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    God said in one of the verses but i forget what one He will always accept every prayor that you send to him if it will help get you closer to the kingdom of heaven. I once use to think i should take advantage of this a few years ago, i use to pray to win soccor games i use to pray to win my wrestling matches but i realized that it doesn't work so i asked a friend why my praying to win doesn't work and he told me that verse and i said well what if it was because it would help my faith in him and he said if that was "really" the case than he would answer. But that wasn't the case i just wanted to win for selfesh reasons. I gave all that up, now i only pray to get closer to the kingdom of heaven, i pray that christ and the holy spirit will help me and guide me and help me guide others. I noticed that when i pray for things that i truly need spiritually i never get denied. About you getting walked all over as a christian. God said if everyone in the world loves you than your doing something wrong. The way i look at it is yell at me but no matter how much you yell at me or hate me i will always love you just as christ was hated by so many and yet still loves everyone. If people talk trash just show them up with your game, you dont have to say anything just make them look bad on the court by getting a nice shot over them or crossing them up. Also if your teammate is being a ball hog i'm sure your coach will begin to notice and either tell him to pass or sit him if not i blame your coach lol.
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    what video game would you want to be trapped in

    World of warcraft.. You cant finish that game
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    Joking around

    check matthew 5:38-42 Mentions that if someone slaps you on the right cheek turn the other in answer of your question what should one do if someone makes fun of you should u say anythign back. I think joking around is fine aswell but eventually it can be hurtfull so watch how often you do so and try not to harm someone else and if they do happen to harm you than turn the other cheek and just brush it off.