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  1. Happy birthday! Wow, it's pretty unlucky to have been born on this date...

  2. Happy birthday! Although it's been a while since you were here...

  3. SoCalPinay

    You're A Jerk at BIOLA

    You can have fun at a Christian college too Hahahha, just me and my friend havin fun at school.
  4. SoCalPinay

    Prom Queen is a King?

    What if the prom king doesn't want to dance with the prom "queen" ? lol
  5. SoCalPinay

    Prom Dresses

    I don't remember if I posted my prom pics Heres my senior 08 prom pics
  6. SoCalPinay

    My Youtube Channel

    Nice singin & videos Gabe Bondoc fan? Yeeeeuh.
  7. SoCalPinay

    Riots: Signs Of Things To Come

    So everyone is talking about the end of the world, even though the topic isn't about one?
  8. SoCalPinay

    Riots: Signs Of Things To Come

    I don't think the article is talking about the 'end of the world is coming.' It's just saying that we could see an increase in riots in the coming months because of the global recession.
  9. SoCalPinay

    Riots: Signs Of Things To Come

    http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/worl...icle5559773.ece January 21, 2009 World Agenda: riots in Iceland, Latvia and Bulgaria are a sign of things to come Our third global political column explores the start of an age of rebellion over the financial crisis - beginning in Iceland Icelanders all but stormed their Parliament last night. It was the first session of the chamber after what might appear to be an unusually long Christmas break. Ordinary islanders were determined to vent their fury at the way that the political class had allowed the country to slip towards bankruptcy. The building was splattered with paint and yoghurt, the crowd yelled and banged pans, fired rockets at the windows and lit a bonfire in front of the main door. Riot police moved in. Now in the grand sweep of the current crisis, a riot on a piece of volcanic rock in the north Atlantic may not seem to add up to much. But it is a sign of things to come: a new age of rebellion. The financial meltdown has become part of the real economy and is now beginning to shape real politics. More and more citizens on the edge of the global crisis are taking to the streets. Bulgaria has been gripped this month by its worst riots since 1997 when street power helped to topple a Socialist government. Now Socialists are at the helm again and are having to fend off popular protests about government incompetence and corruption. In Latvia – where growth has been in double-digit figures for years – anger is bubbling over at official mismanagement. GDP is expected to contract by 5 per cent this year; salaries will be cut; unemployment will rise. Last week, in a country where demonstrators usually just sing and then go home, 10,000 people besieged parliament. Iceland, Bulgaria, Latvia: these are not natural protest cultures. Something is going amiss. The LSE economist Robert Wade – addressing a protest meeting in Reykjavik’s cinema – recently warned that the world was approaching a new tipping point. Starting from March-May 2009, we can expect large-scale civil unrest, he said. “It will be caused by the rise of general awareness throughout Europe, America and Asia that hundreds of millions of people in rich and poor countries are experiencing rapidly falling consumption standards; that the crisis is getting worse not better; and that it has escaped the control of public authorities, national and international.†Ukraine could be the next to go. The gas pricing deal agreed with Moscow could propel the country towards a serious financial crisis. Russia, too, is looking wobbly. A riot in Vladivostok may have been an omen for things to come. What will happen when the wider economic crisis translates into higher food prices? Or if Gazprom has no choice but to increase domestic gas prices? Governments have so far managed to deflect attention from their role in the crash, their slipshod monitoring, by declaring themselves to be indispensible to the solution. This may save the skins of politicians in wealthier countries who can credibly and expensively try to prop up banks and sickly industries. But it does not work in countries that are heavily indebted, with bloated and exposed financial sectors. There, the irate crowds are already beginning to demand: why hasn’t a single politician resigned? What has happened to ministerial responsibility? Who will investigate government failure? Good questions, it seems to me, in these unquiet times.
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    They did a private concert for my school last semester. But I didn't get tickets
  11. SoCalPinay

    Spiritually Dead And Condemned

    Its a commentary that I agree, where would you want me to place this if not on news views? Freely place it where you want it.
  12. SoCalPinay

    Off Campus Students?

    What's the hardest part about being an off campus student? 30 minute drive everyday. Traffic time when you come for activities in the evening. Traffic leaving school around 5 ! What's the best part? Not sharing a bathroom with 234235 people in the dorm Not being homesick ! Would you ever want to live on campus? Maybe junior year if I can afford it. Overall, do you like being an off campus student? Love it, I have as many friends as anyone who lives there You have your car all the time! A lot of students who live there don't have one.
  13. SoCalPinay

    Spiritually Dead And Condemned

    "It occurs to me that at least ninety percent of the people of the United States actually believe the following myths and fairy tales: That George W. Bush is a Christian, that Barack Obama is a Christian and the savior who will deliver the people and the nation from the effects of a half century and more of morally corrupt behavior, that Rick Warren is a Christian, that the economy will recover from a criminally induced collapse, that the courts actually dispense justice, that the Constitution is immutable, that the government is of the people and serves the people, that the members of congress are selfless servants who never use their position to greedily accumulate wealth and power, that the United States and its military are always righteous and never the aggressor, that the United States is still a Republic rather than a Social Democracy, that the national media reports only truth and fact and upholds the dignity of those on whom they report, that the schools educate rather than indoctrinate, that God is a big loving teddy bear who never exacts a penalty for disobedience or disciplines morally corrupt behavior and that everything in the United States is just hunky-dory since God’s blessings are upon the nation." http://www.newswithviews.com/Schwiesow/jim149.htm Unfortunately, a pretty accurate summary of our nation these days.
  14. SoCalPinay

    Glenn Beck Interviews Joel Osteen

    I'm not insulting them, I'm pointing out that their teaching incorrectly. The Bible says we have to defend the truth. Even Jesus came and will come here the second time to divide. Luke 12:51 "Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division." Although, since your an atheist I have no idea how this applies to you.