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  1. Honestly, I've known a lot of people who have had cancer (of all different sorts). Some have died from it, others have survived it. The ones that are still living and living WELL, having beaten the odds with certain cancers, have all told me this: "The ways to cure cancer are not hard. They just require effort. Chemotherapy works, yeah but at what cost to your overall health? The only reason it helps SOME cancers is because it kills the abnormal cells. It also kills the normal ones too. Not exactly a cure. To truly cure your cancer, you have to do 3 simple things: De-stress your life, eat organic foods most of the time, and be active. That's it. "Take away the unneeded stressers in your life (bad family/friend relationships and overworking being the key things) and learn to let the stressful things go. This can be achieved through meditating or praying. Or just do something relaxing everyday. "Eating organic (real) food and feeding your body the way GOD intended is recommended by many doctors and hospitals today in the treatment of many health issues. Some believe that the reason cancer is such an epidemic is because people are malnourished. Whether you live in the United States, United Kingdom, or a poor country in Africa, chances are you aren't getting the right amount of nutrients for your body to do it's vital functions. Richer countries are altering food more and more to feed an overall populace. Look at an apple you buy in a grocery store compared to one from an organic farm. The grocery apple is larger, BUT has anywhere from a third to three-quarters LESS vitamins and minerals than the organic apple! So even though you are eating more, you're receiving less. Read a nutrition book sometime and you'll see that each listed vit or min is used for and average of half a dozen functions in the human body. And since each vitamin and mineral does several jobs in your body, when it's not provided, several functions begin failing. No one who comes in for cancer treatment has just one simple ailment. It's a variety--some of which they have been living with for a long time. So the theory is, take away good nutrition and susceptible people get cancer; add good nutrition and cancer goes away. Finally, move your butt! We hear all the time that exercise is good for you, no matter age, race, or gender. Just as having real food improves your body's defenses and functions, exercise helps in the same way. It makes your body stronger, and not just by outward appearances. Your whole inner workings are affected by physical activity. Brain function improves, heart health, GI health, and so on and so forth." The above is an actual conversation I had with a lung and colon cancer survivor, who is currently celebrating his sixth year cancer free (paraphrased of course). Others I've spoken with have mirrored the same ideals. There are several cancer treatment centers in the US that base their practice on these principles, and have a VERY high success rate. More so than normal hospitals. I'm not saying these are my personal beliefs in any way. I am a highly stressed person, I eat anything that is put in front of me from fast food to white bread, and I'm not in the best physical shape. These are JUST THE THINGS I'VE BEEN TOLD BY TRUE CANCER PATIENTS. And I know if I ever do get cancer, I'd much rather try these things than chemo. Two cents, deposited.
  2. Favorite Shows: Inuyasha and Inuyasha: The Final Act (which the series JUST ended to today) Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Full Moon Fruits Basket Favorite Movies: Howl's Moving Castle Spirited Away (Anything by the same director) The FMA movie Inuyasha Movies
  3. Bahahahaha! I love it! Imma start takin' bets on this one! I vote that you will be well preserved in your grave. Although, I think it would be way cooler if you were just kept in a glass box on display in a museum. You'll be the infamous "McDonald's Man"...then everyone will see how bad fast food is for them.
  4. I have! I don't even remember all the ones I've played. I remember one of the really really early ones where you were just tiny little icons, almost squares haha. Just whatever my brothers were playing at the time was what I got. The most recent were 7 and 10. Favorite Character from 7: Vincent.
  5. I want 6 if all works well. Money, time, age, and all that jazz.
  6. 12. Getting doors opened for you...all the time 13. Hitting guys with small objects (such as a book) and not having to "battle it out." 14. Screaming bloody murder at a bug and not look completely stupid (although I don't scream hehe) 15. Falling face flat or bottom first and having people offer to help you up. If you notice, not too many people try to help a guy unless he is really hurt. 17. Making decisions by the cuteness of things. Ergo, "This soda can is cuter than that one..." 16. KISSING INADIMATE OBJECTS AND NOT BEING A FREAK!!!!
