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  1. You are lucky. So many people just go off the deep end and are too far gone. Once you get that deep into the web of conspiracies, you're often past the point of reason and no amount of research and logic will ever make a difference again. Any kind of information that contradicts their world view is either ignored or passed off as manufactured propaganda. I've seen a lot of people I care about lose their grips on reality because of this and it makes me sad. I'm glad you saw the light.
  2. Reincarnate

    Why Every Christian Should Support Mitt Romney

    C'mon guys, abortion thread is over there.
  3. Reincarnate

    Age of the Earth, Creation, Evolution, Genesis, etc.

    I was a theistic evolutionist before it was cool. Indeed. It was no way like this when I first joined... haha.
  4. Reincarnate

    Why Every Christian Should Support Mitt Romney

    It's pretty bad. Respects everyone? Wasn't he the on who said that nearly half the country is a bunch of takers who can't take responsibility in their lives? I didn't feel particularly respected when he said that about me.
  5. Reincarnate

    Gun control

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/School_attacks_in_China_(2010–2011) And from the other day: http://www.cnn.com/2012/12/14/world/asia/china-knife-attack/index.html
  6. Reincarnate

    Gun control

    That's not the military. It's also within a police officer's rights to search a home in a case where people were reporting shots fired. That was the City of New Orleans that issued that order (not the Federal government), the police confiscated the weapons (not the military), and the city was sued. They lost, and were ordered by the courts to return all of the confiscated weapons. Following this, the Louisiana government passed a law that would prevent that from ever happening again, as did 21 other states. And after that, the FEDERAL government passed its own law to do the same thing. If the government is after our guns, why are they passing laws that make it harder for them to get our guns?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_government_response_to_Hurricane_Katrina#Confiscation_of_civilian_firearms http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disaster_Recovery_Personal_Protection_Act_of_2006 "Kiernicki testified Olofson told him the third position was for automatic firing" "Clevert said the key was not what parts were in the weapon but whether it operated in automatic mode. He played a video used at trial showing ATF agents firing Olofson's weapon in automatic mode." "A search of his home turned up books on converting rifles to fully automatic, and e-mail on his computer showed he bought M-16 parts, records show." http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/29561634.html So it has nothing to do with the government taking guns away, and isn't applicable to the discussion. It isn't happening.
  7. Reincarnate

    The Hobbit

    Saw it on opening night in HFR 3D and holy heck it was wonderful. Took my eyes some time to get used to the HFR, but once they did, it was easily the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. And I love the things that they added as well. It's mostly derived from the Appendices, so it did happen, and I love that they decided to add it in to give us more backstory and a bridge to LOTR. My only complaint was the use of CGI for the goblins. I think they easily could have accomplished that with actors in costume as they did with LOTR - it may have cost more, but it would have looked better and more real I think. The critics are full of crap. 65% for this movie is complete idiocy. And most of them are just complaints about the HFR and length of the movie, two horrible gauges for its quality - especially when most movie goers have been very positive about the HFR.
  8. Reincarnate

    Columbine vs. Every Other School Shooting.

    I think it was because Columbine was ground breaking. There had been school shootings before, but Columbine broke records both in terms of deaths, the level of planning that went into it, the cause, and its legacy. And until today, it was the deadliest grade school shooting in history.
  9. Reincarnate

    Gun control

    Since always. It's been known to do things that kind of bypass things in extremely roundabout ways, but a blatant and obvious disregard of the constitution like banning guns would not work ever, and they will not ever try it. Don't be paranoid. Uhhhhh, source? I would be at an old woman with a pistol in her hand too. Unless you want to give me more context than that. How have they shown this? And why didn't any politicians push for more gun control during the last four or five shootings that took place this year?
  10. Minor correction - they don't have mandatory gun ownership, they have mandatory military service and then give everyone the option to keep their assault rifle after they're discharged. Sorry, carry on. :X
  11. Reincarnate

    Gun control

    Gun control isn't exclusively about banning guns. It's about regulating who can get them and what all they have access to. Enhancing background checks isn't going to lead to more violence, neither will preventing people from using high capacity mags, or certain types of assault weapons. But ultimately what we need right now is a serious culture change. Americans are simply too quick to resort to violence, and they ignore warning signs that people may be resorting to it. ---------- Post added at 02:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:18 PM ---------- Why be concerned about open and concealed carry? Nobody open carrying is going to go out and commit crime because they already have an abundance of attention on them, and those with concealed carry permits typically have to go through an extremely complex process to do so that involves making sure they're actually mentally fit to do so. Those are the least of our concerns - we should be concerned about the people disregarding the law to use weapons, not those that follow it. ---------- Post added at 02:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:20 PM ---------- A petition means nothing. The Constitution doesn't permit the government to take guns away, and so it will not happen. Also, Hitler? I don't think gun control is anything like what Hitler did....
  12. I really hate politicizing things like this but seriously, how many is that this year? This is getting absolutely out of control. Something seriously needs to be done about gun violence, and America's gun culture in general. We can't just keep letting this happen with more and more frequency and keep doing nothing. These people shouldn't have to have died in vain.
  13. Thank you! I do my best. I handle it by taking a lot of really, really long hiatuses. :P