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  1. Ooo that sounds lovely! :o) did you do anything fun? And good thanks, how about you? 

    1. Buoyancy


      I did! I spent 4 days in the boondocks with a friend and my grandmother. We had a wonderful time! My grandmother lives very close to Lake Superior, so there was a good deal of swimming and sunbathing and doing touristy junk. XD 

       Cool beans! I'm... alright I suppose. Sad my vacation is over. XD


    2. Silently95


      Ahhh what are the boondocks? I’m happy you had a great time and Lake Superior looks gorgeous...had to look it up on Pinterest! :D I’ve never been to that area of the country besides Chicago! :) But what are the boondocks? XDDD 


      Yeah, I miss vacations too... Summer has gone by too fast and not ready for classes yet D: Do you have any other plans before the summer ends? :) 

    3. Buoyancy


      Boondocks, boonies, podunk towns, the middle of nowhere, etc.  basically anything rural and far from big cities. I've... never been to Chicago. I don't actually consider it the same area lol. We were WAY UP on the lake, closer to Duluth MN. It's pretty on all parts though. :D

      IT DID. Not much, a wedding and maybe a few more trips to a local lake so I stop looking like paper, other than that, nope. What about you?

      Ahhh school. I have to do my FAFSA stuff this week. I go back in the spring.