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  1. No true Scotsman fallacy would not apply to Christians. Christian terrorism is like saying there's a married bachelor. Islam on the other hand promotes war and violence against other religions as wells as women and at times children.
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    It's a sin and wrong. There is also a difference between self-sacrifice to save someone and killing oneself, because of the stress life can produce at times.
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    Calvinism Doctrine

    Calvinism makes God the active causation. Why do people sin in classical Calvinism? God determined them to do so. In Arminianism people sin due to self-determination. One could argue that God allows this to occur, but allowing something to happen does not mean you caused it. I can know my child is going to make a mistake, warn him or her, but still let the child make the mistake without being at fault for their decision to ignore my warning. Love is meaningless if it is not self-determined. It becomes programmed and nothing more.
  4. It was pagan first... Encyclopaedia Britannica: and...
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    Calvinism Doctrine

    I do not claim to be Arminian, despite periodically quoting them. The conversation interests me so I'm curious as to what your stating is the problem. It sounds as if your saying that God is responsible for the misuse of the gift He gave to humanity. God sustains man's moral agency to love. God is not responsible if a man chooses not to love. Evil is caused from man choosing not to love God, his neighbor, and/or creation. Darkness is the absence of light, Evil is the absence of good. James 4:17, "and to him that knows to do good, and does it not, to him it is sin." Can evil be created or is evil the lack of something? "And in the universe, even that which is called evil, when it is regulated and put in its own place, only enhances our admiration of the good; for we enjoy and value the good more when we compare it with the evil. For the Almighty God, who, as even the heathen acknowledge, has supreme power over all things, being Himself supremely good, would never permit the existence of anything evil among His works, if He were not so omnipotent and good that He can bring good even out of evil. For what is that which we call evil but the absence of good? In the bodies of animals, disease and wounds mean nothing but the absence of health; for when a cure is effected, that does not mean that the evils which were present—namely, the diseases and wounds—go away from the body and dwell elsewhere: they altogether cease to exist; for the wound or disease is not a substance, but a defect in the fleshly substance,—the flesh itself being a substance, and therefore something good, of which those evils—that is, privations of the good which we call health—are accidents. Just in the same way, what are called vices in the soul are nothing but privations of natural good. And when they are cured, they are not transferred elsewhere: when they cease to exist in the healthy soul, they cannot exist anywhere else." -Augustine "What is Called Evil in the Universe is But the Absence of Good" Are you considering free will as problematic for being what it is, free? In other words, it bothers you that God allowed the possibility for humanity to reject Him which is necessary for a true love relationship to exist. Thoughts?
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    Calvinism Doctrine

    Would make an interesting discussion, but creating beings with the capability to sin, free moral agency, does not cause responsibility thus to fall on the Creator. A parent can raise a child properly, yet that child chooses to reject his/her parents. Are the parents responsible? Calvinism fails to logically provide free moral agency to the extent that it denies its existence entirely. Meh, since this is a conversation I'll just post the following long quote. Here is what I specifically find difficult with Calvinist theology: Calvinism's understanding of predestination and it's definition is flawed and causes God to be the author of sin.
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    Calvinism Doctrine

    No, I have failed to see how the Calvinistic understanding of predestination does not make God the author of sin.
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    St. Justin Martyr Speaks

    Thank you for the quote. This will help in a current discussion I'm having with someone. Related quotes: Epiphanius: (310-403) ‘if ye be willing and obedient’; “whence, it is plainly manifest and indubitable, that God had granted to man free-will, so that it is in his power to do the good, or choose the evil. For if it be predestined that one man be good and another man evil, then the first is not deserving of praise or the other to be blamed. Against Heresies 16 Isaiah Hippolytus: (225 AD) For if man did not possess the power to will and not to will, why should a law be established? …And that by Himself in person He might prove that God made nothing evil, and that man possesses the capacity of self-determination, inasmuch as he is able to will and not to will, and is endued with power to do both. Against all Heresies Book 10, Chapter 29 Eusebius of Caesarea: (263-339) For the Creator of all implanted in every soul this natural law as a helper and defender in its actions; and while by His law He showed it the right way, by the self-determined freedom bestowed on it He declared the choice of the better course to be deserving of praise and approbation, and of greater honours and rewards for its good deeds, because it performed them not under compulsion but by its own independent decision, though it had the power of choosing the opposite: so that, on the other hand, that soul which chose the worst acts was deserving of blame and punishment, as having ‘proprio motu’ transgressed the law of nature, and given birth to a source and fount of wickedness, and used itself basely not from any external necessity but of free determination and judgement. ‘The chooser then is answerable, God is not to blame.’ For God made neither nature nor yet the substance of the soul evil: since a good Being may not create anything but what is good. Everything, then, that is according to nature is good: and every rational soul possesses by nature the good gift of free-will, which has been given for choosing what is good. But when it acts wickedly, it is not nature that should be blamed: since evil comes to it not by nature but against nature, being a matter of choice but not an effect of nature. For when one who had power to choose the good, instead of choosing this, voluntarily rejected the better part and claimed the worse, what room for excuse could be left to him after becoming the cause of his own disease, and disregarding the innate law which was, as it were, his preserver and healer? Praeparatio Evangelica. Book 6, Chapter 6
  9. Meh, I'm hesitant about that one though. Lecrae is in it... I tend to not like Christian movies as their plots are simple and the quality is horrible.
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    Finally reached level 20!
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    Unfortunately it did. lol
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    Finally my limited edition has arrived. Never pre-ordering from Amazon again.
  13. I wouldn't mind trying it again. I remember it, but not the flavor.
  14. I gotta go with this one: Gushers anyone?
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    Coca-Cola Is Bringing Back SURGE

