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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Suitman


    Unless boogles has changed since I last spoke to her... which from the few posts I've seen recently isn't the case; I think I Loathe Unicorns is probably more likely.
  3. Suitman


    Kapernik has been amazing so I'm going to be rooting for the 49ers got 20ish guys coming round to watch it... sounds normal until you consider here in the UK it won't start till 11:30 at night... will be fun none the less
  4. Evening Wiccan Crow, how are you doing?

  5. Suitman


    I've still not played portal 2... I feel my life means less because of this... the original was absolutely brilliant.
  6. Better than ever.

  7. Yeah we need to Facetime or something like that for a proper catch up.

    Hope you are doing well though!

  8. Suitman

    you know you are addicted to CTF when

    When after 3 years of thinking you beat the addiction and that now in your 20's you are free... You have a complete relapse...
  9. I'm very glad to see you. We should speak soon.

  10. Suitman


    Lol Night TOWR. Good Banter
  11. Suitman


    Canadians do Rule! and yes stalk more in future... I think...
  12. Suitman

    The age-old debate....

    I am going to be your friend for Material/Financial Gain I am going to be your friend in order to increase my social status. etc etc There are a 1000 reasons for someone of the same sex to be a false friend I am going to be your friend because I want a relationship with you... So there are 1001 reasons for someone of the opposite sex to be a false friend. Is it possible for a rich person to be best friends with someone who is poor? Is it possible for a Social pariah to be best friends with the life of the party? Every friendship comes with emotional risk and potential manipulation... "I am going to be your friend because I like you and want to make your life better". then you're onto a winner whether male, female, rich, poor, whatever Summary: Yes They Can!
  13. Suitman


    ... I'm not english ... I'm Scottish, Its like being english but we're better dancers have better folk music and a far more endearing accent! I just live in England now due to work. PS. Calling scottish people english is like calling a canadian, american.