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    Church mission team & trip.

    Hey every1! I know with the title you may be thinking that I am going on the mission trip. However, because of different reasons, I'm not going. Instead, I'm here to see if anyone here would plese pray for our church's mission team. There's like 41 people goin' from 4 or 5 other churches besides ours. PRAISE GOD!!! can I get an Amen? lol! anyway, I am really concerned about my best friend that's going (me and him are like brothers. we talk to each other about our problems and help eachother out with everything). Anyway, he told me that he didn't feel lead to go, but he has to go because his parents are going and they think that it would be a good experience for him. Please lift him up because he is going to need all the prayers. There is also another one that is going that I talked to that didn't felt lead to go, but he's going too. I just hope and pray that God is with all of them and that my church is more accepting of the other church groups than last year. BTW, the team is staying in the country. There going to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and they leave out 2morrow @ 6 a.m. to begin the long 1,200 mile, 26 hour drive there. So, please remember them. I know that the team would really appriciate it. God Bless, Bro. Bigheart
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    Experencing God Weekend

    I just wanted to thank all of those that have left me a reply on here. I thank you very much. I enjoy hearing what you have to say. Please keep them coming.
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    Experencing God Weekend

    Hello every1! I hope that you all were having a good day. I've been meaning to post this last week. But, i finally have time to post this. My church had something called an Experiencing God Weekend last weekend. I thought that this would just be another revival. I was wrong. We were 2 camp out on the first night of this event, but then the wind came from no where and we had to evacuate indoors to our Family Life Center. I did get to play "Catch the Tent" though. That was fun!!! Well, then after Saturday morning service, the evening service finally came. When we broke off into small groups, the youth went to our room and then towards the end of that time, we had an great opptunity to do. We got too walk behind each other as we were sitting down in a chair. We would stand behind that person and say a prayer for them. I didn't get to go, but that's besides the point. I really felt the love that we had for each other once again. Finally, we meant with all the other adults in the santucary. We just had a time of prayer and then things really started rolling. I cannot put into words what happened next. God came into the building. People started forgiving each other of things that they had done to one another that were once left unforgiven. Walls were broken. Praise GOD!!!!I don't know how people say God isn't real. He is!! I know this because He came into me that night too. And the addiction that i have been fighting against porn for 7 years now is no more. I have not falled back onto it. I know i'm on a mountain right now and a valley is sure to come, but I know that God is there. Just depend only on Him!!!
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    Pray for Me

    hey man. some1 @ my church has been goin' through the same thing. I know that it is really hard. Satan will try anything to get you. trust me. he has his weapons of choice. But, stay strong and realize that God is with you. Also, read your Bible and talk to your pastor or youth minister about this. they can really help. btw, here's some encouraging scripture: Psalm 119:57-64. it really helped me the other night.
  5. bro. bigheart

    Pray for Me

    hey man. i know that you have a lot that your goin' through, but just take your worries and your problems to God and He will help you through them. Also, study your Word. I've started having "quite time" where i just set down when it's quite and silent in my house and i'm able to be alone to worship and pray to God about stuff and just talk to Him. It has really helped me. That's just something that you can consider to do, although i highly recommend it. I will be prayin' for you man. I know it's tough, but God will get you through it.
  6. bro. bigheart


    Hey there everyone! It's been a wild week for me and many others here in my community and one that none of us want to look bac on. On Wednesday mornin (Feb.6), an EF-1 tornado ripped through my town of about 8,000. An elementary school, the hospital, fairgrounds, an apartment complex and countless trees were damaged or destroyed. Fourant 4 me and my family, the tornado just missed my house and retouched down just about 1-1 1/2 city blocks down from us. My church went out into the community this morning (which where my church is pretty much the country) and began to do clean up work and help out everyone else. My church and facilities did not get any damage luckly. Please pray for my community that everyone will unite to help with the clean-up and unite for the better of the community itself.
  7. bro. bigheart

    My state is on fire

    I have heard about the fires out there on the west coast. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend's homes going up. i know that has to be hard to comprehend and everything, but atleast there still alive because a house can be replaced. A life can't. My dad told me they were evacing about 250,000 around the Sacramento area (it was on the news). I will be praying 4 u and your friends. Just put your faith in God and He will take care of you.
  8. bro. bigheart

