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  1. you're stranger than I am, honey.

  2. boo. gle s. I technically "left" but i creep from time to time.
  3. Twas fun! Second time I've met an internet bud.
  4. Or you could let your feelings be known some other way. You could make a go for holding her hand, or just telling her you like her. If you make a move and she's not into it, it could damage your friendship. Coming from the female perspective, unwanted advances are awkward at best and creepy at worst. There are better ways to make advances, like asking her out, asking for her number, complimenting her, etc. You don't have to be physical from the get go. Your lips won't fall off if you don't have that magical first kiss moment alone somewhere in your teens like all the Disney movies glamorize. In this case, it's not so much about purity than it is about respecting her boundaries and your friendship. This could go well, or blow up in your face. Going from 0 to smooching is ill-advised. If I was to vote, my vote would be " after both parties have expressed interest and are in a romantic relationship." and wherever that is in life, so be it. My sister kissed her boyfriend on their first date. Some people don't hold hands until they're engaged. Some people are still single in their 20's. Everyone is different.
  5. My camera didn't save the picture. :\ Guess you can continue to just be wrong in your wrongness. -shrug-
  6. HELLO HUMANS. I have met Will_Power in person and he's pretty cool. *jazz hands*
  7. Bored is a legend in its own right. Hmmm... I do not recognize that username! What was your previous moniker?
  8. Becky is adulting sage. I'm an adult-y adult. Not the adultiest adult, but close. I give myself about 8 years before I'm the adultiest adult. It's a cute little studio in a quiet complex about 10 mins from where I'll work. It's super affordable too! I could afford it on this job, and I'll be making double. nice! lol so 13% sure it's a scam though, huh?
  9. independence

    Are you living on your own yet? If yes, date away. If not, you unfortunately still fall into the "my house, my rules" trope parents often have and thus would be wise to wait. It's less drama that way. It's also one of those God rules, about respecting your elders and stuff. And not necessarily. Privileges are earned via hard work and trust, they aren't just bequeathed upon you when you blow out 18 candles on a cake or get a diploma. While you may not agree with your parents rules, 3 months is not long of a wait. In the meantime you can continue to build your friendship with this girl. The moire foundation your relationship has, the better things will be!
  10. Welcome to adulthood. The boulevard of broken dreams. However, things tend to mend after a time and it gets better because you figure out everything. Er well, everything mostly important. I got approved for my first apartment.
  11. That's stinky! Also, those parties are lame. Why are all adult "parties" lame? i've been to pampered chef, lia sophia and a multitude of baby showers and they all sucked butt. My mom does oils too, but somehow she swings wholesale prices to the most i've paid is like $20 and I don't get harassed. Tell them that you are a friend and not a customer and if they don't get it, remove them from your life!
  12. anxiety sucks.
  13. full time interpreting job starts this fall.

    1. Delores Stariana

      Delores Stariana

      I hope it goes really well!

    2. Jesusismyticket
  14. I like you. :3
  15. Uhhh. No, that's not how it works. She got famous for taking pictures of her big, fake butt.