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    Our church

    Thank you guys 4 your prayers! I really appriciate it! Except, there is now believe it or not a new issue! in the first post, i mentioned that there was goin' 2 b a special called business meeting to set up the youth minister search council. well, go figure there would b complications there and it's only Friday. The deacon along with our former temporary youth leader are trying to "rally" people 2gether 2 make a motion during that meeting to try to oust our pastor who was only doin' wat God told him too. I just don't know what to do. This whole last week and a half has been bad around here. plz pray 4 them as well if you can. Again, thank you and plz pray cuz we r goin' 2 need a prayer army to defend us when we go to battle against satan head-on. God bless, bro. bigheart
  2. bro. bigheart


    I was called into the minisitry back in October 2008 and I can't say that before that I didn't have a unfortnate massive addiction to it. I dreadfully did until Sept. 7th, 2008 when I redidcated and commited to staying away from the junk. Yet, I can't say that I haven't immiedately caught myself b4 trying 2 get a glance of the past. Wat do I do now that I didn't do b4? Immiediately after, get down and confess it to God and just ask Him for forgiveness. I used 2 put it off and not do it, but you have to confess it immediately cuz if u don't the guilt will eat u alive along with the voice of the Holy Spirit becoming "annoying" to you. Yes, it's hard to overcome. But if you lay it down at the foot of the cross truely and wholeheartedly and show God u want 2 change, He will help you overcome anything. BTW, those that say porn isn't wrong but somehow a "Christian" on here, u need to do a self-evaluation as to where u stand with God cuz the God I know is against porn and things of that nature. Also, look in God's Word as to wat He says about it cuz you most certinally have not been reading His Word.
  3. bro. bigheart

    Need some strength

    Hello u all! how r u doin'? Good i hope. anyway, I'll get to the main point of this request here in a moment, but let me give u some background info 2 help u 2 glue the pieces 2gether. Back in October 2008, we had a youth revival event that was locally set up called Fuel. It was amazing! Anyway, it was there that I answered the call into the ministry. I have been listening and have detected that God wants me to be a youth minister. Anyway, God opened a door for me to speak this Sunday night. I can't wait. However, I can't say that Satan isn't trying to mess me up. he (Satan) has been hitting me in my weakest areas. But I will not let him get me down. I am determined to not let him take me down. If you could, plz pray 4 me cuz i'm going to need it especially being behind the pulpit and teaching God's word to others. Thank you in advance! God bless, Bro. Bigheart
  4. bro. bigheart

    Ice storms in Kentucky

    yea, we did get hard here. I have to agree with that. Thankfully, my grandmother got her power back last Sunday. so, that's a plus. Again, plz pray for all the workers and victims of this desaster.
  5. bro. bigheart

    Pornographic Super Bowl

    man, that's not even a joke that needed to be pulled. The super bowl WAS a family orinited event. I guess now it's unfortnately adults only. Still, i'm stunned that someone would try some kind of stunt like this.
  6. bro. bigheart

    Boycotting Pepsi?!?!?!

    I will most certinally do my best to avoid there products. But since we live in a world where every1 owns a share in everything, it's going to b kinda hard 2 do so.
  7. bro. bigheart

    This Boy Being Bullied...

    That's really sad to hear about. The weird thing is that right around 4 or 5 yrs. old was when the bullying saga started for me. It actually lasted my whole life until I changed schools my sophomore year of HS cuz my old school merged with the county system. I will definitely pray for this kid cuz I really would hate to see the same thing happen to him that happened to me.
  8. bro. bigheart

    Winter Jam 09

    yea, I plan on goin' 2 the one in Lexington. I really can't wait for it.
  9. bro. bigheart

    Being Gay And Christian

    Purple cheese, I have to agree with you on this. What you r talkin about reminds me of something a speaker did for us once. There were four chair, numbered 1-4. Chair one was compltely sold out, on fire for God. Chair two was 50/50. In other words, u wanted to live 4 God and also live for the World. Chair 3 was fake Christians (or just went through the motions when accepting Christ), and Chair 4 was lost (the Prize for us Christians). Now think about this Atonement: wat chair are u in with your relationship with God? Just some food for thought. Atonement, I highly recommend that u read Romans 1:26-27. This is another reference to how the Bible speaks out against homosexuality(note the title of this section of verses is "God's wrath against mankind") . Notice how in verse 24 it mentions sexual impurity. This does, in fact, pretain to verses 26-27 even if it's not in the same verse. We know from Galatians 5:19-20 that people that take part in sexual immorality or impurity will not be able to enter into Heaven with God because no sin can be allowed in(in other words,those that go against His Word and His ways or not ask Him into there lives) or "inherit the kingdom of God." See Atonement, whether in homosexual sexual acts or relations, God's Word CLEARLY speaks against it. Atonement, I also want to recommend the book called Ethix by Shawn McDowell. There's a whole chapter in there dealing with Homosexuality and explains it in detail on how God feels and stands on the issue. However, i really hope that you evaulate your relationship with God. Remember, like Purple cheese said, God's Word is timeless and will go on forever. It is indeed alive today. Just because the world says something is alright DOES NOT mean that it is ok with our Father in heaven. If you hear an overbearing voice that says this is ok, that's Satan. get him out IMMEDIATELY!!! Refocus urself on God and allow Him to handle the problem and guide you out of it. Plz take this to heart and I hope that you reset things with God.
  10. bro. bigheart