    School issue

    Hello everyone! Please take sometime to read this cause this is really important. There was a death of a former student at my school. They were twin brothers and it's been really hard on them and everyone @ my school. But, another one of the students said something about the matter that shouldn't have been said. Lots of people in the school were really mad about it and are wanting to "take care of him." People have been draging this out for weeks now and I don't understand how people can keep something like this going for so long. Idk wat to do. I've forgiven the person and so has another one of my good friends. He has also forgiven him for almost injuring him for live. But, the point is i really feel for this person and you can see the fear in his eyes. My heart and mind are going in two different directions i think just like a lot of other @ my school about the situation. So, please pray for me and my school and the particular person (God knows who he is). Thank you for reading this and please give me some advice on wat to do.
  9. bro. bigheart

    Just so much at once!

    Hello everyone! My youth group is going through a pretty weird time right now along with my church. Our school is too cause we just went through the death of a former student that everyone liked really well. There is just so much that is hitting all of us right now and i just don't even know how to feel right now. There are other's here that feel the same as well. Please just pray for everyone here and that God's will remains at the focus of all of our goals. -jm
  10. bro. bigheart

    John Michael Montgomery

    i too am a fan of John Michael Montgermy. here's the cool thing. I actually go to school with his nephews. So, yea, it's really cool. anyway, i like his music but i can't think of any song titles off of the top of my head right now. lol.
  11. bro. bigheart

    Please pray for kidnapping

    I'm really sorry to hear about this. I hope that they find them.
  12. Hello everyone! On Sunday, August 5th, something happened in my life along with other youth guys lives. Eariler in the year, we went through a class called True Love Waits. Well, we finally had our ring cermony. I am wearing the ring happily. However, since we took this stand against the world, I have felt Satan tugging at me with some old sin that I have not done in a while. Myself along with the remainder of the group need your prayers to keep this comment. Please pray for me. I really need some strength right now. If any of you all have any advice for to combat Satan tugging at me with this old sin from the past, please message me on here. I would really appricate it. -jm
  13. bro. bigheart

    Just a praise

    Hello everyone! I posted (i believe) on last Thursday about a knot that came up on my chin. Well, the knot has gone down a lot and the doctor's know what it was. It's really hard to explain on here. But, all i got to say is thank you for the prayers and thank you for being there for me! -JM
  14. bro. bigheart

    In need for some prayer

    hello everyone. Things in my life aren't going the way that i want them too for my relationship with God. There has been a "thing" that i have been fighting with ever since my mission trip was over. I don't want to say what that "thing" is on here, but it is something serious. I just really need some prayer right now, so please if you felt lead too, please pray for me. Thank you! -John M.
  15. hello everyone! I know that it has been a long time since I was on here. Well, now I am back for good. Anyway, we got back from our Mission trip on July 8th and we had left out on June 28th. It was a great trip and I really enjoyed going with everyone and getting to minister to the people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I do miss a bunch of the kids and people that we got to work with. This year, our church partnered up with another local church here in the county. We did have safe travels. However, (none in my knowledge) had accepted Jesus Christ as there Lord and Savior. But who's to say that we didn't "sow some seeds"? I think that we did sow a lot of seeds, but the real question is now will the seed grow into a beautiful plant or will it grow for a while and then die completely? I hope that they remember us. Anyway, there have been somethings that have been going on in my life as well. So, i'll just leave it at that. But, i just thought that I should tell everyone that we had a great safe and fun mission trip and I was really happy to be apart of the 2007 Mission team at my church.
  16. I have been getting into the habit of reading my Bible everyday (something that I should have started doing a long time ago). Anyway, i started 5 days ago with a 30 day reading plan in the back of my Bible called "30 Days with Jesus". And every time i open the Bible, there is some scripture (not wat i was suppost 2 read) that jumps out @ me and shows me something that i might have messed up on, or something that i need to improve on, and etc. Well, last night, the first thing i opened up to was a thing titled "100 things real men don't do" (my Bible is one of those study kind for teen guys by the way). I read through some of them and I realized all of the stuff that I had been doing that kind of went unoticed by me as wrong. I got really convicted by them and the scriptures that went along with them. So, i said to myself, "That's it. I want to get things right between me and God right now." So, wat did i do? I got down on my knees and prayed to God. It was a prayer or a conversation with God if you will that I will never forget. After that, I got up and I was just filled with energy, calm inside, and just amazed by wat I had just done. I couldn't go to sleep for a while. I just wanted to share that to all of you that may be going through some rough times with yourself and God and show you all the power of a prayer. Right now, I just want to praise Him for everything that He has done for me and everything that He has blessed me with. Here is a question for everyone to think about the next time you read the Bible or listen to your preacher preach a serimon that really speaks 2 you and convicts you of something: What am I doing wrong and how can I get things right between me and God?
  17. bro. bigheart