    Mello Yello came out first in '79 to compete with Mountain Dew which itself dates back to the 50's. Surge didn't come out until 1996-1997 though it was released for the same reason as Mello Yello which was to compete with Mountain Dew. Proove it! jk
  16. I think the main issue comes down to scripture tends to make prima facie paradoxical statements or teachings. Works vs. Faith, God's Love vs. Hate for the Wicked, and so forth causing most people to fall into one ditch or the other rather than viewing them as a synergy, two sides of the same coin. The reasons you brought up are the reasons I have an issue at times with how many who hold to Sola Fide interpret certain passages of Scripture. They have a framework already in their mind of what must be causing them to interpret eisgetical. It's been a while since studying the RCC's atonement paradigm, but I'm assuming your definition of Justification is stemming from there. The ontological process of becoming holy for Protestants is considered a separate event that occurs after one has been Justified. This process is known as Sanctification within Protestant teachings. The specifics of each regarding Justification and Sanctification though can vary among Protestants as to when they occur, how, etc...I need to read up again on the differing atonement paradigms. *time to look for my class notes*
  17. lol nice summary of the Anglican/ Episcopal Church. Made me chuckle.
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    The Pope

    I do not look up to the Pope nor do I believe he is the leader of the body of Christ. Christ alone is the head of the body. The Pope is simply the head of the RCC not Christendom I disagree with the notion of papacy to begin with and would lean more toward the ecclesiastical structure of the Eastern Orthodox Church I would be more inclined to follow the leadership of the Eastern Orthodox structure due to its nature as a Pentarchy than a papal monarchy which is what the RCC in essence is. Nonetheless, leaders in the Church (body of Christ, not RCC alone) are good, but ultimately we follow Christ as revealed in God's Word, and not the men who are called to be an example. The Apostle Paul challenged those who listened to him preach and teach to look in the word for themselves. He didn't make an appeal to the other Apostles, nor his authority in Christ. This for me directly contradicts the notion that the Pope can speak infallibly on doctrinal matters. The only infallible teaching in this world is that of the inerrant Word of God.
  19. Haha...I used to want one of those, but my parents would never get one for me. I watched a lot of Nick too.
  20. I don't claim to hold to Sola Fide, but Sola Fide is solely referring to Justification. It is Faith that justifies man, but works are evidence of Faith. An analogy would be that God fuels the fire of faith, justification, and from that fire heat is brought forth, works. Faith then is the source of salvation and good works. Fire without heat is dead, and probably unheard of, even so faith without good works is likewise. "Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."-Romans 5:1 I can see your argument though if you're applying sola fide in a Calvinistic framework. The verse you quoted then falls smoothly in line with the notion of Sola Fide
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    Questions about the Catholic church.

    Scripture should never be interpreted based off tradition, but with regards to the historical and grammatical context.. The word of God is the standard and this is where we disagree. I agree there are traditions in Christianity, but these traditions simply complement Scripture and should never be held as equal. Scripture is the golden standard when it comes down to it. I'm not saying that tradition has no value or worth, but that it's worth is not on par with the word of God. Tradition is not my problem, but unbiblical traditions which are not supported by Scripture such as Perpetual Virginity of Mary, Immaculate Conception, Praying to the Saints, merited grace, infallibility of the Roman Catholic Church, etc. Traditions of man change as these traditions in Christianity that were created within the RCC have, but the Word of God will always remain the same. I'll be more specific in what I'm saying I reject. CCC, 82 ". . .the Church, to whom the transmission and interpretation of Revelation is entrusted, does not derive her certainty about all revealed truths from the holy Scriptures alone. Both Scripture and Tradition must be accepted and honored with equal sentiments of devotion and reverence'." Jesus makes this all clear when speaking about the Pharisees in regards to their religious traditions. and the same lesson carries over to true Judaism, Christianity. The Pharisees gave Jesus trouble due to transgressing religious traditions that were not based off of Scripture. The RCC is persecuting the rest of the Christian Church in the exact same manner. Furthermore, Jesus never refuted Satan by referring to traditions within Judaism, as he was a Jew, nor by referring to the high priests. Christ when refuting Satan always made an appeal to the written word of God. You are aware of what contradicts it, but you won't accept it due to tradition,. The verses are not vague at all as the Greek word for cousin is not used, but the Greek word specifically referring to brother. You're simply being intellectually dishonest here. You could at least admit that the only reason you hold to Mary's Perpetual Virginity is solely due to tradition. I will add that at the least you simply confirmed my point that even if one wishes to reinterpret or argue that the Greek word for brother for some odd reason means cousin, despite contextual factors that the doctrine of the Perpetual Virginity comes from tradition and not the Word of God.
  22. The second one I don't know that I remember, but I definitely remember the first one once it started.