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  1. anewlife

    Please pray.

    We had a miscarriage. It reminds me that sometimes death can be a new beginning.
  2. anewlife

    Should we get rid of tiny chat ban?

    I say yes...The ban should be removed. CTF has lost a lot of it's older members already, which I'm disappointed in. It shouldn't lose anymore over such a tiny ordeal of tinychat links being posted on CTF. This is just my opinion.
  3. anewlife

    Please pray.

    Thank you so much for the prayers <3 We're making the appointment very fast and yes, this post was about me. I'm still with the father and he is very supportive. What is happening is I'm very sick and my body just can't handle the pregnancy right now.
  4. I miss you too, my sweet son.

  5. nikki I miss you

  6. anewlife

    Tears of Heaven

    I wrote this poem a couple of years ago. Just thought I'd share it =)
  7. anewlife

    Tears of Heaven

    The rain falling, Heaven weeps. In the form of rain, Heaven cries at the loss Of another person. They died at the hands of man. Our cruel nature, To kill another human, Because of who they are. An unborn baby, A person of religion, A person of the light. We couldn't prevent the deaths in the past, But maybe we could, At least, Save one life To help the tears of Heaven stop flowing. Oh, the cruelness of mankind, Killing one another, We are so blind To the tears of Heaven falling Telling us to be kind. At the end of life, We are facing judgement day, Time to make the choice, Keep humanity while it's left Or face death. Think it through with a thought. You want to stop tears from falling Or lose all humanity?
  8. anewlife


    Congrats! PM me for an email because I would like to see those pics. =3
  9. Hiya mae cariad. Come make me some fried eggs ^_^ Love you.

  10. Hey, I've decided to leave CTF. It's changed and I can't keep up with it. I love you all, but this site has lost so many good people. I feel like I don't fit in here anymore. This is my final goodbye post. You have two weeks notice. =P
  11. anewlife

    Specialty Academy

    Jasmine ran after Zach. She found him on the roof, getting ready to jump off of the edge. She then turned invisible and pulled him into her embrace, pulling him back. She stayed invisible, and climbed on top of him to keep him from doing it again. "I don't hate you."
  12. anewlife

    Specialty Academy

    Jasmine was sick, and she started coughing. She turned to Lucas and said, "I'm going to trust you." She then turned to Zach and gave him a look that was colder than ice. "What are you doing?"
  13. anewlife

    Specialty Academy

    Jasmine turned around and looked for Lucas and Suzie. When she spotted them, she looked at Catherine and said,"Yes, I am Jasmine. Wanna come change seats with me?" Jasmine then stood up and walked back and sat down next to Lucas. "Are you guys okay?"
  14. anewlife

    Specialty Academy

    Jasmine smiled and sat there smiling at Zach. She then turned to the front of the class. "I hope we have a cool teacher."