  7. Haha, Yes I've seen all of them and yes...they are very similar. But, if people were really that concerned about technology being intelligent, we wouldn't be making movies about them, we'd be destroying them (Terminator movies...more violent, and about as realistic as the others...ergo, impossible.) It's entertaining to watch, but until my computer can grow legs and walk, I'm not going to believe a bit of it lol And it's my opinion that God wouldn't allow A.I. to become a problem. He is the only one who can make something "intelligent". As in, with a mind of it's own--all we do is tell something to react this way to this, and sometimes it doesn't work anyway. End of story. Nice thread though
  8. Not turning this into a debate...but I do want to point out one tiny thing: Romans 13:1-7 Christians are commanded to obey their governments so long as they are in accordance with God's will. Governments are ORDAINED by God. And since God does not give a law on WHEN (at what precise point) you are married, the government is the one that delegates that. America says that you have to have a ceremony and a "minister" as well as witnesses to the ceremony, along with a government rendered certificate of marriage, signed. If you don't have all that, then you are not married in America. Ergo, if you are an American citizen and don't do those things, it is a sin to have sex outside of marriage. So obviously my answer to question 1 was yes. I don't know what you mean by sacrament though. We don't use that word in my church...or bible (JKV). But marriage WAS made by God so it is very serious to have sex outside of wedlock. Again, I'm not try to start a debate of any kind. I'm just saying what the Bible says.
  9. Hello again CTF members. It's been a long time since I have come here, and now I'm back for a short while to update everyone, and to say good-bye . The reason this is in the Friends, Family, and Relationships section is because my fairwell (and news) has to do with all three. So if you're bored enough to be interested, I'll finish the story that some people read the prologue to several months ago: The Prologue (This is a true story, my life actually. I'm just being all "writer-like" and treating this kind of like a book ) Here it goes: 5 years ago this New Years I met a boy at a party at my church. :partyguy: ( I will call him Reeves, even though that is not the name I know him by). It wasn't a very profound meeting, but it was a meeting. I can guarantee that the reason nothing happened between he and I was because of this: he was 16 and I was 12. He was too old for me and I was too young for him, which at that time was probably a good thing. :goof: We talked for maybe two minutes and then one or the other of us left the conversation (it was a long time ago, so forgive me if the details are a little fuzzy). He was only there to visit some friends, so I didn't see him after that night. Over the next few months Jim, the preacher at my church, (who was also a friend that Reeves had been visiting) began to "kindly pester" me about that older boy (Jim is known as the match-maker at our church ). I eventually and giddily desided send Reeves a letter. That was around summertime of '04. A little while later I got a letter back. And even though I still have it, the letter itself was not all that grand or important. My crush on him was short-lived, after-all, I had only turned 13 at the time...what can you expect? Perhaps for the best, I didn't send a letter back. School got in the way, or other crushes that I had...whichever. *shrug* Then in fall 2006 I got interested again. I was told by my preacher that Reeves would be coming to our church because Reeves' dad was exchanging pulpits with Jim for one Sunday. I was so excited. I went through a lot of trouble to get there that day because my dad also preaches somewhere else. I begged my parents to let me go. After they finally agreed, we made plans for how I could get there. Deleting some details, sufice it to say that I went through a LOT of trouble to get there that day. And what happened? I ended up looking at the back of his head all morning. And as soon as services were over, he LEFT. :VERYMAD: Apparently there was a big storm where he lived so he and his parents had to get home pretty quick. I was rather upset at the time, but there was nothing I could do. After a while I gave up on him...again. Now, skip ahead to January '08. (This is where it gets somewhat interesting-ish). My New Year's Resolution was to get back in contact with Reeves. So, middle of January I sent him a letter (because I didn't have anything besides his address). In the letter I say that if I don't get a reply by February I'll send one more letter, and if I don't get one by March, I'll leave him alone. Begining of Feb rolls around and I get a text message. I expect it to be one of my friends, but it was REEVES. I almost had a heart attack. :jawdrop: After-all, I really didn't expect him to get back to me. Over the next few months we texted (just texted). Nothing really amazing happened to be honest. I mean, I got to know him a little better. I desided it wouldn't be a bad idea to like him. But no big romance...yet. Around September I was convinced that he was wonderful (not really sure how that happened to be honest...just kidding). And since some of my friends were coming from down south to visit, I figured I would invite him too. No, it didn't work. He couldn't come. BUT the week after, October 5-11, we texted every night. Then on the 11th he asked me on a date. For the second time EVER we talked on the phone that night. 