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    I'm into many, MANY things. I'm interested in music, writing songs, freestyling, hanging out, making people laugh, buying stuff, going to the movies, watching TV, making beats, going outside, praying, reading the bible, going to Church, worshiping God, hanging out with all my friends, and just chillin. Also going on the computer.
  1. Thank you so much everybody. You know...I'm kinda afraid to go on this site. I've been on it before...months ago, I've posted a topic concering my then girlfriend and I...and all I got was advice I didn't want, you know? I asked for prayer, and instead everybody put thereselfs in my position and gave me advice. I know they were only trying to help...but they all said things like, "Don't go out with her", or "You shouldn't be with her", or stuff like that. This is the kind of stuff I look for. What you all have said has comforted me extremly. I like what that girl said about love: "Love isn't who you want to be with, but who you can't live without". That was amazing. It spoke right to me, you know. And I can't live without her. I can't. I love her so much. Thanks for the prayers! I have a lot of hope now! Oh, so I thought of something. Tell me what you think: Every morning, until I get her to ask me back out (lol), I will give her a letter that I wrote, so when she gets to school she can read it there. And every letter will talk about a memory that her and I share together. I got the idea from, "The Notebook". lol. Yeah, I saw it. But that guy wrote her everyday for a year...and I'm going to write her a letter every day, even if that means for a year, like it was with the guy on the movie. I hope it's a good idea.
  2. About the whole "Relationships Are Like Glass"...well, if she represents "Glass", then I guess she's my "China", you see where I'm getting at? What if the glass you broke was so valuable, you don't care about getting hurt. You'd be willing to cut yourself as much as possible, just to fix what's broken.
  3. My girlfriend broke up with me a couple of days ago...and every morning I wake up, I find my heart LITERALLY hurting. I mean...real hurt. And it's not heart-burn. lol. I feel depressed...and lost. My girlfriend, next to God (oviously), was my everything. And when she left me 2 days ago...my life just came apart. I've been praying nonstop for her back. I would do anything for her back. I will give up everything...my house, my friends...just my life. I know it sounds dramatic, but if yall could just understand how much I love her... Please pray for me. Please pray things work out between us. I'm not giving up on her. I can't. Pleeeeease pray for us. It would mean SO much. Thanks.
  4. <span style="font-family:Comic Sans MS">...My most recent reply got edited by some guy named "WarMaster". Ok...I don't quite understand. He told me the reason why decided to edit it is because some of the things I wrote didn't need to be written. He said "There was no reason for that. At all" (he was reffering to the things I wrote). Let me ask: It's ok for a guy to come on this Christian website and post things saying that none of us are going to get into Heaven, and his crap doesn't get edited at all. Does that make sense? To come on a website like this, and say something like that, and nobody takes out what he said. They let him come on here and say that there isn't a Heaven. Ok... But then I come on this website, defending the people here and telling this guy that some people are probally going to get insulted. I'm MAD that this guy would say that, and so I say a few "select" words to him...because on a CHRISTIAN website (that should believe if we are all forgiven we all go to heaven) he is saying that none of us can get in!!! So, oviously I went to tell him a few things. I stick up for the people on this site, and I stick up for Heaven, but I get edited down. I get A LOT of my things cut out, and on top of that, this guy "WarMaster" tells me that there is "No reason for what I wrote". No reason? How about this as a reason: This guy was putting us down. There's a reason. The guy is insulting us and this website by coming on here and saying there isn't a Heaven.</span> P.S. I doubt all I wrote is going to make it into this reply. Most likely, it's going to get edited, right? Just in case if it does: Everybody, just know that I wrote A LOT more then what's maybe posted on the reply.
