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  1. How do I delete old threads
  2. jesuschic4life

    Marriage/ Sex

    As being married myself, I believe there is nothing wrong with doing what ever you like, as long as your husband and you are okay with it, go for it.
  3. Hi there!

    Thats awesome you have a son :)

  4. jesuschic4life

    For those who have had a baby

    Yes, the whole idea is to talk to people around my age, and I have heard that there are some people on here have had children. buti guess i will go elsewhere, this forum is getting to be too young for me I suppose. i be on here, becuase i like this christian forum, and i never seen any other christian forums that are for adults
  5. jesuschic4life

    Trying to get pregnant...Scared

    The tests I have you can at any time, but my next try will be in the morn
  6. jesuschic4life

    For those who have had a baby

    I am wondering because I think I am, and I just would like someone to talk to.
  7. jesuschic4life

    Trying to get pregnant...Scared

    Im 36 days with out one so far, and im typically 26. I took 2 tests, a week aprt both neg. and took them in the evening.
  8. jesuschic4life

    Girls' Bored.

    Hi, my name is Stephanie, Im 21 and married 3 months. I dont have much of a life haha, cook, sleep, work, clean, laundry and occasionally out shopping or the movies
  9. jesuschic4life

    For those who have had a baby

    umm where do I start... I am trying to conceive, And I just would like to talk to you ladies who have been there done that.
  10. jesuschic4life

    Slippin away? Scared.

    If he says you guys are friends with benefits? i belive this means he doesnt and never will see you further then friends. and you are fullfilling his sexual desire and needs with out the commitment to a relationship. thats what friends with benefits means to me. if that is what he is to you i would turn away unless he can value you for you as a friend not connect with you only sexually. obviously, he has commitment issues and that would be a warning to myself, why would u want to be with a guy who only sees you as "friend" but with benifits ---------- Post added at 05:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:49 PM ---------- ps, being with him will only pull you further and further away.
  11. jesuschic4life

    someone please enlighten me.

    Thongs are rather uncomfortable, but you get used to them. And for monthly reasons if you choose to wear a thong there are 2 options, 1. tampons, 2. there is actually pads that shape the thong as well. but imo, i wouldnt want to wear thongs on the monthy
  12. jesuschic4life

    Leaky Pipes?

    Possibly a reaction to the chlorine?
  13. jesuschic4life

    Trying to get pregnant...Scared

    Yeah it gets annoying when people tell me to wait
  14. Hey! I love your sig! :)

  15. I dont believe in a set time, if you are ready, go for it. My grandparents started as friends, dated then marriage within 6 months. This year marks their 50th. I married after a 1.5 years.