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    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    Yeah, but he's got a dead beat Dad vibe to him. No affection to show, just random presents from time to time. "Oh, you want a hug?.... here's five dollars, see you next month." :\
  2. Buoyancy

    Sexual and Romantic Orientation(s)

    I changed. Alot. lol. -Mostly hetero sexual -Hetero-romantic. -Would be hyper sexual if given the chance. Song of Solomon 8:4 "Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires." Well, it's definitely awake now. What do I do?
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    Is this place dead?

    It's been dying since the smart phone came around. No one uses forums to communicate anymore. Everyone uses snapchat or facebook nowadays.
  4. Buoyancy

    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    Which will never happen because the admin hasn't logged in in over a year.
  5. GO AWAY NO ONE LOVES YOU. NOT EVEN YOUR MOM. I KNOW. I ASKED HER. She is quite concerned about your life choices, young man.

  6. Buoyancy

    Will short-term braces help?

    Talk to a dentist.
  7. Buoyancy

    Wisdom teeth - Removal

    Go to the dentist.
  8. Bricks smacked over your head. :D

  9. Buoyancy

    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    Still broken. our admin, the only one who can fix things, hasn't logged in in like 6 months.
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    Can you be gay and believe in god?

    Yes, God loves the LGBTQ community for the people they are, right where they are at, ash e does with all humans. However, as the above poster said, God isn't too keen on homosexual behaviors. He loves them right where they are, but doesn't want them to stay that way. We live in a fallen world. Alternate bents in attraction are to be expected. Anyone can BELIEVE anything. To follow a belief system is a different animal. For best results in a relationship with God, follow his commands as closely as possible. To rebel is to sin and sin dissolves a relationship and breaks trust. For the QUILTBAG (look, it's all the letters in a row. hehe.) that would mean letting God work on your heart, your mind ( and getting proper therapy in the case of gender dysphoria) or remaining celibate. Or possibly something else, depending on the person in question and their relationship with their creator.
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    welcome newbie. It's pretty dead around here currently, but there's lots of good stuff from the past you can learn from. Enjoy your stay and what is basically an online museum.
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    I thought I won this

    Of course. Someone's gotta speak up. This sin is waaaaaay more prevalent than we think. I'd be alot farther along in my path to freedom if I'd fess up to a person in the real world, but I can't bring myself to do it. Not yet. Working on it. God knows we sin. And some sins are bound to get repeated despite our best intentions. The only one that isn't forgivable is something like.. denouncing the Holy Spirit or...? I don't remember. Something like that. I think of it this way: If God can use David, a man who stole another man's wife and then sent the dude to be killed in battle, and Paul, a man who KILLED Christians for his glory, God can still use me too. These fellow sinners were forgiven and then used by God to teach others. Why wouldn't this apply today? Sin usually starts in the heart, so I'd do a heart check to start off and lots of prayer. The fact that you feel bad about this shows you're not too far gone. Write down and pray about your worries, your stressors, your hopes, wants (no matter what they are) and your dreams. Ask for forgiveness and a willingness to do the right thing. Ask Jesus to fill you with his spirit and strength to carry you through each day. Sin separates us from God. That's how it's been from the get-go. That's the consequence of our tripping up. Sin puts a strain on our relationship with God, so while we're flopping around in it, He WILL feel (though isn't actually) far away. Rebuilding of the relationship takes time. You have to repent, engage and come up with a plan to help prevent you from tripping again. You can't get free if you keep looking at dirty things, letting your thoughts run wild etc. It'll take a change and big one at that to get your freedom back. I like taking things day by day. "Can I avoid this sin today? Yeah. Today is doable." I stopped trying for weeks and months as my "clean goals" because I never made it. But a day? A day I can do, and those add up! Unfortunately, humans don't have off switches. Self-control is a necessary trait and will benefit you in the future. This may also continue to be an issue until you figure out how to beat it. The times I've tripped up, I've noticed a change in my heart. I went from being "Yeah okay, this is wrong,... but I still want to do it" to "This is vile and I want no part of it. I thought I did but I really don't!" The guilt and pain you feel should be a motivator to make you do better, not something to keep you from trying. So what if you screwed up? Learn from it and try again.
  13. Buoyancy