  5. <span style="font-family:Comic Sans MS">SORRY FOR POSTING IN BIG RED LETTERS</span>
  6. <span style="color:#000000"><span style="font-family:Comic Sans MS">P.S. I didn't post in red!</span>
  7. <span style="font-family:Comic Sans MS">And who the frick are you? lol. That's not something you post on a website like this. </span>
  8. <span style="color:#FF0000">Quick question for KristinN: Ok, don't get me wrong. I know your trying to help this girl out with her problems and all, but you said something I didn't completely agree with (...and maybe it's because I'm a guy. lol). But the thing you said, a lot of people agree with, so I'm not trying to point you out or anything. I just don't know why people believe this. Anyways, here it is: A lot of people believe that you don't need to be married to somebody and dating somebody, and all you need is good. This is true...to a point. I mean...the only thing you do really need is God. But a lot of people think that dating and marriage and things like that is competely uncessary (...like Nuns, for example. lol), but I don't get that. God made marriage up himself...so oviously it's something good. He also made dating. He made all that stuff. It says that when God made Adam, he created Eve to be Adam's partner. There it is! lol. God made men for women, and women for men. Why do so many people think that "dating" and stuff like that is kinda...materialistic. Like...it's not really importent. The reason I'm saying this is because you told her that she doesn't need a guy at all, and that guys arn't anything compared to Jesus. But a guy could say that to another guy about women, and the girl would probally get pissed off. lol. </span>
  9. <span style="font-family:Comic Sans MS">Hey, how are you today? Well, I just read your whole message and I'm really touched by some of the things you wrote, and I want to try and help you out. I also need a lot of help myself, so a part of me is saying, "Who are you to help somebody, when you need just as much help?". Yeah, the Satan part seems to be telling me I don't know what I'm talking about, and that I won't make a difference. But God...well, he's telling me different. I don't know how much I can help you, but I'll try my hardest. Maybe we can share our problems together, so that way we won't feel so alone. You said you feel alone lately, yeah? Well, I feel the same way. We can probally work things out together...if you want too. So send me a message sometime. Anyways, about your message: First, I'll talk about the problem with your collage money. I read in this book called, "Buck Naked Truth" (GREAT BOOK, BY THE WAY!!!) that God has our whole entire life planed out. How many times have you heard that one, right? But the author symbolized it in a way the made sense to me, and hopefully it will make sense to you too. I love to read. I love reading about characters in books and stuff they go through. It's cool, because you start from page one, and these characters in the book have absolutly no idea what's going to happen to them throughout the book, yet the rest of their adventure is written out. You with me? Their whole story is already written, but they don't know that. They just live from page to page. As the reader though, you have their story in your hands, already complete. Ok, now you know who God is, right? Yeah, he's that one dude with power. lol. j/k. Anyways, God is our Author to life. We are characters in this book that he's written, and we have no idea what's going to happen next, because we don't know what's on the next page of our life. But God does, because he wrote it. Our life is already complete, and EVERYTHING that happens in life is just another page of what God wrote. He's a caring, compasiontate God, so he's oviously not going to write a horror story. There may be scary parts in the book, but in the end the book will be a Love story, you know what I'm saying? He loves you more then anything. I can't really put into words what I'm trying to say, but trust me when I say this: The whole thing with you and collage is happening because God is doing it. He is making it happen. And you love God, yeah? So, right now things may seem bad, but God WILL make them good. Books about triumph and things like that arn't always good. The characters go through pain. It just makes them stronger. God has everything planed out, so this is happening for a reason. What that reason is...I don't know yet. lol. Now, about this guy...this part touched me the most. You said that when you guys did sexuall things, you felt like the most beautiful girl in the world. Ok, to be competely honest with you, coming from a guy: When guys do that, the majority of them are doing it just out of lust. They don't feel like the hottest guy ever, and a lot of times they don't look at the girl and go, "You are the prettiest girl in the world", because their not thinking that. Their thinking of....climaxing. lol. Now, don't get me wrong. Some guys do it out of complete love, but the majority of the time...it's not like that. But here is my question: Why do you need a guy to make you feel pretty? God can do that. He can do more then that. He can make you feel radiant. You don't need to have a guy do sexuall things to you to make you feel pretty...all you have to do is pray and God will love you more then this guy ever could. So anyways, it sounds like your really confused on wheather you should hook up with this guy or not. My honest answer? Don't. Right now, your confused about him, confused about collage, and confused about God. Your juggling three things, and your going to drop one of them. No matter what. You have too, because your not that good of a juggler. lol. But which one of those three is it going to be? God, collage, or the guy? It's your decision. But if you leave the guy...not exactly leave him, but just try and stop having feelings for him...God will protect you. He will love you. Anyways, message me girl! lol. We should talk more. I think we could help each other out. I'll pray for you. And if you want...you can read some of my problems *horror music starts*.....lol. </span>