    Whats your social standing at school?

    I think that I'm classified as funny, Christian guy. yea, my HS is so small that we really don't have clicks or anything like that. We're pretty much one big melting pot of students that make a good mixture. Man, a small school can really make an impact in your life. lol!
  11. bro. bigheart

    My Friend Fro Chuch Again

    That's good that your friend doesn't have cancer or anything like that. I know that he's probably scared. I know that I sure would be. I pray that God's will will be done for this situation and that your friend will be ok.
  12. bro. bigheart

    Prayer For Youth Group

    hello every1! I hope that every1 is having another good day in God's name. I just wanted to ask u all to pray for our youth group right now because our minister left us in August and our youth council has yet to set up an search commite and begin looking again. With our current leader, there is a lack of respect for her in our group and no one has really taken the initative to start anything or head up anything for our group. So plz pray for all of us and our youth that we can keep going. Thank you for praying! God bless, Bro. Bigheart
  13. bro. bigheart

    Making Christian Teen Men's Site

    I would really be interested in helping give advice to other guys as well as sharing my testimony. can I join in the action? lol!
  14. bro. bigheart

    Cody's Testimony

    wow Cody! That was an awesome testimony. believe it or not, mine and your's testimony aren't that different. i never did quite goin' 2 church, but I got saved in 2004 (or thought so). Then in Oct. 2005, i had the same realization you did. i too, felt the heavy heart and the shaking. I finally did get up and get saved. PRAISE GOD!!!!! Like Cody said and the same goes for me, if you need help with anything or have any questions, plz don't heistate to ask me. God bless, Bro. Bigheart
  15. bro. bigheart

    Praise God!

    Hey every1! It's been a while since i've been on here, but I am very thankful to be back. Anyway, this week from Sunday to last night (Wednesday) we had an event called Fuel for Life. It was awesome all week long! Anyway, it was a youth revival in disguise. We had door prizes, a guest speaker, and local praise bands to entertain us. Well, Sunday night was like a "get on fire service" for all of the church youth groups. Monday was the real tell thing. Well, it was a pretty good night, but to many decisions were made. Tuesday night rolled around and quite a few people went up to make some kind of decision. Then last night happened. Two words for you: GOD MOVED!!!!!!! There about or voer 400 people there and 2/3 of the people got up and made a decision. It was amazing!!!!! This was something that has always been on my heart to see because idk about you, but I don't want any of my friends have to go through Hell when they die. So, i just want to praise God for this as well as allowing me to be apart of this life-changing event! BTW, did i mention that this was held in our school's gym? Can't believe that schools would still let things like this happen!!! THANK YOU GOD FOR ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN!!! I HOPE THAT THIS OCCURS MORE IN THE FURTURE!
  16. bro. bigheart

    Gasoline Prices

    here in my area, gas prices have fallen to $1.95/gallon. It was costing me $50.00 or more to fill-up my little '03 GMC Sonoma from 1/4 of a tank (to scared to see how much it would cost me to fill up from "E") and it only cost me $27.00 @ $1.99/gallon. Yea, i was rejoicing. I hope they keep on droppin'. At least its some postive news about things going on in the economy.
  17. bro. bigheart

    Ipod Or Basic Mp3?

    well, I'm one of the odd balls. I have to agree too that iPod's are very over rated and it seem like everyone has one of somekind. I wanted to be different, so I got a Zune 30GB and I LOVE IT!!!!! Wouldn't trade a thing for it in the world. Personally, I think they have better sound quality in playback and the 3 inch screen is good for watching vids and viewing pics.
  18. bro. bigheart