1 hour and 47 minutes. The next night 1 hour and 57 minutes. From that night on we talked for over two hours every night, until our first date. Now, something that is important: Because of the age difference (he's 22 and I'm 17) our first date was going to serve as a test. If it went well, we were going to wait until I turned 18, six months later, to start really dating. To be honest, he had a problem with the age thing. He felt like he might be "robbing the craddle". October 18th, first date, we spent almost all day together walking around town, and that night he dropped me off. When we started to say good-bye, we also started talking about the plans, if we were going to have another date or not. This part I will never forget. He said, "I don't care that you're seventeen." Skipping all the mushy stuff, he and I dated for the next month. November 12th, we sat down with my parents and asked for their blessing to get married. They agreed. November 15th, he proposed. I of course accepted. We're getting married either in April or May. :inlove: First he was my Friend, soon he'll be my Family, because we started a Relationship. Friends, Family, Relationships. (Now that part makes sense huh?) SO.....after all that, if you haven't gone to sleep yet :yawn: with how uninteresting it all was, THANK-YOU. For paying attention that is. And, thanks to everyone who offered their advice, and who was just there for me. You don't know how much this place meant to me. But now I have to go on with my life. Times are hectic lately. I'm not sure if I won't be back here someday, but I didn't want to leave without at least a warning to those who knew me. Peace, Love, and all that Jazz, Anne
  10. Chocolate: If I'm going to drown, at least I can drown in the tastiest stuff EVER, and feel loved at the same time. Crocodile: Since I would DIE either way, I would at least like to go down with a real fight Grass Grow: I like grass...it's pretty.... Cartoons: Much more fun. I can watch the same ones over and over again and still laugh every time. All I do when I (unwillingly) watch a soap is *gag* *gag* *gag* Sneakers to a dance: That way at least I'll be comfortable, and since the only person I would ever dance with is my husband, he can deal with the sneaks. (Not that he would care anyway...he'd probably where them too just to match me lol). That's my two cents. Do with it what you will.
  11. Thank-you, thank-you, and oh yeah THANK-YOU! Nothing has happened yet but we gonna do a "group thing" on Saturday with a bunch of friends so.....*cross fingers* I'll let ya know how it goes. --Sera
  12. Wish it were, but there are more issues than just that, only a couple I'll mention here: He is five years older than I am (He's 22 and I am 17) He lives more than an hour away. And he's really intraverted. If I tell him, then EVEN IF HE FELLS THE SAME, he could still avoid me. But thanks, I at least don't feel like an idiot for thinking about it.
  13. I'm still a virgin. I will be until I get married...if I get married. Which I really hope I do because I look forward to the wedding night Anywho, I'm going to steal a phrase from a friend of mine, because it's hilarious. She told it to her kids when they asked about sex, and I am SO going to tell this to mine when they ask: "Sex kills. If you don't get AIDS or HIV first...I'LL KILL YOU." Enough said.
  14. Bleh, I know this is a "girly issue" or whatever but this is causing me a lot of stress. I've been friends with this guy for about 8 months. At first everything was fine. We were getting to know each other and were texting alot (he doesn't like to talk on the phone). Then....ah well, I started to admire him. I'd like to pause here and tell everyone reading this that I don't believe in "falling in love". Love is a choice, not a happenstance. Sometimes it's easier to love some people more than others, but not impossible; nor is it possible to "fall out of love". If you don't love someone anymore, it's because somewhere along the line you or that person changed in a way that caused your opinion of that person to change. The reason I said all this is to make my point that I CHOSE TO LOVE HIM. It's my fault, and I'm willing to accept that responsiblity. Now....back to the story. The more we talked (texted as it were) the more wonderful he sounded. He's a serious christian. He has a stable job. He's funny when he wants to be. Blah, blah, blah....the point is he's great. Now, I'm in love with him, but because I don't know if he would even consider me as anything more than a friend, I can't talk to him. So, I avoid him. But that isn't a solution, it's only causing a strain on me. If I tell him I love him, I'm afraid it will spoil the good friendship we have now. If I don't tell him, I can't be around him. If I do tell him, he could never speak to me again. If I don't tell him, nothing may ever happen and...AH! Help me. I don't know what to do....say...not to say.... HELP....... --Anne
  15. Yo everyone! So I just had a MINOR ear surgery (so no need for prayers) but I will be on medication for a week or so. Thus, I won't be able to drive to work and get on the net (some people understand what I'm talking about, and if you don't...shame on you...just kidding, no worries ) But anyway, I didn't want anyone to panic since I said I would be more regular. Honestly, I thought this whole thing wasn't going to be a big deal, but I can't drive or even leave the house for a few minutes. BLEH! Anywho, thought I'd let you know! Talk to you peeps later! Love, Peace, and all that Jazz, Anne