    The strength to do what must be done

    Well, let me just say that it's srry to hear about wat happened. I hope that you do have the strength to do wat is right. Next time, be on the look out for Satan when he gives you a choice to do wat is right or wat is wrong. Remember, you have to make that choice whether to go with God or not. Anyway, i hope that everything works out with you and your girlfriend and that God gives you the strength you need.
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    Please pray for Mission trip.

    Hello once again everybody! I am apart of our church's '07 mission team. Last year was my first mission trip and i loved it. It was also the mission team's 1st time to the location. We are going there again this year and I am begining to feel a bit antsy about the trip. I feel excited and then again i don't. Also new this year, we are takeing another church along with us. We still aren't ready LoL, but we are all like that and we get everything 2gether @ the last minute. Also, if your going to pray for this, please pray for the drive out there. It is a 26 hour OVER 1,000 miles drive. So, if you can, please lift up our mission team and that we do wat God tells us to do and only go by His commands. Thank you for praying! God bless!
  19. bro. bigheart

    Another prayer request

    Hello once again everyone! I have another prayer request to add for my friend. He was at a local FFA camp and he was standing on a steak that was used for horse shoes. He got kicked off by one of his friends and his right side fell on the steak. Thankfuly, the steak didn't got through him. However, he did break two of his ribs and pulled severial muscles. The doctors said that there is a risk of the ribs (if moved the wrong way) could puncture one of his lungs. So, please say a prayer for him and that his injuries don't get worse. Also, please pray for our church cause our mission team (which i'm apart of) will be leaving out next week.
  20. bro. bigheart

    Tragedy at KN Six Flags

    I am actually in KY myself too. It was really terrible news to hear. If you are reading this, please pray for this girl and her family. Believe it or not, my church plans to take a trip to the park in July. So, please pray that nothing happens to us as we go to have a great time.
  21. bro. bigheart

    Its a Race!

    Dude, I have to agree with you. I am trying my best to become a better Christian. I have been trying to improve and become a better Christian because i just can't stand the fact of people going to Hell and me knowing that I could have let them down as a friend. Right now, we do need to take a stand. But remember this everyone, If we are going to take a stand for God, we have to let God lead our stand. After all, He leads us everyday of our lives and allows us to wake up each day cause we are NOT gurrtied 2morrow. I am striving to improve my relationship with God, but it's not going to be easy cause Satan will tempt you with everything he has to draw you away from God. So, lets all get things right with God.
  22. bro. bigheart

    please pray for my youth group

    Hey that's good that those people are going out to spread the Word. I myself will be going on a Mission Trip to South Dakota to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I leave out for next week for that. So, anyway, I will pray that everything goes well.
  23. bro. bigheart

    Please pray 4 me

    there is something that is going on in my life that i don't want 2 do anymore. I just want the STUPID temptation 2 go away. idk why i keep on doing it. I just REALLY REALLY need some prayer. please lift me up if u felt lead to do so by God.
  24. bro. bigheart

    Wat an awsome Week!

    Well, my church just got done with VBS this week. We had a great turn out and I had a great time as I did the one thing I love doing every year: Music teacher. Anyway, our pastor talked to our 3&4 grade class as well as 5th and 6th grade classes. He talked to them about becoming a Christian and about the ABC's of becoming a Christian. Well, we did have 4 decisions praise God!! They are going to get baptised the week after Father's Day. And another praise for Father's Day, a father and a son are going to get baptised 2morrow on Father's Day. So, this is really awsome!!! God is doing some wonderful things @ my church and I just want to ow it all to Him! (srry about the spelling. Hope you can understand it lol)
  25. Well, this week is VBS (Vacation Bible School) this week at my church. I have had the great opptunity to be the music teacher for the 2nd year in a row. So far, every feeling that I have had about each indivudal night has been exactly right. I know that God has put those feelings in me. All I can say is that it has been a great week so far and I can't wait to see what He has in store for tonight and 2morrow night. PRAISE GOD!!!!