen name if I ever have a book published. I love Disney. I love Africa. I spent 10 months of 2010 living in South Africa..maybe one day I will be able to move back there!
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    I'm a cashier at a new store called FRESH by Brookshire's.
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    The very definition of the word is division..it shouldn't matter.
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  1. alaina.X.loves.X.you

    Picture Post

    I told Rae I would post pictures of my clothes from today. Slouchy sweater Accessories The top is obviously my hair but I didn't know if you could see it very well, so I posted the other picture because it's similar. Helps you get a better idea. Just a twist on the side into a bun.
  2. alaina.X.loves.X.you

    CTF Marriages

    Oh CTF Marriages...still going on after all these years. My first marriage lasted about 2 weeks and then he left me. My second marriage was complicated, and I think Ben would argue that we are still together. Oy.
  3. alaina.X.loves.X.you

    What Does your name Mean?

    Alaina means "rock" and is of French and Gaelic origin. My first name, Chelsea, means "chalk landing place". I've been told it also just generally means "harbor".
  4. alaina.X.loves.X.you

    Post Your Voice?

    Hmm. I like your voice. In a non-weird way. I'm obsessed with The Hunger Games currently, and I think you would make a good Gale. Ha.
  5. alaina.X.loves.X.you

    Picture Post

    I want!!!!!!
  6. alaina.X.loves.X.you

    Picture Post

    So..I took a little trip. Not the greatest picture of me. But meh. I still like it overall. And I was granted special permission to post it.
  7. alaina.X.loves.X.you


    Ahh. I'm confused. Not so much bueno. You need to wake up...I want to take a shower but I don't want to get locked in the bathroom again so I need you on stand by to let me out.
  8. alaina.X.loves.X.you

    Picture Post

    I forgot I was going to post this one. Lol. I went bowling with a bunch of friends for my birthday. This is my cousin, my sister, me and my friend Rose. They are all so gorgeous!!!
  9. alaina.X.loves.X.you

    Picture Post

    So, we don't have a dust pan at my house. And my mom always forgets to buy one. So, I improvised the other day and this was my solution...it worked wonderfully, actually. Also, I'm a huuuuuuuuuge Disney nerd and I love UP. So, I drew (a very crappy version of) the house from the movie and framed it. I also got a grape soda bottle cap and put it in the bottom left corner of it. I had my birthday party last night and, as was aforementioned, I'm a Disney nerd. PATF is my favorite non-Pixar Disney animated movie. Thus my b-day decorations. And flowers from my daddy. (:
  10. alaina.X.loves.X.you


    I thought you were different. Not just from other guys, but from him. And now you've gone and done the exact same thing. I get it. You still love her. Whatever, that's fine. But you shouldn't have asked me out, kissed me, led me on, acted completely normal and then basically "break up" with me out of the blue, all the while claiming that you still really like me and care about me...
  11. alaina.X.loves.X.you

    Ask A Guy

    Alright...but how do you know if he also likes you then, and doesn't only want sex?
  12. You're in Texas! So am I! I'm random. And that is all.

  13. alaina.X.loves.X.you

    Ask A Guy

    How do you know if a guy genuinely likes you or just wants to get...erm *something* from you? For instance, this guy will randomly tell me that I'm beautiful/gorgeous which I think could be taken either way and he tells me he likes me and likes spending time with me. But then once he told me that I could make it as an author and when I asked why he said that he read my blog and that I'm a talented writer. I didn't even know he knew that I blogged. So, in my mind, if he goes out of his way to read my blog and then tells me that I'm a good writer, it seems more like genuine interest rather than seeking something shallow. Does that make sense? Is it accurate to say that a guy won't go to such lengths unless he is genuinely interested?
  14. alaina.X.loves.X.you

    Picture Post

    Hehe..thank you, Faithy.