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  1. Nice! I think afriendlyatheis/cato added me on the book of faces. I think. The face was familiar but the name was not so I'm assuming CTF. XD
  2. Anya as in Anyasbar? Wow. yes. I like being a brat.
  3. but being a brat is fun!
  4. Walking is easy. Needing to walk more gives one an excuse to go to the mall. Also you can shake pedometers to get their numbers up.:P
  5. Blech. I tend to give the stink eye and carry on.
  6. lol couldn't figure it out.
  7. hey look, I went 10 days without being here. Huh. all because i got a new computer and forgot my password lol.
  8. we have a chat room, sir. ma'am. unicorn. Whatever you prefer.
  9. IMDB?! Whyyyyyy. That was my first internets!
  10. Happy birthday internet sister!
  11. *snickering followed by lols* Pretty much same. There's like 4 people here that I talk to regularly. It's been ten years. CTF kinda lost its charm for me.
  12. Most likely. I've found coconut oil candies help alot! i just have to have time to make some. i'm never home anymore!
  13. That's cool. Pretty sure i'm gaining everywhere again. I'm insatiable, I can't stop eating and I have no energy to work out. D:
  14. I mostly just change what shade of orangey brown to cover my brows with. I love highlighting. It's pretty fun.
  15. I just realized I can change CTF'S color. Whooo!

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    2. Boogles


      Next to the "inbox" icon is a paint brush. Click it and watch the fun begin.

    3. Bladesinger
    4. Michi


      For some reason i can't change the color.