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    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Becky is adulting sage. I'm an adult-y adult. Not the adultiest adult, but close. I give myself about 8 years before I'm the adultiest adult. It's a cute little studio in a quiet complex about 10 mins from where I'll work. It's super affordable too! I could afford it on this job, and I'll be making double. nice! lol so 13% sure it's a scam though, huh?
  2. Buoyancy

    Dating out of high school

    Are you living on your own yet? If yes, date away. If not, you unfortunately still fall into the "my house, my rules" trope parents often have and thus would be wise to wait. It's less drama that way. It's also one of those God rules, about respecting your elders and stuff. And not necessarily. Privileges are earned via hard work and trust, they aren't just bequeathed upon you when you blow out 18 candles on a cake or get a diploma. While you may not agree with your parents rules, 3 months is not long of a wait. In the meantime you can continue to build your friendship with this girl. The moire foundation your relationship has, the better things will be!
  3. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Welcome to adulthood. The boulevard of broken dreams. However, things tend to mend after a time and it gets better because you figure out everything. Er well, everything mostly important. I got approved for my first apartment.
  4. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    That's stinky! Also, those parties are lame. Why are all adult "parties" lame? i've been to pampered chef, lia sophia and a multitude of baby showers and they all sucked butt. My mom does oils too, but somehow she swings wholesale prices to the most i've paid is like $20 and I don't get harassed. Tell them that you are a friend and not a customer and if they don't get it, remove them from your life!
  5. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    anxiety sucks.
  6. April 12,2007 was the day a certain 15 year old was led to CTF to stop being on those secular movie sites her mom didn’t trust. With a high speed internet connection at last and moniker given to her by her 7 year old sister, “Boogles” made her CTF debut. She was homeschooled, she had emotional issues and would have been a goth had she had the resources, but instead looked like some awkward punk rock wanna be with 18 bracelets up each arm and thing for spikes and Converse. She practically lived here. Was the internet ever the same? I’d like to think not. It’s been a ride guys. There have been a lot of ups (yay software update!) downs (remember all the cringey spambots? Ew.) and everything inbetween. I’ve been a mod, been not a mod and been a sub-mod. I’ve given advice in a “momma bear” style to many. I’ve developed quite the sass. I’ve also made a lot of friends here. I graduated, first highschool, then college. It’s been great, I’ve had a lot of memories of this place, fond ones. Annnnnd a few majorly dramatic-not-so-fond memories. But that’s okay! Most of them are good. And considering this has been a ride I’ve been on for ten years, I think it’s a ride that I should really get off of. I’m too big for it. I’ve outgrown it. Which is something I never thought I’d say. Ever. In the past I’ve mentioned just vanishing. I considered it. But I know how sad I was when Overdrive, Sam and Evan all poofed, so I decided to bid you all farewell. It will be a process, my leaving. My work schedule is getting crazier by the week, so I will continue to get more and more sporadic until adulthood finally beckons me with full force and my routine becomes coffee, work ,write, workout, sleep. I am not hard to contact outside of CTF. I have 4 email addresses, a skype, a facebook, a deviantart, a twitter(it’s dead) a snapchat, an instagram and I’m quite textable. By all means, hit me up on whatever platform you wish. Thanks for a great 10 years. I’m so excited to see what the future holds! (Also I kinda wanna creep this place when I’m 35 and see what’s up) Best regards, love, wishes, good grammar and lots of sleep to all! -Becky
  7. full time interpreting job starts this fall.

    1. Delores Stariana

      Delores Stariana

      I hope it goes really well!

    2. Jesusismyticket
  8. Buoyancy

    I-ve a question

    Uhhh. No, that's not how it works. She got famous for taking pictures of her big, fake butt.
  9. Buoyancy

