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    I know how you feel man. I've been there many times and all we CAN do is put our hope and faith in God in times like these. I'll be praying for you man. If you ever need someone to talk to about things, please feel free to message me anytime. God bless, Bro. Bigheart
  2. bro. bigheart

    A friend in need

    I will sure pray for her. I hope that things come out okay!
  3. bro. bigheart

    How young is too young

    I have to agree with Deeper. You have to and must depend on God in this situation. He will guide you through it and will use this time for His glory and praise some how in the furture.
  4. bro. bigheart

    start over your life.

    You know, I wish that I could go back and be like an angel and get me to stop or prevent bad things from happening in my past. However, as I look back over my testimony and at all of the little things that have happened, I wouldn't change anything. Let me explain. For instance, my old school merged with the county school here. Since that happened I transfered to a new school where First Priority was ongoing and smaller than my old school as well although it's still a public school district. If my school had not merged with the county school, I probably wouldn't have answered the calling into the ministry, meant some great caring people, experience things that I wouldn't have been able to experience at the county school, and (if I had just changed churches a while back all based on emotion) I probably wouldn't have never meant my best friend and little brother in Christ. So, anything (big or small) is important in your life and lead you to where you are right this second. It's amazing to look back over my life and see this. Back to the question and to sum everything up, would I have changed somethings in my past? Yes. But, would I ever really do it? No, because I wouldn't trade my current life for anything.
  5. bro. bigheart

    How big is your high school

    I go to a public High school and there are only 30 students in my graduating class. yea...i know. We're just soooo big. lol
  6. bro. bigheart

    School stresses

    Hello every1! As most of you all are aware, it is near the end of the school year for most of us with state testing...ap test...finals...and etc. Well, times all of that by 10 and you might get close to what I'm experiencing as a senior. I have graduation...class night...finals...2 AP test next week....Baccalaurate service....and project grad combined with regular church services and other obligations and etc. The fact of the matter is that my life has become very complicated very quickly. I'm worried that I will be replaced in many of my friend's lives including my best friends who is like my little brother that I never had and everything. Also, the devil has been trying to creep into my life by trying to attack a weak spot in my life again. anyone have any advice or anything? Thanks for reading and your prayers, Bro. bighert
  7. bro. bigheart

    Graduation coming soon

    Hello every1! I hope that every1 is having a good evening. Anyway, i will be graduating from high school in just a while on May 29th. I'm excited, nervous, and upset all at the same time! lol! With me being a victim of bullying until I transfered schools in 2006, I have made some of the most awesome, God praising friends since I have gotten things right with God and changed schools. With me going to college in the fall, I feel like that I'm going to be letting my friends down because I won't be able to be there for them daily like I told them I would. idk. It's probably just my stupid nerves bugging me, but I really feel like I'm not keeping my part of the bargin. Prayer or advice please? FYI after I graduate, I will be attending Boyce Bible College where I will major in youth ministries. I can't wait until I get started on that. God bless, Bro. Bigheart
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    College Preview weekend

    It was amazing! That was the summary of my trip to Louisville, KY to Boyce College on the same campus as the Southern Theological Seminary. I met people from all over: from IN, TN, TX, AL, WI, KY, and Canada. I also got to meet my friend that I had made right here on CTF. His name was Joel and I never met someone so on fire for God. I also met some more great people and there all on my Facebook! Anyway, Joel and I even shook hands with an Emmy nominated artist and didn't even know it until he walked up on stage. IT WAS FLAME!!!! He is very outgoing and is not like most other award winning celebs. I also got to meet his wife later that evening at Dr. Mohler's house, who is the President of Boyce and Southern. Dr. Mohler has 40,000 books in his collection and I saw half of them in the basement of his house. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! He has read through all the books at least once (also has a photographic memory) and he can tell you the book, chapter, and page number where something can be found. Anyway, when time came to leave, I just wanted to stay because I knew I was where God wanted me to be. I can't wait until I start college there in the fall. Yea, it's going to be tough and hard, but I know that God will get me through it because this is where he wants me to be. I went into more detail in a blog on my myspace than I did here cause I'm currently at school typing this. So...I'm going to have to go. God bless, Bro. Bigheart
  9. bro. bigheart

