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  1. Anything from Sherwood pictures in AMAZING. Facing the Giants, Fireproof, War Room and of them. THEY. ARE. GREAT. I don't have a favorite re-telling. Hollywood likes to dramatize and wreck things.
  2. I've read both. There's beauty in each. I'm not sure if I've read both equally, but I've studid both testaments. Both of them are integral to our walk so...-shrug-
  3. Buoyancy

    since I should do it anyway

    You shoosh. I've been here 11 years. I GOT HERE WHEN YOU WERE LIKE 8, also i love you kthnxbai
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    oooh okay, cool.
  5. Buoyancy


    Hi there! I'm Becky. What do you like to draw? I doodle cartoons myself. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Like I said, bring the sucker down safely then kill it. It'd have to be a frickin' big bird though. I'm really strong. Good luck birdie.
  7. Figure out a way to take it down, safely, then kill the bird. because free food.
  8. Buoyancy

    Harry Potter

    Someone once told me I was a Hufflepuff. Which I thought they were referring to a Jigglypuff and those are adorable so, I took it as a compliment. Growing up. my mom had banned the books and movies from the house. (The '90s was a weird decade) so I never read or watched any of it. Last year though, I binge read the entire series. It was pretty good. Peeves was my favorite character.
  9. I regret all the naps I didn't take in childhood.



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    ban the person above me

    banned for having a 4 letter moniker, but shortening it to two, and one letter isn't even IN the 4 letter version!
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    hey dude!
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    Marriage counseling

    Glad you found someone. Please don't post links to other businesses/services, this is considered spam.
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    Guess who's back

    hey gurl hey.
  14. Buoyancy

    Hello again

    Hey dude, sup?
  15. low key gross: but I have nine and a half toenails now. I feel confused. Hslf of nail, please grow back soon. My foot looks weird without you. D:

  16. Yeah, I was on vacation and left my computer at home. haha. how ya been?


  17. Buoyancy

    Marriage counseling

    I am no where near that stage of life, and I'm not sure where you live, so, I can't. Perhaps your pastor or someone local knows someone? There's always facebook or google.
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    In the Last 24 Hours

    I had chicken nuggets... does that count? if so, yes, I have. ITL24H have you found an eating utensil or cup in a weird place?
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    Marriage counseling

    Stick with someone who's in your same belief system.
  20. Buoyancy

    Depressed due to Skin Allergy

    A few years ago. I'm not, no. It's seasonal and I fail to see the point in taking medication for an issue that isn't severe and fades when things warm up.
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    CTF Marriages

    I have her on facebook. She posts from time to time.
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    i do. not posting publicly though.
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    Decribe The Person Above You In One Word

  24. Buoyancy

    Would You Rather Game

    Eagle. Flying is cool. would you rather eat something very gross once and continue about your life or be restricted to one food until your last day?
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    When was the last time you....

    10 minutes ago. WWTLT you pet a dog?