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  1. More veggies, less soda. Eat no bread. Workout 3 times a week with various exercises. Wear spanx. Get new friends.
  2. There's a lot to learn here or if you like "time capsules", it's a good place to be. Bu asfor bubbling conversation.... yeahh... nooo. Social media has evolved over the years and while alot of forums are thriving, our has died due to a state of disrepair, neglect from the admin and user disintrest. All of these factors feed off of each other.
  3. My chiro told me to switch to one pillow. No problems since.
  4. Jussayin'.
  5. That sounds so gross. x.x
  6. Yeah, but he's got a dead beat Dad vibe to him. No affection to show, just random presents from time to time. "Oh, you want a hug?.... here's five dollars, see you next month." :\
  7. I changed. Alot. lol. -Mostly hetero sexual -Hetero-romantic. -Would be hyper sexual if given the chance. Song of Solomon 8:4 "Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires." Well, it's definitely awake now. What do I do?
  8. It's been dying since the smart phone came around. No one uses forums to communicate anymore. Everyone uses snapchat or facebook nowadays.
  9. Which will never happen because the admin hasn't logged in in over a year.
  10. GO AWAY NO ONE LOVES YOU. NOT EVEN YOUR MOM. I KNOW. I ASKED HER. She is quite concerned about your life choices, young man.

  11. Talk to a dentist.
  12. Go to the dentist.
  13. Call a dentist. Get off of this forum that is for REGULaR HUMANS. NOT DENTISTS.
  14. Bricks smacked over your head. :D