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    I'm an ordinary person with an extraordinary Savior.
    "He Must become greater, I must become less." John 3:30
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    In a dream between yesterday and tomorrow....
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    Writing! I write all of the time. Reading, especially if it's something by Tolkien, Lewis or Ted Dekker. Watching hockey, Penguins and the Lightning! Dance, serving Jesus, spending time with family and friends.
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    Gymnastics Coach
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  1. Who has read it? I finished it not too long ago and thought it was amazing. I enjoyed it so much more than Forbidden. What did you guys think? I'll post more thoughts later!
  2. Here is a devotional about Doctor Who and the adventures of our everyday life that I blogged about. I wanted to share it with you guys. Hopefully there are a few people out there who enjoy Doctor Who as much as I do! I confess: Doctor Who is my favorite t.v. show. Why, you ask? I think that somewhere inside us, if we care to admit to ourselves, we all long for adventure. A big, blue box (known as the Tardis), to take us somewhere into space, meeting characters, rescuing planets and meeting with adventure. Leaving the mundane far behind. We all long for that idea that there is something more. The Doctor always has a companion with him. To keep him company, to help save the world and more often than not, to keep him out of trouble. Which usually doesn't happen. His companion is always human. Usually some unsuspecting person that, when swept off into the unknown, is in for a world of adventure. And the Doctor. Unlike anyone before. Mostly because he's not human (the guy has two hearts...). Always there to save the day. Always ready with a solution. Charming. Beyond time. He never ages, never really changes. He may change his appearance every once in awhile, but he's always the same Doctor. After working a long day, with people being their usually ornery not-so-nice-kind-of-people, faced with the feeling of despair and defeat- I wouldn't mind a good travel through galaxy type of adventure. But adventures don't always come wrapped in blue boxes. They come wrapped in challenges that we face everyday, in traffic jams and shopping store lines. The Doctor may not really be there to save the day, but you know, we have someone who is a whole lot better than him. And that's God. God may not pick us up in a blue box, but when He stretched His hands out on that cross, it was an open invitation to join Him on an adventure. That adventure of everyday life. In one episode, "Th Family of Blood", a young boy is trying to explain who the Doctor is and he says, "He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the center of time and can see the turn of the universe. And...he's wonderful." It's a beautiful explanation, that hints at so much more. Like our God. There are subtle clues around us but it hints at so much more. But our God is not fire and ice and rage. He is love, redemption and forgiveness. Our God shines bright like the sun. He reaches into yesterday, today and forever. And He's....wonderful. Wake up looking for adventure. For while we may not see a flying blue box, we may just see our God with His arms stretched wide, waiting for us to join Him on a journey. If we care to look hard enough.
  3. Leksea

    Most Looking Forward To Movies of 2012

    The Hobbit! The trailer for it actually looks pretty good, so we will see...
  4. Aw thanks. I've been well. Finally graduated and now I'm entering the working world. Lots of changes but I know they will all go well (even if it's difficult). =) How have you been?

  5. Haha! Hey! Good to see you back! How have you been?

  6. Hello again, miss! :) I keeps popping up all all over the place. I think it is my new hobby. *tricky disappearing trick* *poof* I is back! Again. XD

  7. As an introvert, I loved this!
  8. Leksea

    Summer Reading Ideas?

    Outlaw by John Eldredge Love Does by Bob Goff Anything by Donald Miller Any of those books are amazing!
  9. Leksea

    Which Doctor?

    Oh such a hard question....But I'm going to have to say Matt Smith, but hear me out! I love Tennant, he's the doctor is some of my favorite episodes (Weeping Angels, Family of Blood) and he's fantastic. But I have to pick Smith over Tennant because when I first started watching Doctor Who it was Smith. I think they both had their own personalities and brought something different to the Doctor. So yes, that's my answer!
  10. Leksea

    Love Does

    This book was simply amazing. It's written by Bob Goff, who is mentioned in a few of Donald Miller's books. Has anybody read it? It has found a way into my favorite books list. I must have half of the book highlighted. It's about Bob Goff's life, how he has seen Jesus in his life and in the lives of others. It encourages us to seek out the adventure that God has planned for us, and to treat it like an adventure and not like a business trip. I can't tell you how amazing this book is. So, if you haven't read it yet, you should. And if you have, what did you think?
  11. That's cool! A christian music station, Air 1!

  12. Awesome! :D I am listening to a Christian music station that is on the TV. How about you?

  13. Not to much.....I'm also listening to music! And on here. What kind of music are you listening to?

  14. Nothing much, I am just on here, listening to music, and about to have dinner soon. :D How about you?