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  1. Glamour_Dollxoxo

    Duggar family is expecting number 20

    I used to think very highly of this family until I really looked into the basis of their belief system. You think they would have stopped after the last pregnancy almost took her and the baby with it. That would be enough to know that your body is telling you to stop. I honestly don't think that they will ever stop unless something tragic were to happen. It's almost as if she is addicted to babies and being pregnant.
  2. Glamour_Dollxoxo

    How far would you go physically before marriage?

    I've already gone all the way. Do I regret it? No because my choices and learning experiences are part of who I am. I know the bible says to wait, but I've learned to stop putting myself on a constant guilt trip and learn from past decisions.
  3. Glamour_Dollxoxo

    christians and marijuana

    I don't find marijuana sinful when used for medical needs or responsibly. The same could be said for anything because when you misuse anything you will not get good results. I am a seasoned marijuana smoker of five years mainly for medical issues and when I relocate states in February I will be a licensed medical marijuana user. I'm not advocating drug use or anything like that, but marijuana has been a life saver for my health. My medical issues put me in such pain and I could never eat and I looked like death. Marijuana gave me much needed pain relief and actually gave me an appetite to eat and regain my weight back. The pain pills I have to take are pricey, can be addicting with long term use, and will eventually eat away at my liver. It's just mind blowing how they want to outlaw a plant, but have no problem selling highly addictive pain killers and other medication that will tear your liver up. When most people think of marijuana smokers they think of hippies or the degenerates of society, but that is not the case. There are many of us who use marijuana who work 9-5 jobs, attend church, pay taxes, go to college,etc. This whole war on marijuana in our country in my opinion has been a waste of tax dollars and has not and will not work when comparing the stats and numbers.
  4. Glamour_Dollxoxo

    What do you think of Lady Gaga?

    Love her!
  5. Glamour_Dollxoxo

    Being the Christian friend yet having ssa.

    I agree that some people are born with homosexual tendencies or attractions and its been proven that the "pray away the gay" does not work. If your attraction to your friend makes you uncomfortable I would dig deeper to find out what about it attracts you to your friend. I thought I had feelings for someone who was the same gender as I was but when it came down to it it was nothing more than feelings and it didn't go past that.
  6. Glamour_Dollxoxo

    Woman Issues

    The problem with the diva cup I had is that sometimes you have to really try to break the suction and removing it can be painful since it pops open.
  7. Glamour_Dollxoxo

    Hair Removal (Pubic Region)

    Since I am not exactly hairless and have coarse dark hair just using a razor and shaving cream don't cut it for me. I will nair it off or use an electric shaver.
  8. I've actually been around on CTF since 2007 or 2008 I believe I just haven't visited regularly. I just think if your going to make a controversial post actually discuss don't post and dip out
  9. I know I'm late to post this, but what kind of Christian focuses on the fact that a large gay area was destroyed when a natural disaster killed many people. It doesn't matter if they were gay or straight a disaster still happened. Why hasn't the OP come back to this thread after he posted this?
  10. Glamour_Dollxoxo

    For those who have had a baby

    Do you have a plan of action in place as far as what you are going to do about education, finances, health insurance, etc? These are some key things to have in order before TTC (trying to conceive) which I'm sure you already have in order, but it doesn't hurt to get your ducks in a row so to speak first.
  11. Glamour_Dollxoxo

    CTF Official Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol Debate

    I'm all for medical marijuana compared to some of the toxic levels of pain killers that some people take.
  12. I say wait it out and see where goes since there is no rush and a lot can happen in those 4 years you are in college.
  13. I dont date younger only older because I want a man and most guys who are younger I've met arent on the same page or in the same place in their life that I am.I just am attracted to older men and older men usually have more life experience and can do more. The youngest I would date is 22 and the oldest would be 25 or 26.