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  1. There are many people here who have their struggles for sure; I'm sure you'll feel right at home. Welcome aboard!
  2. Can you explain this one to me Haley? I've never heard anything like this before.
  3. You should have been honest with her in the first place, telling her who you are and why you sent the flowers. What you did was beat around the bush expecting her to be interested when she most likely thinks what you did is a little creepy as she possibly has no idea who you are and why you did that. I would suggest if you want any chance now you talk to her face to face and let her know that it was you who sent the flowers and tell her why you did it.
  4. Ronald


    This thread is relatively new: http://www.christianteenforums.com/showthread.php?78560-Do-you-believe-in-the-devil&highlight=devil I assume though you put this in the debate room because you want it to be open to Christians and non-Christians alike to post their beliefs about the devil/demons. Thought I would give you that link regardless in case it helps. My belief is that demons are angelic looking, appealing looking beings. They are ment to look beautiful to the eye because sin on the surface is beautiful; that is, if they follow the traits of Lucifer. I have a strong belief that demons are not out to scare you but rather to confuse you. If a demon scares you it would make you more likely to turn to God for help and that's the last thing a demon wants. Demons want you to be confused, ever questioning your faith, tempting you to do what is wrong and turning you from what is good.
  5. Ronald

    Just another newbie..

    Welcome Kellie.
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    Good question. When someone asks you, "why why why?" Maybe you should ask yourself that too. The thing about your question as to why you believe what you do is that a persons reason is unique to ones self. I can't tell you why you believe what you do, I could tell you why I believe what I do. So I'll ask you the same question they ask you: Why do you believe and have Faith in God?
  7. Ronald

    There Are Only Two Types of Governments

    Change, "Whoever" to "Whichever party" I gave a very small example of how we are a democratic Country, I wasn't going into specifics. ---------- Post added at 11:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:48 PM ---------- I see, this is why I assumed they consider the States a democracy, because they democratically elect a Party.
  8. Ronald

    There Are Only Two Types of Governments

    I think when people refer to the U.S.A as a Democracy it is speaking of voters. Is America not a Democracy when they vote? I'm not American, but I know in Canada whoever gets the most votes gets to run the Country, this is a Democracy.
  9. Ronald

    Piracy, Sinful or Saintly?

    Ah, now I see. To end this between you and I I'll partially agree with your Judges example, I don't see listening to Youtube videos as sinful.
  10. Ronald

    Piracy, Sinful or Saintly?

    It's a big book, feel free to go in depth with your post though.
  11. Ronald

    Piracy, Sinful or Saintly?

    I'm not being difficult, but I do find it extremely fishy even after reading what you have posted that mainstream songs are not being taken down immediately and movies are. When I want to hear a song I search it and it's right there, I listen to it and enjoy it; I don't think about whether or not it's illegal or if I'm going against God, because honestly I'm not.
  12. Ronald

    Piracy, Sinful or Saintly?

    Well you're essentially saying that God says listen to the governement, the government says "X" video is illegal, therefore if I press play on "X" video I'm sinning. But what I cant fathom is that I can find every single song on Youtube, but I can't find any movie, ever. Seems fishy to me, so at this point I don't believe you.
  13. Ronald

    Piracy, Sinful or Saintly?

    So for me to click play on the Foo Fighters video is sinful, but if I click play on Bieber I'm obeying God's law? Again, I could show you thousands of videos with the actual song. This seems fishy to me.
  14. Ronald

    Piracy, Sinful or Saintly?

    I could link hundreds of popular Youtube videos that are songs and will likely never be taken down. Let me just quote some popular mainstream songs for you: 1. (Was going to post "Moves like Jagger" but it has a swear word, but that's one example.) 2. 3. Not saying I like these songs (I can't stand Justin Bieber) but no doubt they're easy to listen to on Youtube, they are also extremely popular and there's no way Youtube is missing this. Is this illegal?
  15. Ronald

    Piracy, Sinful or Saintly?

    Interesting. Well the way I do it is if I find a song on Youtube that I like, I listen to it on Youtube, no viruses that way. I'm not going to research every song and see if it was legal or not, if it happens to be illegal I'm sure the Youtube people will take it down, but they never do for music. Always for movies though.
  16. Ronald

    Piracy, Sinful or Saintly?

    I was unaware of this, seeing as you can find every single song on Youtube with ease; you cannot however find every movie. The movies quickly get taken down and the users banned, the songs are allowed to be there. So are you sure?
  17. Ronald

    Piracy, Sinful or Saintly?

    So if I go to youtube I can listen to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTaOvzZKRxA There it is legal and not sinful. Now, if I turn it into an MP3 file and listen to it on the same computer, does it become sinful? What if from my computer it goes on my ipod?
  18. Ronald

    NHL All-Star Game

    Chara sets another record, 108.8 mph slap shot.
  19. Thanks buddy. Huge Star Wars fan here btw.

  20. I just want to put out there that being apart of "No denomination" but a Christian still makes you Religious as the definition of Religion is a set of beliefs in the supernatural. Unless one claims to be a Christian without believing in the supernatural (which is impossible) then one has a Religion. Being apart of no denomination myself does not mean I'm not apart of a Religion, as I am Christian. I will not debate this stance because this is not a debate thread, but I will say that this is a fact based on the definition of, "Religion."
  21. I can't help but think after watching this video and the one he's responding to, that we should all be one and the same; on the same mission to bring as many souls to Jesus as possible, regardless of interpritation.
  22. Ronald

    Constructive criticism please?

    How could anyone say anything negative about this? Welcome to CTF btw.
  23. Ronald

    hey, guys!

    Welcome to CTF! I'll always remember the first time I went to a Christian concert, it changed my world; I'm glad your youth conference did much for you.