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  1. Some parts of the body build slower than others. What are those 2000 calories consisting of? You're going to have different results when it's real meat vs protein shakes. You should probably consume more food if your goal is to build muscle. 2000 calories is usually the baseline for someone who wants to maintain their weight--but that varies based on height and such. Your body will try to conserve fat and make your results take longer to achieve if it thinks it's starving. Most male baseline calories intake is in the 2200 range. Are you working different parts of the body every day? Are you taking enough rest days and stretching right? Muscles can't build if they don't properly heal between workouts.
  2. Doing alright! Got a career in my field going and I love it. I live on my own now too. :3
  3. There's a difference between a two piece and bikini though! Like saying "two piece bikini" is saying "Hey, see that egg with a yolk?" All bikinis are two pieces, but not all two pieces are bikinis. Mine is like a halter top that covers my mid-riff and I wear shorts with it. If you're comfy in a bikini and can handle any awkward stares and avoid a wardrobe malfunction, why not? Also, if you're bigger, please wear an appropriate size. If you're 300lbs, a small probably won't work for you.
  4. My tab reads "vonfiguration or server error." It's not you,
  5. been living on my own for a month now. go me.

    1. Lucian Hodoboc

      Lucian Hodoboc


    2. Yoda


      What is it like? 

    3. Boogles


      Would be better if my friends were closer, but awesome otherwise! 


  6. If you have under 50 (or so, I forget the number) posts, they won't let you in. They don't want spam bots in there. It's a safety measure. Just post more things.
  7. Good. Probably.
  8. you're stranger than I am, honey.

  9. boo. gle s. I technically "left" but i creep from time to time.
  10. Twas fun! Second time I've met an internet bud.
  11. My camera didn't save the picture. :\ Guess you can continue to just be wrong in your wrongness. -shrug-
  12. HELLO HUMANS. I have met Will_Power in person and he's pretty cool. *jazz hands*
  13. Bored is a legend in its own right. Hmmm... I do not recognize that username! What was your previous moniker?