    I thought I won this

    First off, not impossible to stay out each other's pants until marriage. Hard? Yes. Uncomfortable? Definitely. Impossible? No way. Impossible is one of you turning into a Pegasus or something. You can wait. Especially if your relationship is based around following the Lord, you both can, and most likely will, and certainly should, wait to be intimate. Do things God's way and it'll benefit you both in the long run. Ahhh... masturbation. As a fellow female with a high sex drive (can I say that here? THE DESIRES ARE STRONG, SORRY MODS... ) The urge to masturbate seemed the only way to relieve the sexual tension in me. Honestly, though, it just made it worse. Thanks to how the brain is wired, sexual urges followed by release of those urges via stimulation floods the brain with dopamine. Brain gets "high" and is happy. Brain wants more, body wants more. This is how God designed sex, so couples continually are "pleased" by each other. But it makes breaking any sort of sexual sin far harder than most think. Eventually, I felt like this little drug addict, hiding in corners, in the dark. I felt dirty, constantly guilty. God no longer felt like a loving figure. I would have guessed he'd have smote me based on what I was doing. The kicker? I'd been serving the Lord for 15 years when I fell into it. :\ It was a mess. I'm currently 42 days clean and this is the longest I've abstained in 3 years and it feels amazing. I figured out my triggers and avoided them. I often let my imagination run too wild too late at night and I'd stumble. Or I was bored, stressed out, lonely. You name it, I used masturbation as comfort. You can't just drop something like this cold turkey without a replacement. You need a positive activity to occupy you. Do you have any hobbies? When you're tempted, do those. Workout, draw, run, cook, clean. Anything to distract your brain from the tempting thoughts. I changed up my habits. Instead of browsing the internet before bed, I spend about 5-15 minutes reading my Bible. That way my mind is in a good place and I'm less likely to slip when I'm sleepy. I wake up in the morning with enough time to get ready and to arrive at work on time with NO extra time to fool around. On my days off I cook, clean and engage in hobbies, like playing video games or writing. When I'm lonely, I write about those feelings, workout (which also increases dopamine and other feel good hormones!) or I call a friend. I've also kept better tabs on what I put in my mind. I don't let my thoughts run off into sexual fantasy land. If they stray, they get reeled back, no excuses. A little poster at my workplace ( a school) says: "Self control is knowing that you CAN, but deciding that you WON'T." That little quote has helped me get this far. I know I can physically do whatever. But I also REFUSE to do some things because they are bad for my soul. Prayers and best of luck.
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    The walking dead is a shame

    Ah, yes, because the notion of dead people, dead decaying people walking around and eating the living just has liberalism written all over it. I don't like zombies. Nightmares.
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    Girl Trouble

    That's pretty typical of teenage girls. They tend to waffle between wanting to be a treated like a queen by a perfect prince charming and "NOTICE ME SENPAI OMG HE LOOKED AT ME FOR 3.2 SECONDS I COUNTED I AM NOT WORTHY OF HIS LOVE BUT I NEED IT." We females do tend to calm down and have a better grasp on our worth after highschool. If the dating game gets too dramatic, wait it out for a couple years. This is why being able to communicate is so important. You both need to set reasonable boundaries early on and if either party can't do that, then things probably won't work out. I'm not sure how pacing works, mind you, but I would assume it goes off of the pre-set boundaries and level of infatuation.
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    Girl Trouble

    Ehhh... physical attraction is a factor in any relationship. I mean, I get what you're saying about it not being something to BASE the relationship off of, but it has to be there in some way, I'm probably not going to go out with a guy I have no attraction to. There needs to be a least a cute smile, nice eyes, dimples, wonderful beard, something that draws me in. If a girl isn't attracted to you Sir, she's just not. It doesn't mean you're ugly, just means different people have different tastes. You're probably just not totally compatible with the people you initially experience attraction to. It's normal. Keep meeting others. Also, it may do you good to remember that God does call some of us to be single, so I'm not going to lie to you and say she's out there. I'm just saying you've got a better chance of meeting her if you keep making new connections and keep praying. I've never seriously dated, but this kind of thing keeps happening to me. I see a cutie, get to know him a little and we just don't click. No harm done, move on.
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    Yo wassup y'all I'm baaack

    It's kinda fun though. Ain't no one to stop me from eating lucky charms for dinner! I'm an American Sign Language interpreter.
  18. Buoyancy

    Yo wassup y'all I'm baaack

    Doing alright! Got a career in my field going and I love it. I live on my own now too. :3
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    Girls Swimwear Question

    There's a difference between a two piece and bikini though! Like saying "two piece bikini" is saying "Hey, see that egg with a yolk?" All bikinis are two pieces, but not all two pieces are bikinis. Mine is like a halter top that covers my mid-riff and I wear shorts with it. If you're comfy in a bikini and can handle any awkward stares and avoid a wardrobe malfunction, why not? Also, if you're bigger, please wear an appropriate size. If you're 300lbs, a small probably won't work for you.
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    Chat Room Error... Is It Only Me?

    My tab reads "vonfiguration or server error." It's not you,
  21. been living on my own for a month now. go me.

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      What is it like? 

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      Would be better if my friends were closer, but awesome otherwise! 


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    Skype Group

    If you have under 50 (or so, I forget the number) posts, they won't let you in. They don't want spam bots in there. It's a safety measure. Just post more things.