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  1. Come on Skype when you can :) x

  2. Type the 1st thing that comes into your head from following... 1. Stop!... 2. Knock Knock 3. 3 is the... 4. Flat as a... 5. I's raining... 6. I just got a place in... 7. Under my bed there... 8. My friend has 12 fingers, 16 toes, 4 noses... 9. Great is the need for... 10. When I was young... 11. I want to know if... 12. What's the time... 13. I got lost... 14. The first thing Adam said to Eve was... 15. The first thing Eve said to Adam was... 16. Pretty women... 17. It's more funny when... 18. I'm glad I did this otherwise... 19. Jesus is coming back... 20. The guy who wrote this quiz is... 21. Did I really say that for question 20, I meant... 22. Surely you can't have a quiz with 22 questions, that's... 23. Since when did this become a quiz? I know, I'll ask... 24. They work as... 25. Now would be a good time to... Feel free to add more
  3. Hello, nice to meet you leave a message if you want Cya later
  4. Revalations

    But is it Ethical

    i agree
  5. Revalations


    we come from the soil
  6. Revalations

    Serious question

    not sure
  7. Revalations

    Death Row

    ask god about it
  8. Revalations

    Capital Punishment

    yer i agree
  9. Revalations

    An Atheist's Take: Noah's Ark

    everything the bible says is true, god can do anything
  10. Revalations

    Test tube babies

    let god sort it out
  11. Revalations

    Did Jesus go to hell?

  12. Revalations

    Marylin Manson=Evil

    let god be the judge
  13. Revalations

    American Dollar

    does it matter if it has a eye with a pyramid