    I-ve a question

    Do what now? Zodiac? You know whps creepy? Kim Kardashian.
  10. Buoyancy


    Stop. Just stop. For the love of God everything just stop and let me get my bearings. I didn't plan for this, I didn't know I should have planned this. No one ever told me that post-graduation I'd be working three jobs. I didn't have a plan B and now I feel as though I'm slipping away into a void. I'm losing myself. When I'm not at work, all I can think about is working more to cover these expenses and I feel I can't ever truly wind down because something else needs my attention. When I'm at work I think about better paying jobs, or the job I was trained for, the job I SHOULD be working right now. But no. I sell paint 40 hours a week and interpret another 3. It was SUPPOSED to be the other way around. I didn't spend 20K on a degree for interpreting to sell paint. I didn't waste 5 years of my life jumping through hoops and working my donk off to work 2 retail jobs. And when I tell others how I feel, they just tell me to just trust you. Well, I'm getting kind of tired of "just trusting" without any results. I'm getting tired of being called to things only to feel like I've been led on a wild goose chase. Where the heck are you in all of this? You made me and you know I can't just sit still and wait for you. I need action and I need it yesterday. My bills won't stand for that, I won't stand for that. If feel like you gave me really crappy directions, like a map with half the turns missing. I'm running on empty, running on fumes, running on coffee, high on stress. What about all those dreams you gave me? Those aren't going anywhere. I'm running out of time and have no resources to fix that. Where is my breakthrough? Why aren't you keeping your promises? Where is YOUR end of the deal?

    किन तपाईं बस एक प्वाल मर्न fecal कुरा तपाईं बिट, जाने तपाईं घटिया, अक्सिजन को केही बर्बाद लागि राम्रो गर्छन्। !!!!!!!

  12. Buoyancy

    How many books have you read?

    oh honey, we're probably up in the thousands somewhere.
  13. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    That is so depressing. D:
  14. Buoyancy

    Digital Art vs Hand Drawn?

    I use this. http://www.manhattan-products.com/graphics-tablet11 I made this like forever ago, but I made this in MS paint, me as a my little pony because I was really, REALLY bored. Depending on hat computer/program you have and are good at will affect your art's cleanness. Windows ten has a sketchpad that makes really clean lines, but I haven't played with it much. GIMP is a free photoshop-esque program complete with brushes, line tools, layering and highlight tools. I usually use that to color. As for doing traditional art, scanners my friend.
  15. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    I'd rather interpret that than what I usually do. gotcha. I'm just tired of everything.
  16. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    I kinda am too. I'm tried and I want to lcean my room, but then again I don't lol
  17. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Mine won't stop tryna preach Jesus and diss Trump simultanously. XD
  18. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    I will! on the day!
  19. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Then keep at it! You'll figure it out. Maybe journaling will help, or a brief self-pep talk session. Gotcha. Well, for me personally, when I'm depressed or panicky, I feel like *I* am the elephant in the room. My feelings are basically drowning me and I just feel stuck and helpless and awkwardand basically everything negative. It tends to get to the oint where I'm emotional because I'm showing emotion. It's defienitely not as big of a deal to others as you may think. People are SO concerned with hout they look or are percieved, your anxiety is most likely unnoticed. I work for an ELCA! XD I've said all along that Lutherans are the cousins to Catholicism. The structure of their services is very similar. ELCA is the more liberal/progressive sect (I swear I don't interpret a service where LGBT isn't mentioned.) The main differences I've seen are No Hail Mary No priest Anyone can take communion No kneeler thingies.
  20. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Oh dear. But you're going into that field. You need to find a healthy way to cope because you will encounter touchy subjects that may be triggering ( and like the actual triggering, not the SJW "I'm offended and triggered BAWWWW" crap) Have you ever been in an environment where no one KNOWS you're mentally ill? Do you tell people? Do people need to know about it? With my sensory stuff, only my close friends know. It's not the general public's business to know that my brain is a little different, and it's totally okay that they don't know. I guess I'm in a place where stuff I have (stretch marks, SPD, food allergies, fear of large spiders and enclosed spaces) doesn't make me who I am. I know what Jesus says about me, I know I can do anything I put my mind to or want to do. And when my brain wants to tell me that I am something because I have something, I tell it to shut up and argue with it for about 30 seconds and then think about something else. I won't entertain such thoughts. idk. maybe that's helpful?
  21. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    I'm sorry. D: 5. I found her 2012.
  22. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Thanks! Also, you asked about my frog.Her name is Gertrude.
  23. Buoyancy

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    I'm turning ten this week! and by ten I mean in CTF-years.
  24. So uh, Andy Grammer liked one of my Instagram posts. 
    Needless to say, I am ecstatic .Also, I got my interpreter grade in. I passed!  
    Today was a good day.

    1. noelKt5


      I am very jealous. 

  25. Buoyancy

    compilcated and nervous

    Is it love or a crush? Because there's a difference. Do you know him well enough to be in love with him? I'd let the dude heal before saying anything. Once he heals, start hanging out, getting to know each other better. Maybe flirt back a little after that, ask him out, see where it goes. The problem with "I love you" is it can either be returned or make things really awkward.