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    See the "about me" section below!
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About Me

anyway, hello! I'm Becky, nice to meet you! 

Like it says above, I enjoy writing action novels and hope to be published sometime in the near future. I tend to hang around the "suspense" side of the genre, writing about crime fighting and such. 

As a writer, I also enjoy reading the same genre I write about, though my reading tends to go a little further across the genres. I'll read action-supernatural, action-crime/horror,  even Indiana Jones type stuff, but I only write the one, so far. 


Other bits:

I was saved when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I grew up in various denominations, my mom switched churches alot. My dad... became disinterested early on.  The main two were Assembly of God and Southern Baptist. I currently attend a non-denominational with a history nerd for a pastor and I love every moment. 

My personality type is INFP, I'm an introvert who is quite skilled in faking extroversion. Granted, 10 years of retail will do that to anyone. 


I'm a HUGE nerd, like a HUGE nerd. Marvel, Lilo and Stitch, Steven Universe, Supernatural... I am obsessed.