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  1. got skype, homie? or discord? or heck, I'll give ya my digits if you want.

  2. And nothing has changed. beautiful thing isn;t it?
  4. Wrong section, bro. Though, I will respond with my thoughts. Is it possible to maintain a decent relationship with Christ with any sort of sin in the way? Watch porn all the time? No. Compulsive liar? Nuh-uh. Cheatin' on your s/o? Stealing things? Worrying? Being a gossip? From personal experience, I say no. These things even though they are more "accepted" amongst the denominations can be just as problematic and destructive to your relationship with God. While I do think homosexual believers exist and are totally valid in their walk with Christ, what it boils down to is, how are they living their life? Are they living in a worldly fashion or trying to be Christlike? Is this a temptation,m a weak spot of theirs or is it how they live? Even Jesus himself was tempted by worldly things, lust for power being the main one I can think of right now. I mean, I guess it's POSSIBLE to be an unrepentant homosexual believer, but given all the verses about how sin drains you and dissolves your relationship with God(Rom 8:9-16), how you will be rejected by God for being "lukewarm"(Rev 3:15)... would anyone really want to stay in that boat?
  5. I've been wearing glasses for almost 2 decades. Cry me a river. You boyfriend can STFU about your glasses. You're just trying to see, like dang.
  6. Maybe one day it'll be back!
  7. While I've never listened to the 1975, so I can't compare sound, I do know of some groups that MAY fit the bill. 90's CCM was all over the board stylewise, so you may find something hiding in the archives of the youtube. Audio Adrenaline ranged from Pop-ish to Grungy. Every song seemed to be different and I just... ugh. lovely. The Newsboys were the quirky, eclectic pop group from "Down Unda" that did some pretty interesting things that you wouldn't hear today. (but anything after 2006-ish is garbage in my opinion.) Chris Rice was rather imaginative. Imagine the creativity of Owl City sans the syntho-pop. otherwise, you could try "X-genre cover of (song)" and see what comes up.
  8. No, you're supposed to lose those by the time puberty sets in... You might actually be an alien. I'd recommend taking a little trek to Area 51 and having them test you for anomalies! or just go to the dentist, idc. Regards!
  9. More veggies, less soda. Eat no bread. Workout 3 times a week with various exercises. Wear spanx. Get new friends.
  10. There's a lot to learn here or if you like "time capsules", it's a good place to be. Bu asfor bubbling conversation.... yeahh... nooo. Social media has evolved over the years and while alot of forums are thriving, our has died due to a state of disrepair, neglect from the admin and user disintrest. All of these factors feed off of each other.
  11. My chiro told me to switch to one pillow. No problems since.
  12. Jussayin'.
  13. That sounds so gross. x.x
  14. Yeah, but he's got a dead beat Dad vibe to him. No affection to show, just random presents from time to time. "Oh, you want a hug?.... here's five dollars, see you next month." :\
  15. I changed. Alot. lol. -Mostly hetero sexual -Hetero-romantic. -Would be hyper sexual if given the chance. Song of Solomon 8:4 "Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires." Well, it's definitely awake now. What do I do?