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    My friend

    Well, i'm really sorry 2 hear about your friend. I know how difficult that the drug matter can be. One of our older youth @ my church has gone 2 rehab 3 or 4 times (lost count) and he's clean for a while and does good, but he just went back onto drugs once again. I know that this is hard time for u as a friend of another that is doing this, but just keep praying for him. Also, i'm just going 2 4warn u that it is unfortanyly possible that he could go back even if he is comepletely clean. I will keep praying for you and your friend. Just be careful so u don't get into wat he is doing.
  2. bro. bigheart

    Person in youth group needs prayer!

    Hello everyone! i just would like 2 request prayer for some1 in my youth group that has backtracked again. This person has had drug related issues for a long time and this is still occuring after going 2 rehab for the 3 or 4 time ( idk 4sure the amount of times). But, please pray for his family, our youth group and my church because everytime this happens it tears everyone apart inside and hurts our feelings. Please just lift him up in your prayers.
  3. bro. bigheart

    School is evil...?

    Well, i have 2 agree with everyone else. Gossip is something that u shouldn't take part in. And i have had 2 confront friend's of mine in the past about them doing something bad, however it didn't work. But, u can @least know that u tried. DON'T STOP THERE THOUGH!!! u can keep praying for them, talk 2 them again about the issue, and etc. And just a note 2 everybody talking about the Bible stuff, I know that in the state that i live in they can't do that. If they did, it's considered as segration. However, @ my new school the Bible issue isn't present @ all cause we are a very small district and over half the Middle School takes part in First Priority and same with the High school.
  4. bro. bigheart

    what church do u go to?

    Well, I go 2 a good old Southern Baptist Church.
  5. Ok, Microsoft has finally had a "break through". nope! more like a "break down." I have a Windows XP PC at my home and we are making the trasition to Windows Vista at my school. I have worked with both OS a lot. And i have to say that XP is still all the way. Yea, Vista may have more secruity features on it and it may look a bit more flashier than the blue and green Luna them on XP, but XP is way more stable and runs a lot better. I have tried to "join the crowd" and make the transition to Vista on my home comp. Let me just say that it didn't work although the upgrade advisor has told me countless times that my computer could run vista just fine. Vista is just another cheap shot at takeing Mac out. But, from looking at the sells of both major OS's, looks like Microsoft has made a bad mistake. That's just my take on it. So, what do you think? Which will you have XP or Vista? take your pick!
  6. Well, i do have 2 say that I now use IE 7. Is it better than the other IE's in the past? Yes it is. But, remember this is the first new browser since 2001! WOW!!!!! a big acomplishment by Microsoft! NOT!!!!
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    Hello eveyone! my school and a small town took a direct hit on a day that was suppost to be a joyess occation. It took place on May 18,2007. My school had there gradution (that started @ 7 p.m.) and then of course, it was over. However, just 20 minutes after the great event, something horrible happened. One of the Seniors and his older brother where out on a county road and they were playing around trying to "Hop Hills". well, they did hop one. Except when the car landed back on the road after going airborn, the driver lost control and it went straight into a wood plank fince. They were really tore up and the whole area was in shock. The two brothers are in a local University hospital and the older brother should be comeing home in a couple of days, whereas the senior is not doing do well. They had called in the family for him the other day, but now he is doing a bit better. Please pray for the town, the school, and the two brothers that they pull through this.
  8. bro. bigheart

    I'm a new one

    Hello everyone! my name is John. I'm new here and i would like to make some friends that I know will be good Christian people and will always be there 4 me. Guys or girls doesn't matter. so, i will try to do a bit more with my profile and stuff like that. Anyway, I go to a school that is really REALLY small. Not a Christian school though. But, God does have a high presence here through First Priority. If u want 2 know wat that is, please message me and I will write back as soon as I can. Or if you just like to say hi, that's fine too. I hope that I get to know other Christian people my age so that I know that I am not the only one. Umm... that's pretty much it. LoL! anyway, can't wait to meet some new people on here.
  9. bro. bigheart

    I'm a new one

    I just want to say thank you to all of the ones that have welcomed me so far. I hope to get to know all of you all a little better and talk with you all on here. I can't wait 'til I get used to this forum and make some new friends.
  10. bro. bigheart

    I DESPRETALY need a prayer

    First off, let me say that I will pray for you. I know that these times are difficult and hard to overcome, but God loves you no matter what happens. However, I have had sucidal thoughts myself ( i never did anything 2 myself), but some1 I know @ my school cut there wrist and they had a panic attack and everything. The whole school was tore up about it. I talked to that person and told them that it's not worth it. God put you here for a reason suicide is not that reason. So, here's the point. Depend on God. Turn the whole thing over to Him. Pray to Him about it and if you friend does die, let me say that I'm sorry, but it's just there time to go. I know that times like these are difficult on all of us, but God will get you through it. You just have to turn it over all to Him and let Him do the rest.
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    hey i'm new here too. so... i guess i'll say welcome too!