  10. REALLY[/b][/u][/i]</span> hope so. That would be too cool. Just imagine, dying and heading up to Heaven, then seeing your best friend run up to you to great you. I know some people believe that when you leave Earth and head to Heaven, you don't remember anything from your past life, because of how many sins you have done and things like that... But... That would kinda suck...because then you wouldn't remember any of your friends or family members or anything. I guess...if it's like that...you wouldn't need to remember them because your with God. But I hope you do. What do you guys think ?</span></span>
  11. <span style="font-family:Comic Sans MS">Hello everybody. Listen, I don't mean to sound rude, but how come nobody has posted on this forum for a few months ? I absolutly love the idea of an online Bible study. And not only an online Bible study, but a Bible study posted on a forum. This makes it sooo much better, since we can all post replies on what we thought of the verse, and we can share our answers we answered from the questions in the study. I think it would be AWSOME to start a study. I'm trying to study on my own, but it's hard. It would be a lot easier if people gave me a guideline, you know?</span>
  12. at least one</span> article of clothing. lol).</span></span>
  13. <span style="font-family:Comic Sans MS">P.S. That girl you see attached to the bottom of my message...that's not me. lol. Just in case you didn't know that...Actually, that's the love of my life (my girlfriend...just in case you didn't know what that meant either). I love her soooooooo much!!! I would do anything for her, yall don't even know (Did I just say "yall"?). Anyways, the picture of me is my display photo. Pretty sexy, huh? Ok, I'm done typing.</span>
  14. Andy, thank you so much for what you told me. I loved the fact that you didn't tell me to brake up with my girlfriend. You gave me hope, telling me the story of the speaker and his girlfriend going through the same problems as me and my girlfriend, yet they ended up getting married. Seriously, thank you. The last thing I want to do is brake up with her. I want to help her. I want to open her eyes to God. But nobody is supporting me. That's one reason I stoped going on this website. When I told them my sexuall problems with my girlfriend, nobody said they would pray for her. Nobody supported me on helping her. They all told me to leave her. They said she wasn't right for me. But I really feel like she is right for me. So, once again Andy, thank you for not saying, "You need to leave your girlfriend". You really did give me some hope. Please pray for me though.
  15. Hey, what's up everybody. My name is Luke. I used to go on this website everyday, and I would love to start doing that again. The reason why I havn't been on in so long is because I've walked away from God. I feel like I've walked REALLY far away, and I'm trying soooo hard to go back to him. It's just...this sins keep getting in my way. These demons keeps walking with me, and when I try and push them away, they push back. I can't stand it. There is this nagging feeling deep inside of my that keeps telling me to go back to God. The feeling won't leave me alone! lol. I mean, it's there...and it won't go. Is this making any sense? On top of that, I hate the feeling. It's telling me to go back to God...which oviously means I walked away from him, and it hurts me, and makes me sad that I would do such a thing. I need to go back to Jesus. I miss him, and love him very much. He saved me when nobody else would, and he opened his arms and let me go to him. And now...I'm turning back into my old self. I've even been having dreams of me turning into my old self. Last night, I dreamt that I started drinking, and in real life I used to do that. I'm afraid...please, somebody pray for me. I think one of the reasons I've walked so far away is because me and my girlfriend are CONSTANTLY doing sexuall things. Because of this, instead of trying to fix it and read the Bible to her like I promised I would do over a million times, I feel bad and quilty and feel like God is disappointed, which makes me fall farther away from him. I love my girlfriend with all of my heart, and I promised her I would save her and show her the way of God. Instead, I lost the way of God, and I got lazy and didn't even try and help her. Now we're both lost, and I need her to know that God is with her. I need her to know God's love, so that way I won't feel so intimidated on teaching her about God's love, because she would want to know about it. Basically: I'm lost, and can't really find my way back. She's lost, and she doesn't know really where to start. I want to help her. I need God to help me. It's all a mess. Somebody...anybody...please pray for me. Thank you all.