    My Faith is 95% Gone

    i couldn't have said it any better than Bible nerd. I know that it may appear that God has "given up on you." Here's my question to you though: Have you given up on God? I know that life can be tough and you may not see what God is doing if anything at all in that place in your life. But, if you just rely on God He will get you through this and will come closer to you if you are willing to come closer to him yourself. Like Bible nerd said, fidn someone that you can talk to face to face about your problems. It will really help and they can help you through this difficult stage in your life. I, too, will be praying for you. God bless, Bro. Bigheart
  10. bro. bigheart

    Almost lost my best friend

    Hello every1! First, I just want to praise God for the day that He has blessed all of us with! Anyway, my best friend and his parents were involved in a serious car wreck caused by some careless driver that came over the double line. They did not hit that person. His dad and mom where in a Ford F-150 and he was setting in the middle. When the careless guy crossed the line, his dad swerved to miss the other guy. Upon getting back onto the road, his dad lost control and got hit by a truck that was in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing (he had crossed the line as well). After the truck hit them, they then went into a rock-wall fence. If the other truck had not hit them, they would have went straight into a tree and my best friend along with his mom would have been killed on impact. This reminds me of the old church hymn "Count your Blessings, Name them One by One." I checked in on him and his dad yesterday cause his mom is still in the hospital. Due to the unknown extent of my friends back injuries just yet, he has been ordered to be off from school and work this week. This is kind of a bad thing for my friend because he is having a hard time with some of his classes. If you could, please pray for that as well because it would be awesome to see him succeed. On behalf of my friend and his family,thank you again for the prayers. God bless, Bro. Bigheart
  11. bro. bigheart

    Almost lost my best friend

    Thank you for your prayers!
  12. bro. bigheart

    Homosexual Friend.

    I have to say that I don't agree with your reply. If God wanted us to have homsexual relations, then why did he create one man and one woman at the begining? Why is it that through out the Scripture it speaks out against homosexuality and homosexual relationships then? Wouldn't God kinda be contridicting Himself if he allowed people to be homosexual and then punish them by sending them to hell? I don't know. I have a friend that is struggling with the same thing and God has opened a door for me to be able to talk to him and witness to him. I have been trying to get him to come out to church cause the one he is at now has rumors spreading around there about him like the flu. So, please pray for him that God will open his eyes. I will be praying for your friend that God will open his eyes and that he will get things right with God. *DISCLAIMER: I did not or did I want to try to start a debate with anyone on this "touchy" subject in regards to my response above. Please do not debate it with me. If you have a problem with how God stands on something, debate it with Him, but I think i know who is going to win ultimately.
  13. bro. bigheart

    Having A Hard Time

    Well, I'm 18 as well and I've never had a g/f, never kissed one, never done anything with one. Yea, I'm a Christian and I don't think that sex before marriage is a good thing at all because it ultimately goes against God's will and look at where it has gotten us: Destroyed relationships, ruined once promiseing lives, and caused great strees and turmoil on the "parents." I go to a small school and there are about 30 in my grade class. I have had some kids in grades below me talk about there g/f giving them oral and stuff like that, but I tell them that I don't believe in doing that kind of stuff and i tell them that. Of course, they make some kind of remark or thing like that but I don't really care what they think. THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS WHAT GOD THINKS OF ME and I'm not going to trash my life just because "i wanted it." I hope that you begin a relationship with God because it's really awesome! Tell your friends that your virgin, don't lie about it, and care less about what all the people at your school think of you. Ask yourself "What does God think of me right now?" -Bro. Bigheart
  14. bro. bigheart

    My struggle

    I have to admit that I had stuggled witht the same thing and unfortnately have fallen off the str8 and narrow a bit lately into temptation. I'm going to be home alone alot right now cause I'm on Spring Break. So, my advice to you is: occupy yourself, turn off the computer for a while and read the Word or listen to Air1, install the filiter is a good idea, and surround yourself with people that you know you can trust and depend on that will help you get in the right standing relationship with God again! I hope that this helps you out!
  15. bro. bigheart

    I need prayers.