    My Gay Teacher Bashed Conservatives Today

    I don't know about where you are from as far as a teacher expressing or imposing there values, opinions, etc. goes with the law. Around here, a teacher can get into some serious trouble if they get caught. I, personally, would oppose to do this assignment and DEFINITLY tell the principal or dean of students about his matter. A teacher shouldn't try to force there values and such onto a student. We're all old enough in High school to know what our values and opinions are. If the teacher brings it up again, tune him out unless he calls on you and just shoves it down your throat. Then, you can express your values and opinions to him! Either way, definitly do something about this because teachers aren't suppost to do this. If they are allowed too, then some parents need to stand up for their kids and get a petition going.
  19. bro. bigheart

    This Might Be Why Some Guys Are Gay . . . .

    ok. let's get something straight here, guys. Us, as humans, try our best to come up with some excuse to make something that is comepletly wrong comepletly right. For instance, with this, we can get all the scientist in the world 2 claim that "I was born this way and you can't change me." However, we are made in God's image and God created a male and a female to be the couple, not 2 males or 2 girls. If your here and you call yourself Christian and you think that this is completly ok, then you might want 2 reconsider your salvation because the Holy Bible that I have read over the past 17 years has clearly spoken against this behavior. We CANNOT set there and call ourselves Christian and say "I only believe in this and this and this from the Bible, not this." When you got down on your knees and accepted Christ into your life, you entrusted that God's Word was the truth and that Jesus really did die for your sins. So, let me ask you again, are you really Christian if you approve of this behavior? Now, let me make my point before some1 goes off on me about being anti-gay. First of all, i'm not because the Bible tells us to love the sinner, not the sin. So, no matter what u have done, I love you as a Christian brother or sister (that's if there are any girls that do come and read this post). It's wat Jesus would want us to do so that we can help those people that don't believe get saved. So, plz don't take this as that I'm a "racist against gay people." I'm not. But, I most certainally don't approve of there ways. If your going through this now, I hope that you get things right with God right now cuz we're not gurenteed 2morrow. If you don't want to believe in God or you don't want to commit to God, fine. He gives us that free will of choice of whether we can follow Him or not. But, I pray that you do choose Him because you will not believe what he can do with you and your life. Bro. Bigheart
  20. bro. bigheart

    High School: Junior This Year!

    yea, junior year was pretty fun for me as well. However, I do like being a senior. Then again, I really don't want to grow up either and leave all of my friends here in high school.
  21. bro. bigheart

    Two Men Arrested For Plot To Kill Obama

    I can't believe wat this world has come to. If you have a problem against your neighbor, you just go and kill them instead of working thing out with them. I wonder if they have read the ten commandments where it says "Thou shall not kill." anyway, I hope that nothing like this happens because its just wrong and it's not wat God would want any of us to do at all.
  22. bro. bigheart

    i hate life at school........

    I know how you feel with trying to fit into the crowd. But, you have to realize that God tells us not to fit into the crowd. Be different. That's what us Christians are suppost to do aren't we? I hope I don't sound mad, I'm not at all. I do the same thing you did with trying to fit in: changed the way I treated my family, friends, the way I dressed, talked, and so on. God got me through that and I know that I couldn't have done it without him. So, just sencerly seek God and ask Him to help you through this and he will. I wish that there was something that I could do more than just prayer, but I'm sorry that I can't. I will do my best to prevent this from hurting other kids at my school though.
  23. bro. bigheart

    keepin' it Str8: relationship with God

    hey guys! right now, my school is currently out for fall break. yea, i know some of u all don't get it. i wish you all could. anyway, i have been building my realtionship with God (rebuilding actually) after wat seems like an EF-5 tornado blew through it. well, things have been going good. Then, break rolls around. Satan has been trying me to get back where i was b4, in the EF-5 twister. I am determined not to go back, but it is really challenging right now. I even had the thought just a bit b4 typing this of not even having my quiet time, but i know that's a direct thought from Satan. I will not give up easily like i did b4. can any1 offer up some advice to help me out? plz guys, this is a giant thing that i have fallen into b4 and i don't want to fall backwards. Thanks 4 listening and reading. -Bro. bigheart
  24. bro. bigheart

    I'm not happy with my natural height

    i just want to say something that will hopelfully clear this up for you: God made you the way you are. Be happy with your height and happy with the way God created you.
  25. bro. bigheart

    iTunes faces closure

    um...wow! i can't believe this. if this unimaginable thing does happen, there are going to be millions of people with iPods that will be wanting to put them away (same with iPhones). i don't buy music over the net and still buy CD's 2 this day. main reason being that i have crappy dial-up. but, yes this would be bad if it happens. I think Apple will go ahead and just raise the price. (that will be when every1 will be like me and get a Zune. lol! atleast u dont have to worry about your iPod randomly combusting into flames)