    Dude, i'm 18 as well and I've already been down the road that you have been on. I don't have any disease, but I do know what your talking about. U see, at my old school i was physically and mentally abused everyday by people that I thought were my "friends." Yea, i was stupid for thinking that. Anyway, the devil did tempt me with suicicide. I wrote my goodbye letter and got about half way down the page and just something stopped me. It was God. I knew that my life meant something to Him whether I saw it or not. Not to mention, I wouldn't have met all the awesome people I now have in my life. I, too, was shy and didn't want anyone to know about my problems. However, I had to tell someone cause who can you tell when your an only child? The air? You don't want to go to your parents cause of reasons that we both pretty much know. So, God blessed me with a friend about 1 year and a half ago that I can talk to about anything. Also, remember that you can talk to God about it. God is always there! I hope that God will reveal Himself to you and i hope and pray that you will get to know more about Him! I will be praying for you and if you want someone to talk to, just give me a message and I will help you in anyway possible! God bless, Bro. Bigheart
  16. bro. bigheart

    Study + Exams (procrastination =P)

    I do the same thing. I wish that I could stop it!
  17. bro. bigheart

    the past is trying to come back

    Hey guys. wats up? I don't want 2 eliberate about my past, but it's trying to come back. especailly today. I just need some prayers definitly, but do u all have any advice to keep my past in the grave? I don't want the devil to wreck my relationship with God again.
  18. bro. bigheart

    the past is trying to come back

  19. bro. bigheart

    Reasons To Say No To Temptation

    Thanks guys! This has helped alot! Here's my thing about saying no to temptation: When you fail, not only does your relationship with God suffer, but the relationship with: Your Parents, family, best friends, friends, others, g/f, furture wife, furture kids, and your self-esteem does too. So, it doesn't just effect you. It harms the ones you love the most whther you see it or not.
  20. bro. bigheart

    Church probs

    Hello every1! I'm back again unfortnately to request prayer for my church. There are some people that just don't understand forgiveness and forgeting and moving on. I will try to post more about the situation if I see suit so you all know what to pray for. But, please pray cause God knows what church it is. Thank you and God bless, Bro. Bigheart
  21. bro. bigheart

    the past is trying to come back

    That actually does help. Thank you very much!
  22. bro. bigheart

    URGENT: Friend is Contemplating Suicide

    I know how hard of a time that most people grow up in. You want 2 try to fit in and you want to be yourself and you want to please God. It's hard and you can't do that. Trust me. I've learned from unfornate experience. I don't know wat this kid is going through, but I know. I never did anything to myself physically, but I had serious thoughts of doing so and God pulled me out of that. I will be praying for this kid and I hope that everything will work out for him.
  23. bro. bigheart

    My Friend

    Hello you all! I hope that you all are having a great day! Anyway, I just wanted to request prayer for my friend. He is going through a really tough time and could possibly be slipping into depression. I'm going to try to help him the best that I can, if God willing. Please pray for him if you could. Thanks, Bro. Bigheart
  24. bro. bigheart

    Winter Jam 09

    yea, i'm going 2 the one in Lexington on March 7th. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! :partyguy: we typically are the only church that goes in our whole little area, but this year 2 other churchs are going and we're not cuz of some conflicts within the body. go figure. I hope we get this fixed as well. but hey, i'm going' 2 Winter Jam and it's going 2 b awesome!
  25. bro. bigheart

    Our church

    Hello every1! I hope that you all r doin' well. Anyway, the reason I'm here is because of my church. At my church wat seems to be Pandora's Box has been opened. This was caused by fricition between our pastor and a deacon. So far, that deacon was going to b voted out, but saved them and just stepped down from the position. This has also caused some problems among our body as u can probably imagine. Some of the adults have not been mature about the situation either when they should be cause there leading examples for us youth and other children. If you could, plz pray for my church. Don't worry about the name cuz God knows exactly wat church it is! P.S: This Sunday as well we are suppost 2 have a special called business meeting to set up a new council to search for a new youth minister. Plz pray that the people that God wishes to have nominated be nominated so that God's plan can be done. God bless, Bro. Bigheart